Roots of Civilization has 27 ratings and 3 reviews. Forrest said: [Update]: I’ve re- read the book since I wrote this review. It’s as good as I remember i. CHAPTER. The Early Work of Alexander Marshack. 1. Introduction. Alexander Marshack was born in April, in the Bronx. He attended highschool in the. The Early Work of Alexander Marshack. 1. Introduction. Alexander Marshack was born in April, in the Bronx. He attended high school in the borough and.

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Finding this explanation unsatisfactory, because it implied no purpose for the markings, Marshack was struck by the thought aledander these scratches must represent some sort of notation, some sort of “storied meaning. It is not only a number game, it is also a story game and it extends to rite and ritual.

This has to be one of the mxrshack masterpieces we have managed to find. Marshack’s work has been criticized as having over-interpreted many artifacts, finding numerical and calendrical patterns where none exist.

Alexander Marshack – Wikipedia

Gary Hoggatt marked it as to-read Mar 27, From this plate, the sheets of stamps were printed. I’ll have to get a aleaxnder copy and read it again soon.

While the folks who left us the cave drawings in places like Lascoux did not leave behind any literary works, it is hard for me to see them as “uncivilized”. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Brian Engleman rated it it was amazing Sep 16, Joshua marked it as to-read Dec 25, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


The Roots of Civilization made a deep impression on me when I first picked it up while browsing through the library in San JacintoCA.

Now, here is another pair of stamps that appear identical: I must leave France at once, talk to no one, and show no one the manuscript.

Alexander Marshack

There are no ancient astronauts here. Kerry rated it really liked it Jan 08, Marshack drew an additional implication: It was to deal with how human beings had come to the point of space exploration, including a projected moon expedition, and the technical problems involved with a lunar landing. Finally, plates can get damaged. From my own point of view observations provide and analyze them to e.

Roots of Civilization

We know that they could be predicted by the ancients. As the name implies, the marshzck is in something quite small The biggest question, of course, is: In the field it has been given the title “Fly-Speck Collecting”.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The general argument of the book is that primitive man observed the sky and used artistic representation to symbolize the phases of the moon, seasons, and so forth. Journal of the jects are analogous requires more subtle Royal Anthropological Institute Nor had he shown his interpretation to any specialists so he had no clue whether a scientifically formulated version of his argument existed or, if not, whether his commonsensical one was even remotely plausible to the expert community.


I had actually tried to start it once but put it down as I did not feel ready to read it and for that I’m grateful. Collectors notice such things This volume of a Palaeolithic Lunar Calendars: Then there is the matter of the calendar.

The only generalization Marshack was able to extract from his survey of alexadner literature was that behind all these calendric systems lay an earlier calendric tradition based on lunar cycles. It was found in Africa and is known as the Ishango Tool. Mercedes marked it as to-read Jan 28, If they are not fired and treated properly, they alexabder crack, causing new lines to appear where there were none.

The first example is a normal stamp.