ARGEMONE SUBFUSIFORMIS SEEDS – Plant World Seeds. This Chilean plant is quite new to cultivation and is a most imposing annual plant. It very easy to. Note that the leaves and fruit of Argemone ochroleuca subsp. ochroleuca are Argemone subfusiformis Ownbey subsp. subfusiformis Ownbey (misapplied). Argemone subfusiformis Ownbey is an accepted name. This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Argemone (family Papaveraceae). The record.

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India Biodiversity Portal

These restrictions may prevent the use of one or more of the methods referred to, depending on individual circumstances. An erect annual or short-lived subperennial herb, thistle-like, branched, about cm tall, with yellow lactiferous fluid. The spiny capsules and are generally oval i.

Wikispecies has information related to Argemone. This is a very imposing annual plant, very easy to grow and spectacular to watch, due to its big yellow flowers, throny leaves, throny buds, and throny fruits.

If you are interested in purchasing seeds of this or similar species, please go to our On-line Seeds Shop.

The portal will be unavailable all day on Sunday 23rd Dec for maintenance. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

Integrated Taxonomic Information System. Sheldon Navie comparison of the leaves and immature fruit of Argemone mexicana, left, and Argemone ochroleuca subsp. Once you establish the plant, it will resow automatically each year, and you will even obtain surpluss seeds for trading.


Describes reproductive physiology and behavior, including mating and life history variables. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Ownbey Argemone glauca var. Low altitude, interior valleys Coastal mountains, – m. Laboratory studies have shown it is good antioxidant and antibacterial.

Generally, foods of plant origin contain many bioactive compounds, proteins, energy, vitamins and specific minerals; in addition, the popular wild plant species provide fibre, essential fatty acids and enhance the taste and colour in diets. Sheldon Navie habit prior to flowering Photo: Sheldon Navie mature fruit releasing its numerous seeds Photo: If you are interested in using these photographs User specific search options User.

Published on the Internet http: Argemone Papaveraceae genera Ranunculales stubs. Message The user has shared this species from India Biodiversity Portal with you.

Argemone subfusiformis – Wikispecies

The International Plant Names Index subfusfiormis Germplasm Resources Information Network. Ownbey Argemone pleiacantha subsp. Also includes information referring to territorial extension of the individual or group in terms of its activities feeding, mating, etc.

Retrieved from ” https: Since the plants also exhibited some level of antibacterial activities, their use for medicinal purposes is to some extent being justified. We studied the nutritional and medicinal potential of leaves of A. The dry season lasts 8 – 12 months and in some years it is possible to have no rainfall argemome all. Argemone species flowers are complete, bisexual, i.

Nowadays there is a resurgence of interest in wild plants for their possible medicinal value in diets, since some epidemiological studies have demonstrated their effectiveness against important diseases. Since the seeds of this plant germinate so easily, you can sow the seeds directly into the ground.


The entire plant is also known to break off at the base when it dies off and can be blown long distances, thereby helping to zrgemone any seed still present in the old capsules. Sheldon Navie close-up of pale yellow flower with deeply-lobed stigma Photo: Uses and Management Uses and Management Uses. Flowering occurs mostly during spring and summer, but may also occur throughout the rest of the year.

These argemonr can be distinguished by the following differences:. Archived from the original on Argemone ochroleuca Sweet Argemone subfusiformis Ownbey subsp. Being an annual plant, it does not present problems for cold climates, but it may not be able to reach maturity in places where the summer period is very short.

Argemone – Wikipedia

The Names of Plants 4 ed. In any event, the source must be explicitly quoted. See Quattrocchi, Umberto Click on images to enlarge. Ownbey — crested prickly poppy Argemone sanguinea Greene — red prickly poppy Argemone squarrosa Greene — hedgehog prickly poppy Argemone squarrosa subsp.

Sheldon Navie close-up of flower showing deeply-lobed stigma Photo: Related observations Show all.