The AX60 is among some of the last true analog polysynths of the mid-eighties. It was Akai’s answer to the hugely successful Roland Juno series and Yamaha’s. Akai AX Service – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The AX60 is a 6 voice analog synthesizer with the ability to be bitimbral meaning its keyboard could Oscillators (+) Open Manual Page [+]

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Its features and sound make the AX60 a worthy alternative to Roland’s Juno The AX60 may have been used by Bjork. Archived from the original on Those lacking a meaningful comment will be removed at the moderators discretion.

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Does anybody have any leads on a service manual maanual an Akai AX60? Although the front-panel controls can not be edited through CC, automating pitch bend and modulation amount can be useful. Notably missing from the voice architecture is portamento. In addition to “split” mode, the AX can be made to operate monophonically in Unison mode, where all 6 voices are “stacked” on each key, resulting in rich, powerful timbres.

Views Read Edit View history. An eight-voice version, the AX80was already available. Submit a new text post. Personal attacks, insults, and bad faith criticism of other posters’ equipment or music will not be tolerated.


If you are the manufacturer or developer of a commercial productplease message the mods before posting, but we will usually allow new product promotion as long as you stay to answer questions. The back panel has quarter-inch jacks for recording data to cassette tapesustain and program change footpedal jacks, MIDI in, out and “thru” DIN connectorsstereo quarter-inch audio outputs with a cable plugged into only the left output the stereo signal is summed mqnual monoa quarter-inch stereo headphone jack, a quarter-inch arpeggiator trigger input jack, and memory protect and power switches.

AX73 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer.

The keyboard can be “split” to play two patches independently. Want to add to the discussion?

Akai – AX60 – Operator’s Manual

The modulation section of this synthesizer features a low-frequency oscillator with four available waveforms triangle, square, sawtooth and random which can be routed to VCF cutoff, VCO pitch or VCA amplitude. The AX60 uses voltage-controlled analogue oscillators and filter circuitry based on the Curtis Electronics CEM integrated circuit.

Sign in Already have an account? It has 64 memory locations for sounds ” patches “. Keyboard – 61 keys. I found a very benevolent soul online who scanned her original copy in high resolution.

Maybe you manhal add az60 to Akai’s archive for future generations? Effects were also available such as chorus and a Bucket Brigade delay unit. It uses the same Curtis chips found in some of Sequential Circuits instruments of the same era. Akai ax60only 3 of 6 voices playing So when I play the keys I can only have 3 playing at once.


Register a new account. The position of every switch and fader is stored digitally in one of 64 patches which can be recalled or edited at any time. If you are not willing to field questions then your post will be removed. Link posts without a comment to interesting third party material are ok.

Already have an account? The synth holds 64 programs in memory and features pitch and modulation wheels for interaction with the sound as well as pedal inputs, stereo outputs, and MIDI. Posts that contain insults, attacks, or conspiracy theories based on your opinion of the value of gear will be deleted. I forget how much access Reddit gets to important and connected folks.

It also has a useful noise generator and some other cool functions that include auto-tuning, chorus, a multi-mode arpeggiator and a keyboard that can be split into two key-zones, making it somewhat bi-timbral.

These also have a programmable delay before their effect sets in. It also features a healthy assortment of faders for sound shaping and is a straightforward programming instrument once you learn your way around it. The seller told be right off