Book The Weakness. The Summary Jake is on vacation for a few days, and the Animorphs don’t plan on doing anything until he gets back. Animorphs # The Weakness [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Tobias discovers a new alien feeding place while. The Weakness | Download & Read The Animorphs E-Books.

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Here, it is acknowledged that Tobias and Rachel are together, but we see none of that support or care from him.

The Weakness – Animorphs 37 Book Summary and Study Guide

At this point, it seems like the ghost writers aren’t tue trying to sound similar to Applegate’s writing style anymore. Their first raid occurs at a news station, where a tour is being given to a group of people. But there’s no assigned leader.

Owl Nutter June 29, at Peace, Love, and Animals: Small morphs to survive a crash makes sense. Her recklessness, however, almost kills Cassie when she is captured in morph by the Yeerks. Kinda the perfect morph for Marco, when you thought about it. I was also reminded of the limitations of Mean Rachel from 32 The Separation.

I knew that much. Accepting all the writing flaws and bad characterization, this was an all-too-typical-of-the-late-series “dump on Rachel” day, when she really did th bad or wrong, but they more or less spend a lot of time spitting on her. Meet the Stars of Animorphs. Apr 03, Stephanie rated it it was ok Shelves: And that’s all I have to say about it, because it wasn’t that great nor memorable of a book except for the kinda-awesome WTFery that was the plane crash scene.


Rachel chapters in the starfish book without any adjustment needed. Ax got a decent characterization, but he kept his mouth shut most of the time.

Also, Visser Three totally morphed into a Muk from Pokemon animodphs this book. In the Time of Dinosaurs Animorphs Megamorphs 2. The Escape Animorphs Those moments seemed the most realthe most true to the overall story, for me. Inspector Garatron is about to usurp someone’s claim to a Yeerk throne. It pained me when he talked like that. Since Ax won’t take a stand and his closest friend in the group is also Tobias who is loyal to Rachel, it’s clear that when it comes to people willing to follow her, Rachel wins IF the people who love her would actually vote for her.

The Weakness by K. A. Applegate | Scholastic

Felinephoenix June 17, at 1: Her conversation with Jake at the end of t Jake is away, and the Animorphs elect Rachel as leader to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity to take down Visser Three. Regarding their original plan to ambush V3’s feeding animofphs, didn’t they do this already in Book 8? As noted in the review, he has ahimorphs friends and powerful enemies, and is already under a cloud from Visser 1’s trial.


The remaining Animorphs return to Cassie’s barn. Irritating Ax’s Andalite sensibilities is always fun. He reassures her that as long as the number of Animorphs alive is the same, she did OK. Up to this point, the Animorphs have always operated very carefully in areas filled with regular people. Brought to you by The Moonlight Library!

Still, it hurt me to see him reveal the damage that had been done to him. Clusters of people talking hurriedly, glancing over their shoulders nervously.

Detailed Review Summary of The Weakness – Animorphs 37 by K.A. Applegate

Maybe these two were the Emperor and a close supporter, and Garoff used the final deliberation as an excuse for a coup. And everybody, go out the way we came in. That’s what I got out of this, anyway.

Because this one is dreadful. The characterisation was, admittedly, terrible, but it was very interesting plot-wise and the plane plan was excellent. At the time that Cassie tells him not to wreck anything there, he’s standing poised to knock over a section called “Intermediate Series. Marco slithers up and strikes. Mass Market Paperbackpages.