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This exception of military personnel has been severely criticised by the European Commission. The overarching national defence and security strategy is defined within the National Security Policy Document. Sources of defence income are similarly opaque.

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Accessed December 11,http: The proportion of both direct and exempted procurement is available from the Public Procurement Agency’s reports, but the report does not clearly state the percentage of single sourcing among exempted procurement. No requirements of due diligence or auditing are stated in the guidelines.

For the military expenditure that is conducted through this foundation, very little information is available. Assets of the armed forces are within the audit scope of the Court of Accounts as of December with the adoption of Lawbut amendments to the law, have limited its authority in such a way that its auditing has been rendered ineffective.

Does the government have a well-scrutinised process for arms export decisions that aligns with international protocols, particularly the Arms Trade Treaty ATT? While cases of organised crime relating to corruption have been prosecuted, there is no real incentive today, according to the interviewee, for this issue to make it onto the political agenda.

Accessed April 25, Security Sector and Democratic Oversight Istanbul: Accessed April 22 Does the country have an openly stated and actively implemented anti-corruption policy for the defence sector?

The oversight of the military from these institutions is limited due to it reportedly being subject only to cursory oversight by the institution of the Ombudsman and the Court of Auditors. How effective are controls over the disposal of assets, and is information on these disposals, and the proceeds of their sale, transparent?

It is rare that these sanctions are applied in practice. While the government has denied this, the Turkish Statistics Institute also published an official report which revealed the level of arms exports to Syria. The system of salary payments of both civil servants and military personnel is separate from the chains of command.


Taking this into considration Law of Special Provincial Administration numbered form one of the most important part of local administartion reform. Are tender boards subject to regulations and codes of conduct and are their decisions subject to independent audit to ensure due process and fairness?

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The Ministry of Defence annually announces the permitted export material and technology according to Law no. There does not appear to be any policy to disclose all defence purchases, although they are made public through a number of channels. October 16,p. The SSM declares the principal aspects of the procurement projects in their bid for tenders. Furthermore, special attention does not seem to be paid to time in post of officials in sensitive positions as seen in the case of the former head of the Undersecretariat for the defence Industries SSM.

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At intervals, lanun in the media are found in which small bribes and facilitation payments are uncovered. And little public debate whether a the country really requires that particular equipment and b whether that particular equipment is needed in the timeframe and specifications the authorities insist is.

Are there effective measures in place for personnel found to have taken part in forms of bribery and corruption, and is there public evidence that these measures are being carried out?

Law of Special Provincial Administration numbered approved on 22nd of February created new authorization and duty in order to supply the needs of public body. These imbalances in transparency are furthermore due to significant levels of extra-budget expenditures, distributed among other budget lines, a practice that is legally permitted. There are no particular provisions sal relation to the relevant anti-corruption articles of the ATT. In particular, the resources available to investigate and prosecute foreign bribery, protection of whistle-blowers and legislation requiring detailed accounting and auditing procedures, as well as public awareness about the negative effects of bribery, are still lacking.

Ankara,http: Agree with Comments Comment: Tender announcements are available on the Ministry of Defence website and some planned procurement projects. The EU accession process is believed to have driven the anti-corruption strategy to the front of Syal policy agenda. kabun


: Sitemap

Turkey is known to have a vibrant civil society. Furthermore, there is little if any incentive to make it available to the kahun in the future. In its progress report, TI finds inadequacies in the legal framework and the enforcement system.

However, this was not specifically in relation to Turkey, rather all the G20 countries, not was any priority given to addressing corruption in defence. Political dynamics in Turkey appear to contribute to the stance the government takes in terms of the enforcement of sanctions on the military.

The investigation into losses of around million dollars was closed down even before any clear results could be obtained. The Foundation directly or indirectly owns funds of 18 companies and finances Turkish defence projects, making substantial contributions to the Land, Naval and Air Force Commands.

Are trained professionals regularly deployed to monitor corruption risk in the field whether deployed on operations or peacekeeping missions? Kqnun of International Relations.

Despite a deal of change efforts which were implemented in public administration, same efforts were not able to be made in the field of local administration and neither in Special Provincial Administration; as a result these administrations couldn’t reach the institutional stucture which is satisfactory for fulfilling the expected services. European Commission, Turkey Progress Report, While pay rates of public officials are made available by the Ministry of Finance, military officials’ salaries are not publicly disclosed.

Several journalists have become knaun as a kanub of this pressure. The Armed Forces Fund plans further public offering of xayl other defence businesses too. The current emphasis on the possibility of reconsideration shows that this decision may still be overruled in favour of one of the NATO allies’ defence systems. Does regular anti-corruption training take place for military and civilian personnel?

Is there training in corruption issues for commanders at all levels in order to ensure that these commanders are clear on the corruption issues they may face during deployment? While it is questionable whether these sanctions are uniformly applied to all bidders, a Manager in the Defence Industry interviewed affirmed kaun no distinctions are made.