Known extensions to AUCTeX are controlled by the variable TeX-file-extensions: TeX-file-extensions is a variable defined in ”. Its value is. AUCTeX Starting a Command on a Document or Region. C-c C-a) Compile the current document until an error occurs or it is finished. Actually, there is another command which comes in handy to compile documents: type C-c C-a (TeX-command-run-all) and AUCTeX will compile the document.

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Here is a quote from auctex manual.

AucTeX – Add Compile Shortcut : emacs

AUCTeX will try to guess which command is appropriate in the given situation and propose it as default. You could bind F1 to one function, TeX-master-command, since C-c C-c will set the viewer if you use it just after compiling with C-c C-c.

If the file being edited is actually ajctex from another file, then you can tell AUCTeX the name of the master file by setting this variable. You can also add entries to TeX-engine-alist in order to add support for engines not covered per default. I couldn’t immagine it was so complicated. To view the compiled document I do C-c C-v.

Some LaTeX packages requires the document to be compiled with a specific engine. A regular expression matching the start of auctfx trailer. Alist of TeX engines and associated commands. The view prompts are coming from the built in tex mode, not AuCTeX. Hi Aaron, thanks for this. Looking at the loading messages, there is a report that tex-site could not be found.

  CSR 57F68 PDF

Post as a guest Name. Thus, if you want a PDF document in the end you can either use XeTeX engine, see below for information about how to set engines, or compile the document with tex and then convert to PDF with dvips — ps2pdf before viewing it.

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At least is it possible to simply compile without having to confirm the latex command? In particular, I’m not sure what it will do if there is no master file set, and it will recompile even if it doesn’t need to. Should you use source specials it has to be stressed very strongly however, that source specials can cause differences in page breaks and spacing, can seriously interfere with various packages and should thus never be used for the final version of a document.

I would like to have a simple shortcut, like pressing F1 or some other key combination to compile and then view the document.

Yes, elisp needs to be recompiled after change of major versions of emacs: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I ended up using your latex-compile function. If you don’t want to use this line, it shouldn’t be too hard to make the above function work on the buffer instead.

Values currently supported are “II”the default, and “IV”. You still will be prompted and have to press RET after F1.



Without it, the files in the document will not know anything about each other, except for the name of the master file. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

This is controlled by ConTeXt-Mark-version option. The given numeric prefix arg is added to the current value of LaTeX-command-section-level.

An empty string or nil means there is no command available. After switching to Emacs If that works, then you can create a custom function linking that custom function to the f5 key. The third is the command to be used for plain TeX.

Using eval-after-load is a good practice. This function shall give you the possibility copmile insert the variable manually.

Thank you ArashEsbati That worked. Is that what you mean?

I’m not sure why this is the case, since this says AUCTeX should query you for a master file if it’s not already set, and this command does no querying even in that case.

Sometimes you are requested, by journal rules or packages, to compile the document into DVI output.