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Online books Resources in your library Resources in other libraries. Thus, by age vazqhez or 27, depending on the sources, de Lezo had lost his left eye, his left leg below the knee, and the use of his right arm. War of the Austrian Succession.

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In he lost use of his right arm in the Siege of Barcelona. There is no contemporary proof that these or others were actually used during Lezo’s lifetime.

Lezo returned to its aid with six ships and 5, men and managed to drive off the Algerian pirate after a hard fight. The British concentrated a fleet consisting mediohobmre ships, including 2, artillery pieces and more.

One early vazqusz involved the capture of Portobelo Panamathe dismantling of its fortifications and the withdrawal of British forces having left the place defenceless. Complutense University of Madrid.

He was separated from the expedition while attempting to sail past Cape Horn. The British fought their way to the base of the fort’s ramparts but were unable to overcome the defence and withdrew. Retrieved 28 March In the Naval Museum of Madrid organised an exhibition on Blas de Lezo, including portraits, uniforms and layouts of battle plans.

Admiral Vernon tested Cartagena de Indias on three separate occasions. In the king promoted him to Lieutenant General of the Navy.

This name uses Spanish naming customs: The defences of Cartagena de Indias comprised between 3, and 6, combatants, including regular troops, militia, Indian archers and the crews of six Spanish warships. In he was promoted to captain. The first attempt, alebr Marchwas essentially a reconnaissance in force by a squadron including ships of the linetwo fire shipsthree bomb vesselsand transport ships.


At this time, his left leg was hit by cannon-shot and was later amputated under the knee.

Ferreiro, Measure of the Earth: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Imprenta de la viuda de Calero. Three columns of grenadiers supported by Jamaicans and several British companies moved under cover of darkness, with the aid of an intense naval bombardment.

Views Read Edit View history. Although it has been claimed that he took many prizes during this period, documentary evidence indicates that in fact he took only two French frigates and not in the Pacific but in the Atlantic.

Later in this campaign, his ship captured the Stanhope commanded by John Combes, sometimes claimed to be a gun but actually just a gun merchantman. Lezo died four months after the siege was raised and a contemporary source indicates that the cause of death was epidemic typhus: In the following months he established a naval blockade, preventing the Algerians from receiving reinforcements from Istanbulthereby gaining valuable time for the securing of Oran’s defense, until an epidemic forced him to return to Cadiz.

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After comprehensively destroying the forts in their possession, the British began an orderly withdrawal back to Jamaica. Blas de Lezo’s advantages consisted of a formidable primary fortress and numerous secondary fortifications. Library resources about Blas de Lezo. The prizes attributed to Lezo were taken by Martinet, who reached Callao in June and left the Pacific in before Lezo’s arrival.

Lezo’s actions at Cartagena de Indias consolidated his legacy as one of the most heroic figures in the history of Spain and he has thus been promoted as one of the best strategists in naval history.

Retrieved from ” https: Portrait of Lezo, Museo Naval de Madrid.

Induring a conference on Blas de Lezo’s place in history and honouring the th anniversary of Cartagena de Indias ‘ defence, a plaque was placed on the wall at the Plaza de los Coches, by the Clock Tower mesiohombre. Both Vernon and Edward Trelawny, British governor of Jamaica, considered mediohhombre Spanish gold shipping port to be a prime objective. Dissatisfied with this he took his gun flagship into the corsair’s refuge of Mostaganem Baya bastion defended by two forts and 4, Moors. Vazquuez served in the Pacific in He took up his new post just prior to the conflict between Great Britain and Spain that would become known as the War of Jenkins’ Ear and that would later be subsumed into the War of Austrian Succession.


There was a spate of novels following the publication by the Colombian historian Pablo Victoria of his fictional biography of Lezo:. On the evening of April 19, the British mounted an assault in force upon San Felipe. The vzaquez attack on Cartagena de Indias took place on March May 20, Vernon’s intention was to gather information on topography and troop strength and to provoke a response that might give him a better idea of the defensive capabilities of the Spanish.

Battle of Cartagena de Indias. In he returned to Spain and was promoted to chief of the Mediterranean Fleet; with this force laber went to the Republic mediohokbre Genoa to enforce the payment of two million pesos owed to Spain that had been retained in the Bank of San Jorge. A modern statue stands in front of the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Blas de Lezo. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.