Sexy blond Lissianna Argeneau takes center stage in Sands’s disappointing new entry in her popular Argeneau series (Single White Vampire. Read “A Quick Bite” by Lynsay Sands with Rakuten Kobo. That hot guy tied to Lissianna Argeneau’s bed? He’s not dessert—he’s the main course! Lissianna has. Read our review of A Quick Bite by author Lynsay Sands.

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I’ve been wanting to try the Argeneau series for such a long time now so when I was offered a review copy of A Quick Bite I was really excited and couldn’t wait to get started. I’m moving forward with Lynsay Sands and chalking this up to a bad first start. Not only handsome and intelligent. In the beginning, I found that keeping up with all of vy siblings and cousin’s names and characters was a challenge, almost annoyingly so.

A Quick Bite

I think Sands was just writing it as she went along and had no idea how the story would end. And when he found out that those deranged people who had kidnapped him were vampires, did he freak out?

But who’s quicj them? I am qyick that since this was the first in the series that maybe they get better as you go. They spoke like they were still in kindergarten. I think Father Joseph was the worst!! Too much talk, very little action. At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer’s personal information. Every time she sees blood she faints.

Let’s Talk About Lynsay Sands’ A QUICK BITE – Avon Romance

If you think of a hemaphobic vampire, psychologist strapped to bed hoping to be a sex slave, guy filling his pants with a cucumber or many family invaded scenes that gave me a feeling of The Adams Ibte those are all quite comic. I didn’t laugh at any of the attempted jokes, I hated Lissi’s silly cousins to the point that I lost track of who was whoI didn’t care for the numerous one-dimensional qulck characters and I didn’t feel any sexual chemistry between Greg and Lissi.


Lissi was unbelievably imature for her age. From the awkward moment they meet, Greg and Lissi feel attracted to each other, but nothing good can come out gite it because 1 she’s a vampire, 2 he’s a mere mortal and 3 he’ll have his memory erased as soon as he cures her phobia. Of course, this book was published more than ten years ago, and by now the destined mate thing has got old.

So, when Lissianna comes home to get ready for her party Quite predictable and slow at the beginning but enjoyable. For instance, it hinted how women should be dependent on men but not too dependent or else they’ll look desperate?!

Bjte story starts out as the family quicj celebrating the two hundred and second birthday of Lissianna Argeneau. This started out pretty well, with psychologist Greg being kidnapped to be vampire Lissianna’s “birthday gift” from her mom. Item s unavailable for purchase. Things start to go wrong when Lissianna wrongly assumes that Greg is her dinner rather than her doctor but surely one quick bite isn’t going to do any harm?

Atlantis Series Complete Collection. So though I’m not jumping onto the next Argeneau story right away, I’m going to have the series in mind for when I’m up for something light in the future. Finally about pages in or so Thomas gives a push and wuick start rolling.

She was not the sort of woman a man forgot in a hurry with her long legs, curvaceous figure and long dark wavy hair. On the subject of Greg I thought is reactions to the situation he sandd himself lgnsay were completely unbelievable.

I am very pro-sexual freedom for all so I am in no way a prude. Maybe it was because from the first moment it was introduced it was obvious what it was, maybe it felt a little forced, like it was added blte to give the story more conflict or maybe it was because I just didn’t think it was funny.


Greg Hewitt, a year-old psychologist who specializes in phobias. I understand that Atlantis was supposed to be qkick Lissianna has been spending her centuries pining for Mr. Aug 26, lucie rated it liked it Shelves: Open Preview See a Problem?

Right, not just a quick snack, and this sexy guy she finds in her bed looks like he might be a candidate.

How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days. Sure, he had a hissy fit at first, but then calmed down and became the most complacent kidnapped victim of all times. I did enjoy the narrator’s voice, but in parts the cadence seems so very slow. Sands didn’t make it work ibte me. When An Alpha Purrs. The only character that was “shown” was Lissianna and her mother.

He was kidnapped, tied up and left without food or water for hours, and took it all in stride. I’ve finished all twenty in the series! Lyynsay start this book thinking maybe it will be cute. Greg had no doubt that Jackie had meant for it to be herself, her long suffering husband John, and yet another single female friend she hoped to hook up with her still single older brother.

I know I may talk a little more than is healthy normal about the coming robot apocalypse. The hero and heroine have no chemistry, and all the hot and sweaty scenes just left me cold. Very light and fun paranormal read. He has been too focused on career.

She is one of the younger siblings of the group, and vite from a lysnay phobia The closest thing to a non-sexual connection they had going on was when he wanted to “hold her when she was sad” the cheesiness in this book has just gone through the roof.

Overall I loved the whole thing. May 10, Summer rated it did not like it Shelves: