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Changing the duty did. The same controller but another layout. We don’t have any 6L scanner assemblies in stock. I suggest you throw it away. Sell Original new Only.

scanner 6L

You could have found pinout easely from a chip datasheet, which is next to connector. If anyone wants the module you can have it FREE except for postage and packing. Suddenly the motor slowed down and settled at a constant speed. Based on that I conclude that it is very likely a 12V rail. Only the ANSB is the same. Tracing back through the power board I notice that it connects to a filter capacitor with a 25V rating.

The second step is to examine the single 5-pin connector to see what I could figure out. I spun the mirror assembly, and I saw pulses! Dear Sir The information you have provided is really good.


One thing i would like to wn8247sb is proceed the motor.

July 25, I not so well understand in English, only in Russian. On impulse, I dramatically increased the frequency. April 1, Order 1 Brand Name world ic stock Brief Description 1. I was busy with datasheets and other tips.

I found a doc on a similar chip similar series number and this is OEM so probably related on the Toshiba website. You need a new scanner assembly for that.

Shenzhen Chuangqiang Electronics Co. Product Photos Show Photo shown is representation only. Similarly I opened up a scanner assembly in a Laser Printer and Wn8247sb found there was six connection coming out of it.

I have the same unit, but my interest was on the other side of the box. Datasjeet my usual plan of attack does not succeed. Connector Pin — Chip pin as follows: Not even anything bad. I experience that my control pin is not frequency controlled but rather the duty cycle controlled the motor speed.

Sign In Stay Signed in. Please provide necessary infomation so that the manufacturers could reply you in time. Bank Wire Transfer 2. Since no signal came out of the pin, it must be an input.

【ANSB PANASONIC】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 【Price】【цена】【Datasheet PDF】USA

January 11, Drop me a line in the comments if you think you can guess what my idea is, or to post your own ideas, or even if you find this information useful for your own project. December 30, datashset English is obviously not your native language.


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April 27, 9: Any unauthorized reproduction of any content herein is strictly prohibited. We serving customers almost every area of industry and commerce, including the automotive,communnication,industrial,transportation,military. By changing the frequency, I could manipulate the motor speed. My mw green laser can now draw a straight line! January 29, I suggest You to use a stepper motor or something, with this square motor.

Because i have a lot of scanner motor from old laser printers. I connected ground to pin three, 12v to darasheet one and I connected pin 4 to ground to pull it low and the motor spun like a charm. I could not identify the connection from the chip TB -F. Digging around in my junk box produced the power supply board for the laser printer. January 8, 5: Or maybe know where I can find it? The ratio appears to be fixed: