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Hardness level 1 Hardness level 2 Hardness level 3 Hardness level 4 1 Note! Hot water or steam output can cause scalding. Der Reinigungsprozess dauert ca. The coffee grounds make excellent composting material.

AEG-Electrolux Cafamosa CF 250 manual

Hot water or steam output can cause scalding. The cof- fee machine is factory-set to hardness level 3.

Note that you must use only the supplied measuring spoon, and never put more than 2 level measuring spoons of ground coffee into the ground coffee filler. The coffee quantities are indicated as follows: Shake off the excess water, and gauge the hardness by means of the pink bands. While the coffee is being ground, use the Lever for setting grinding cafwmosa Page: Hardness 2, medium hard up to 2.

Only put in ground coffee for the next cup when the brewing process has completely finished and the coffee machine is ready. Do not use hot water, milk or other liquids. When the heating process is finished, this indica- tor changes from flashing to con- stantly on.


The coffee quantities are indicated as follows: The first time the grinder is used, or after cleaning, less ground coffee will enter the coffee-making unit, because the channel first has to beddienungsanleitung filled.

Keep the selection dial opened until the pump switches off and descaling solution stops run- ning out of the nozzle.

Vedienungsanleitung water is now prepared. Shake off the excess water, and gauge the hardness by means of the pink bands. The two strainers and now readily accessible, and the ejector lever drops down. Make sure that no foreign bod- ies, such as stones, enter the coffee bean container.

Die Mechanik stellt sich ein. Please contact your local authority to find your nearest recycling centre. Die rote Anzeige leuchtet. The ground coffee filler is not a storage container.

AEG CaFamosa CF 85

The indicator flashes Fig. This can influence the first cup of coffee. You can used the included test card to determine the water hardness, or contact your local water supply company. Keep childeren at a safe distance! The coffee machine is now ready to use.

The air intake opening under the seal must not become blocked.

The lever positions have the following effects: This would damage the grinder. When this indicator is on, coffee making is not possible or, if bbedienungsanleitung, is 2. The coffee is now made. The flushing process — and with it the complete descaling program — is fin- ished when the indicator is on and the indicator flashes. If your coffee machine is to be left unused for some time e.


The coffee machine should be regularly descaled, every months, but no later than when the “Descale” key Fig. Tee oder Fertigsuppen benutzt werden. Remove coffee bean residue from the grinder — Coffee bean residue is jammed in the bean container lock.

Damage caused by for- eign bodies in the grinder is excluded from the guarantee. Push the latching lever up. Then flush with fresh water.

AEG-Electrolux Cafamosa CF manual

No pink bands or one pink band: The cup measures are indicated as follows: Die Kaffeemahlmengen werden wie folgt angezeigt: Beachten Sie vor allem die Sicherheitshinweise!

Werkseitig ist ein mittlerer Mahlgrad eingestellt. They can be re-used as transport protection if the coffee machine needs to be taken for service. If you live in Germany, please call our Order Hotline Tel. Pdf file can be able to view any time also in “offline state” without internet connection.

Die Anzeige wechselt von Blinklicht auf Dauerlicht.