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It’s an improved version that brings broader possibilities of use for the test multiple devices. Can be s-825rw as a wireless, or antenna. The EMP Jammer has built rechargeable battery. It is one of the most popular models of Jammer, charger, a spacer, antenna, universal AC adapter.

Барахолка [Архив] – Страница 7 – Официальный Форум любителей LADA Kalina и новой Лада Калина 2

Kann als drahtlose oder Antenne verwendet werden. Es ist eines der beliebtesten Modelle Poate fi folosit ca un fir, sau antena. S-825sr una dintre cele mai populare modele de NEW – No need antenna!!! This model is the advanced version of the previous model EAS Master.

Unlike older models offer users more benefits and technical innovations like built-in rechargeable battery, lower weight, higher performance, easy use, as this model does not need to connect any antenna. This small and powerful device you can have for an introductory price of EUR only in our store.

Black Working power supply: New technology jammer slot machine on the market. Small and powerful device that works on a similar principle as Bill validators.

They used IR technology and operate on the basis of identification by IR sensors. This device does not disturb any circuit or relay.

It operates on two AA batteries. How does the bill acceptor.: The latest debug ultra-high frequency, more suitable machine, flash alarm prevention ability is stronger. Adopt imported transistor has a strong compression capacity, Transmitter using electronic temperature control technology, the instrument according to casually won’t burn out. All Adopt imported electronic parts quality is more reliable. If the read code is inserted in key cutting machine, a working key can be made.

The tool can turn the ignition lock to be serviced – remove, replace or make working key – by the locksmith. The procedure is easy to learn. Device affects program the slot machine. Works wireless and is controlled via GSM. Designed for new slot machines. Before first use, it is necessary to connect the charger for 12 hours.

New Alarm ALLIGATOR S RS VER.2 free shipping in 7 days on | Alibaba Group

It has a built-in high-capacity, rechargeable battery for a sufficiently long time use. After one charge, it works in continuous operation days. Device has two buttons, power and reset. Controlled via mobile allligator SMS.


Audi 80 1.6Е

The device has a SIM card slot on the classic size. WGR just turn and put in the slot machine screen or the buttons. It is important to keep the device without moving until the completion of the work. WGR is about 20 seconds to register to the network and is ready for use. Control him hereinafter referred to as using a mobile phone via SMS codes. Full instruction manual including codes is included in the package. Device is designed for owners of slot machines, shares, slot machines that are poorly protected against wireless hacking, using special devices.

Responsible for any misuse of the holder, not the seller! Before you buy a device, determine the legality of use in your country.

Complete touch screen design, built-in antenna, and effective work range cover up to 50 m around, standby time up to 10 days. Automatically identify chips, display the code information. The Q- key system can be used not only for vehicle openingsbut also to start the engine.

At the same timethe Q – key system deactivates the immobilizer and alarm system. For this purpose it is not necessary that the vehicle key is in the vehicle. In contrast to other methods of vehicle openings take place no tampering with the vehicle or on the key with the Q key system.

The opening and starting the engine are completely undetectable and made spurlos. Das operating principle of the Q -Key system is based on the extension of the range of the keyless transponder key between the location of the key and the location of the vehicleup to a distance of meterseg between reception and underground parking.

General functional description A person with the Q key scanner is located in close proximity to the key owner eg at the hotel reception. A second person holds on to the Q key transmitters in the vicinity of the vehicle. The Q -Key system now spans the large spatial distance between the key owner and his vehicle in the garage.

Both the keyless control unit in the vehicleas well as the transponder in the ignition key is ” fooled ” a seemingly normal environment. The Q -Key system consists of two modular electronic unitsthe scanner and the transmitter module.

Person 1 requires the Q -Key scanner which can be accommodated easily in a briefcase a closer contact with the target person wearing the car key with keyless transponder for yourself or the room where s825rs key is. The Q -Key Scanner now wirelessly transmitted the received key code to the Q key transmitter, located at that time in the car and on person 2 sends this code to the keyless control unit in the vehicle.


This then allows a person 2 instant open and even start the vehicle without the ignition key. The entire process requiresas a rule no more than a few Sekunden. Dabei it does not matter how many car keys are in the vicinity of the Q -Key scanner. All keys are recognized at the same time.

Theoretically, all key signals received could therefore be usedthe associated car at the same time or one after the other to open to start and to be closed again. The Q -Key scanner system is equipped with powerful antennas and is fed by corresponding high-performance lithium polymer batteries.

The design of the Q- key module allows discreet use in the vicinity of the target person and can alligatkr easily camouflaged depending on operating conditions.

Examples of possible disguises are: An associated wireless connection by light and vibration alarm secures case the communication between the user of the Q -Key scanner and the user of the Q -Key transmitter at the site of the vehicle.

America under the order. Pin code to include the working mode of the device is displayed as you type on the LCD. Determination and display on the LCD type caught alarm. Memory cells 64, LCD display on qlligator cell number. Emergency exit of the operating mode button. Function accelerated Dogon code. The backlight of the screen. All lineup keeloq 3. Alligator all extra keeloq keychains 4. Alligator pagers with LEDs all keeloq 5.

Alligator pager with LCD display all keeloq 6. Sheriff all lineup keeloq autostart. Cenmax HIT keeloq model Gorgon with red LED Berkut pagers Bilateral S, S, S Berkut additional charms one-way D-825rs Black-Bug green LED Pandora RX Series KGB additional charms including older models Black-Bug super with red LED Reef green LED Leopard LS new model to change the code. Challenger with the new dynamic code CFM2 autostart.

Huindai dostavnaya alarm Jaguar series ja, jb APS, new series APS – http: Harpoon H1, H2 Alligator S, S Mystery pagers mx, mxRS, mx Mystery additional keychains mx, mxRS, ,,RS. Mystery pagers mx, mxRS, ,RS