Description and operation of a 74L and Monostable Multivibrator. The shown above provides a single Monostable Multivibrator function. SNN from TEXAS INSTRUMENTS >> Specification: Monostable Multivibrator, , 45 ns, 16 mA, V to V, DIP MONOSTABLE MULTIVIBRATOR WITH SCHMITT TRIGGER INPUT This multivibrator features dual negative-transition-triggered inputs and a single.

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– Monostable Multivibrator

The ammeter PA1 indicates the voltage across the capacitor C1. The pulse voltage is proportional to the input frequency, through the diode VD5 this voltage charges the mulivibrator C1.

Digital integrated circuits can be used in the design of an analogue frequency meter with a frequency range to several MHz. How to calibrate this frequency meter?

C5 and trimming potentiometers R Also refer to Transistor Multivibrator Circuits. Reference oscillator circuit diagram. Adjust the trimming potentiometer R3 to move the needle of ammeter PA1 to the maximum value on the scale.

Instead ofthe SN or DM can be used. The first method for a Cx of less than pF [below] and a second connection [below that] for an external capacitor, Cx, of greater than pF.

The number of frequency ranges can be increased by using a rotary switch SA1 with more than four positions, and by adding some additional RC components.


The shown above provides a single Monostable Multivibrator function. The Diodes used in the circuit are 1N or equivalent. Turn the rotary switch S1 of the frequency meter to the range of Hz and connect the device to the reference signal source of Hz. Frequency meter with monostable multivibrator Digital integrated circuits can be used in the design of an analogue frequency meter with a frequency range to several MHz.

The pin out diagram works any any style 74xx or 74xx DIP chip, but the timing graphs are only valid for the TTL families indicated. The circuit could be used for any TTL family, such as LS, or H, but the load capacitor might need to be changed to reflect that.

By the way, the ammeter PA1 can be replaced with a digital multimeter. A quartz crystal oscillator circuit that can generates kHz signal with a 3-stage decade counter can be used as a reference frequency source see the Figure 2. The Figure 1 shows the circuit diagram of the frequency meter, the circuit based on the digital IC Do the same operation for all ranges. The pulse frequency depends on the input frequency.

The two graphs below show the resultant pulse width for different values of resistors and capacitors. While the shown below provides a retriggerable Monostable Multivibrator function with clear. The device can measure sinusoidal wave and square wave input signals. The monstable width produced by the monostable multivibrator depends on the values of capacitors C You’ll need a source of stable frequency reference signal that can produces a set of frequencies Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz and kHz. There monosfable two different methods of connecting Rx and Cx.


The load Capacitance CL is 50pF, including scope probe, wiring, and any stray capacitance. VD4 protects the integrated circuit from overloading.

The first chart works 7412 either the 74L or 74L; however, the second chart only applies to the 74L To use the internal timing resistor connect Rint to Vcc.

74121 – Monostable Multivibrator

Note the uses a 4k internal resistor, while the uses a 20k resistor. This device uses the ammeter with full-scale deflection of 0. How to Read Logic Truth Tables: All this allows to create very simple frequency multivibratoor circuit with several frequency ranges: A Monostable Multivibrator is also called a One Shot.

This IC is the monostable multivibrator that may generate a pulse of a different width from multifibrator ns and wider that depends on RC components. All this allows to create very simple frequency meter circuit with several frequency ranges:.