Air Defense Artillery. battalion commander’s guide to staff functional duties in combat preparation. It can also be used to give expressed by commanders, XOs, and S3s, for example, is that the Fire Support. Officer or the S2. The Battalion Commander’s Handbook, is the fifth of a series of similar . Field Artillery and Air Defense Battalions. o Ensure your XO is holding weekly maintenance meetings with key maintenance personnel and company XOs. STANAG , Edition 1, Chapter 13, Artillery Procedures, and QSTAG , Edition 2, Bombing,. Shelling . with the lightweight computer unit (LCU) or manual gunnery dissemination of this information to subordinate XOs, platoon.

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He or she must be a non-threatening advisor to young commanders and junior officers. Most installations can conduct a one or two-day special course on what is sensitive and what are the rules of safeguarding and accountability. Establish a good working relationship early in your command tour.

If the NCOs are not evaluating their soldiers’ training, with the Command Sergeant Major serving as the overseer of the program, you need to reorient the program.

Above all, set the proper example yourself. They need to be made to understand that. Include families if possible. Analyze and brief the soldiers on how artilledy accident occurred and what could have been done to prevent it.


A few hard-charging new battalion commanders come in with a “holier than thou” attitude, awed by their own importance. Do not delegate that responsibility. The First 90 Days Insist on inventories, supervision, and sub-hand-receipts to hold your people responsible and accountable. Service support battalions, whether they are DS, GS, or functionally specific at echelons above Corps, possess unique attributes and accompanying challenges. Troops respond positively to compliments.

You also need to learn all you artillety about your xow, its strengths and its weaknesses.

Battery Executive Officers Handbook. :: US Army Artillery School Collection

A good IG can provide “disinterested party” factual advice. A one-hour, one day a week, “open door” policy may not help that soldier who routinely has duty at a remote location at the same time as your “open door.

Within the first sixty days reduce your most important policies to writing. An all-out support attitude is required.

Battery Executive Officers Handbook.

You may then produce oral or written directives for your subordinates to follow. You may be responsible for the facilities, but they are responsible, as the chain of artillefy, for the occupants.

To minimize DEP losses, the DEPper must be sold properly on the Army not “slam-dunked”and must receive the continued guidance and interest of the recruiter until he or she ships to basic training. Look at bowling, skiing, line-dancing instruction, etc. Your example speaks for what is acceptable and what is not. Their presence and acceptance in the community are recruiting “force multipliers. If they are not, be prepared to expend a significant effort to automate them.


You’ll make big bucks by doing so, especially when you’re knowledgeable of what they’re doing. How much are they in the business of supporting? What do you believe this battalion does poorly? They require your commander to buy into your training plan and resource it adequately. It is that transformation that takes place within young persons which makes them think of themselves as soldiers instead of civilians.

This method usually gets you to proficiency quickly, and greatly reduces frustration among the soldiers. The hours and the stress level inherent in the job are great, but the satisfaction is also great. You must decide what is the critical place for you to be at a particular time.

Reception of New Soldiers at the Training Battalion Your NCOs should include them on their performance counseling forms. Armor Battalions and Mechanized Battalions. Answer questions and deal with disciplinary problems quickly and fairly.

This document does not express official Army doctrine, nor is it a complete checklist for how to command a battalion.