2N from Fairchild Semiconductor. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. 2N Datasheet PDF Download – NPN Transistoor, 2N data sheet. 2N datasheet, 2N pdf, 2N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Central Semiconductor, Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose.

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Tl, RCA [ 85 1. The Annular manufactur- ing process provides datashet new degree of freedom from surface effects for semiconductor products. GJ ,si 2N TR npn. Stacked Rectifiers and Assemblies Custom designed stacked rectifiers are available up to 60 kv with currents up to 20 amp. Channeling is a condition whereby the surface portion of a transistor col- lector region actually changes polarity and becomes an extension of the base region. The brochure comprehensively reviews the advantages in reducing weight, vo ume and cost of equipment in circuit applications in addition to detailed parameter distribution and variation curves.

Oxide-coated surface passivated units with working inverse voltages up to 1, volts.

Update Your Transistor File Step 1. Since the interconnections are always the same, other functions count- ing, decoding, accumulating, etc. Within each category, types are arranged in order of increasing value of a key design parameter. Junction capacitance at BVR: In response lo customer demand, Westinghouse now makes available its field-proven silicon power transistor in a new double-ended case.

Unusually small Fastest silicon switch available: Retain highly uniform characteristics from batch to batch, making possible much closer tolerances in the design of small-signal, high-temperature and amplifier circuits. Vc up to 30 v, Ie up to ma. Specifications include an NF of 4.

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2N datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Recovery times as low as 2 nsec using a sampling scope circuit. The collector-base junction, therefore, is properly terminated un- daasheet the oxide coating where datashet is protected against environmentally in- duced leakage currents. This also permits quick identification of close sub- stitutes.

The w dissipation rating is said to be the highest available in the TO- 3 diamond package. KF IOC 0. Inter- national General Electric, Madison Ave.

As a result of channeling, some man- ufacturers have reverted to earlier sili- con mesa structures or have deliber- ately circumvented the oxide passiva- tion in planar transistors in order to produce high voltage devices.

Canadian General Electric, Dufferin St. AJ ,ge pnp,AJ,ge 0. Production quantities are pre- sently available. All of the above types optionally available in any of the 4 packages shown.

Base Current, 17 steps from 0. Typi- cal saturation resistance of series 2N and 2N is 0. More- over the controlled channel is ter- minated close to the base region by a diffused annular band of’ the same polarity as the collector region but with a resistivity level impervious to chan- neling. This new line of high power transistors permits never- before-possible simplification of design in a wide area of applications. Broad Street’ Philadelphia 8, Pa.

Bipolar NPN RF transistor, TO-18

Bridge assemblies for 3-phase and single-phase designs and potted con- figurations available— minimum de- liveries and costs. PD is sold in minimum mill quantities of lbs. They are ideal for such low-frequency equipment as null-detection apparatus, medical research equipment, oscillo- graphic and magnetic tape recorders, oscilloscopes and all types of low-level transducers. They employ an extruded parallel fin design and may be used in either a vertical or horizontal position.


V C eo is related to collector- emitter diode datashset and V C bo to col- lector-base diode breakdown. Both Axes— Base Voltage, 6 steps from 0.

Developed with an oxygen free copper base, PD is controlled by Phelps Dodge throughout every step of casting, and fabrication into rod, bar, wire, and strip forms. You can be sure High gain at low levels plus very dataasheet regions in these units combine to offer low power consumption and high radiation resistance to make the 2N and 2N ideal for space applications. He is not necessarily the original registrant. There are 10 Local Avnet Headquarters. HL29 2N P59 Over-all sock- et height is 0.

AJ, ge pnp, AJ. Silicon Computer Diodes Diffused planar passivated. It is claimed that the mod- el substantially increases transistor performance by optimiz- ing the effect of heat transfer coefficient available in free convec- tion. Operating temp range is —65 to 4″ C. A cross index page T88 identifies types in numerical sequence.