View and Download Agilent Technologies A user manual online. 6 1/2 Digit Multimeter. A Multimeter pdf manual download. Also for: a. View and Download Agilent Technologies A service manual online. 6 ½ Digit Multimeter. A Multimeter pdf manual download. Also for: a. Agilent A/11A Command Quick Reference. Syntax Conventions. Braces ({ }) enclose the parameter choices for a given command string. The braces are.

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Then step through or exit the configuration menu.

Agilent Technologies 34410A Service Manual

Page 23 Overload is reported in manual ranging. Ac Characteristics Frequencies greater than these filter settings are specified with no additional errors.

As a start you should do the following: Agilent Part Number mA, V, slow-blow, 5x20mm Rotate line-voltage selector and reinstall so Replace fuse holder assembly in rear panel.

Trigger Delay You can manually specify a delay between the trigger signal and the first sample that 34410z. Does the multimeter fail to respond to input signals?


Release the cable connector key from the main circuit board. Press to enter the configuration menu for agi,ent selected measurement function.

When using the multimeter in an environment where electromagnetic interference or significant electrostatic charge is present, measurement accuracy may be reduced. Only service—qualified personnel should calibrate the multimeter. The following command selects the trigger source from the remote interface: Page 67 63 2 Connect the calibrator to the input terminals. In This Guide This chapter provides calibration, verification, and adjustment procedures for the multimeter.

DC and AC true-rms.


Page of Go. Frequencies greater than these filter settings are specified with no additional errors.


Remove the two Torx drive screws from the front bezel and slide the bezel off the instument. Variation in the current source will create some variation in the voltage drop across a diode junction. Page 20 All other DC current and resistance: The following commands resets the multimeter to the instrument preset state: The supplied fuse is a 3A, V, fast-acting, 5x20mm fuse, Agilent part number — The kit allows you to mount one or two L instruments side-by-side on a sliding shelf, while occupying one EIA rack unit of space.

For continued protection from fire, replace fuses only with fuses of the specified type and rating. See either product page: Since the value increments by one for each calibration point, a complete calibration may increase the value by many counts. Page 82 Readings and then click on Get Data to view the logged data: The left and right arrow annunciators on the second display line will indicate if there are editable characters left or right of the one selected.

Remove the Torx screw holding the safety shield and lift out the shield. Page Reading settling times are affected by source impedance, cable dielectric characteristics, and input signal changes.

If using a single shorting block, install the block on the front panel input terminals. This manual also for: Press as needed to select a stored state, and. Dc Characteristics [ 6 ] Accuracy specifications are for the voltage measured at the input terminals only. This current generates small voltage offsets dependent upon the source resistance of the device—under—test.

Agilent Technologies 34410A User Manual

Provide the resistance value indicated. Do you know how to measure temp with labview? Other Primary Measurement Functions When you connect the multimeter in series with a test circuit to measure current, a measurement error is introduced.


These two additional settings are provided on Model A only. Disassembly and Repair This chapter provides guidelines for returning the multimeter to Agilent Technologies for servicing, or for servicing it yourself. The following Welcome Screen will appear: The oldest readings are preserved. When you connect the agilenf in maunal with a test circuit to measure current, a measurement error is introduced. Be careful not to twist agient bend the push rod. Frequency and Period Measurements: If the multimeter must be earth—referenced, connect it and the device—under—test to the same common ground point.

Measurements Below Full Scale Circulating currents in the loop will create error voltages across any impedances in series with the multimeter’s input. Flatness Adjustments Never turn off the instrument during a Flatness Adjustment. Repeated use of will scroll through the entire range0.

Measurements are checked for each function and range as described in the procedure on the next page. Page Disassembly and Repair 3 Remove the instrument bumpers. Switch- ing while high voltages or cur- rents are present may cause instrument damage and lead to the risk of electric shock. Press to manula that code, or use the navigation keypad to enter a agipent code. Page 4 Remove the Display Cable from the main circuit board. Allows you to enable select ON or disable select OFF the null measurement feature, which measures the difference between a stored null value and the input signal.

To null—out the test lead capacitance: Front Panel Alphanumeric Character Entry e.