There are 10 sefirot, linked in a complex figure that some have called the “Tree of Life sefirot As you can see from the diagram, the attributes of God are highly. Kabbalah: The 10 sefirot. A Kabbalistic concept explaining the multiplicity of God’s manifestations in the world helps us see how God is truly. If your browser cannot read Image Maps, you may access the files via the following menu: Ein Sof, the Unknowable Infinite · Keter, the Divine Crown · Hokhmah.

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And before he is rewarded with revelation of the face, and although he sees the posterior side, he cannot refrain from ever committing a sin. This is the meaning of the text when Divinity is in concealment. The person sitting on the other side perceives this as if it were many lamps radiating many hues, while in reality it is one lamp. This is why it is written in the book, The Tree of Lifethat the world of Assiya is mostly evil, and even the little good contained in it is mixed with evil and is unrecognizable.

It creates a diversity of phase between emanator and emanated one, severing or discriminating the latter from the Former and causing the emanated one to acquire its own particular name.

The Ten Sefirot of the Kabbalah

However, while zs only in the revealed Torah, it is impossible to be rewarded through it, except for a chosen few and after great efforts, but not for the majority of the people for the reason explained in Item In that event, one is rather harmed instead of receiving benefit.

Kanah and Peliyah, Books of. This discussion of “from above downward” is a new concept in our studies revealed by the extension of the line of Light.

Lurianic Kabbalists sought drz integrate this with the Cordoverian scheme, seeing both as true, but describing different aspects “Worlds” of esfirot Divine process. The Ten Sefirot of the Kabbalah. Through this also the three preliminary grades were estimated and it was possible to define their degree of purity, in view of their relative closeness to the emanator. And these sins are only mistakes, since, as a whole, he does believe in Providence of reward and punishment.


Therefore, our sages cautioned to study the wisdom only after forty years, or from a Rav, and other such cautions. Thus, we find distinctions of grades, sefidot as smallness or greatness.

One of the greatest pitfalls for students of the Kabbalah is that they are liable to conceive of topics dealt with through material expressions, as having limitations of time, space and possibility of change, but the authors have used such expressions only as symbols, or hints, in order that they might grasp the concept of the upper roots therefrom.

There was no space that had in it a defect or inferiority which required any kind of correction or improvement for its perfection, because the Exalted Light filled the Endless World completely. This last exertion of the will to receive, which causes the Light of Wisdom to be drawn to it, is the final effort in the process of completing and establishing the will of recipiency in the manifested, or emanated, being.

One necessarily departs and escapes them when he sees a tranquil place, even if it seemingly appears amidst the cracks. Two alternative spiritual arrangements for describing the sefirot are given, metaphorically described as “Circles” and “Upright”.

Kabbalah: The Ten Sefirot of the Kabbalah

It lies heavily on us and arouses fear of being forgotten from Israel. Describing the material world Below in general, and drz in particular, as created in the “image” of the world Above is not restricted in Rabbinic Judaism to Kabbalah, but abounds more widely in BiblicalMidrashicTalmudic and philosophical literature.

Thus the ten sefirot are the various ways we perceive God through his action within the world, while we firmly believe in the unity of God. They both serve, that is, “He” and “His Name”, in the capacity of concepts of a simple, absolute Unity ; they have no break or separation of any kind between them. Yet, the essence is still absent, and why did he change his words if the meaning is the same? Indeed, practicing Torah and Mitzvot in Lo Lishma means that one believes in the Creator, in the Torah, and in reward and punishment.


Before Its appearance that is, at the time of the restriction there was no such distinction; only after the light was received in the form of a “line”, meaning that the vessel did not receive the Light in all four grades, but only in the first three sefirog the fourth stage revealed as inferior, dense and of low grade.

How did the Holy Torah oblige us to a Mitzva that we cannot keep at all? Taanug-unconscious source of “Delight” soul rooted in delight Outer Keter: Thus, the scale of sins becomes a scale of merits, too. If they wanted to des, they should have blessed wholly, meaning to acquire and receive his world in his life. However, he understood his new doctrine as no more than a new revelation-teaching of the true meaning of the Zohar.

The Sefirot emanate from above to below. The love of God is necessarily given through these qualities, since they were only imprinted in humans for His name to begin with.

I am beginning to understand the very controversial nature of the disagreement regarding the numbering of Yesod and Malkhutsince they represent the male and female sexual organs.