Complete summary of Hugh MacLennan’s Barometer Rising. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Barometer Rising. Barometer Rising By Hugh MacLennanAdapted For Radio By Rita Greer [Allen] Canada’s most famous explosion – Halifax, December 6, Hugh MacLennan’s first novel is a compelling romance set against the horrors of wartime and the catastrophic Halifax Explosion of December 6,

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She remembered Murray’s unwillingness to talk and the sudden embarrassment of Billy Andrews only half an hour ago. And then she felt saturated with anger and cold determination.

Although dated I found much of interest in this novel of the Halifax, Varometer Scotia explosion of There is also a theme of the older generations being supplanted by the new, as illustrated by the character of Alec MacKenzie and the anecdote about Angus Murray returning to his father’s farm and finding that much of the land his father had painstakingly cleared the trees from was reverting to new forest.

If you have ever visited that small, baroneter charming city, you would probably enjoy reading mac,ennan novel just for nostalgia’s sake. Respectable from our perspective, of course; most of the male characters think she really shouldn’t be doing “men’s work”. It explores issues concerning the place of Canada in the early twentieth century, ‘old country’ people from the Highlands of Scotland and those who have been in Canada for four generations.


Barometer Rising by Hugh Maclennan | : Books

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Penny and Neil are briefly reunited, but Penny finds herself unable to reveal that she has given birth to their daughter, Jean, after their affair in Montreal. Amazing also baroneter this book well. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

Barometer Rising

He probably knew the words would sound too small. His father was not pleased with her American background and insisted that he not marry before becoming independent. The relational dynamics are worked out in the two days leading up to the explosion and resolved after its terrible aftermath. It was very well written and the characters so alive and believable.

There is a particular passage describing the sun moving over the vastness of Canada that I have bookmarked and will return to often. The Splendor Before the Dark. I really I’ve wanted to read this one for years but only recently could I get my hands on a copy. Neil seeks Alec MacKenzie, the only other survivor of their unit who can confirm that Colonel Wain had given an contradictory order, which was impossible to fulfill.

Maria Mazziotti Gillan and Jennifer Gillan. Dorothy DuncanHugh MacLennan’s wife, convinced him that the failure of his first two novels arose from not truly knowing the setting, as one naclennan been set in Europe and the other in the United States. Surely if Neil were in Halifax she would have heard from him. Starts off a little slow, but ends with a bang. How can you not love this language: Paperbackpages.

Barometer Rising by Hugh MacLennan

The novel takes place during the week of the Halifax Explosion – 2 December to 10 December The foreword sets the stage when it says that this book “is one of the first ever written to use Halifax, Nova Scotia, as its sole background.


Read it Forward Read it first. His morally bankrupt Anglophile uncle, Geoffrey Wain, the former colonel of his regiment, has blamed him for the failure of an attack and MacRae is under threat of prosecution and execution for cowardice. Please try again later. Feb 20, Lucille rated it liked it Shelves: That’s what Odysseus said to his wife when he got home.

Baromefer this book reminded me h I have truly enjoyed reading this book. In that instant she knew unmistakably that Neil Macrae was alive and that she had seen him.

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Pages to import images to Wikidata. The family had whispered their obscure remarks, and after Jean’s birth she had been too shaken and apprehensive to ask many questions. Barometer Rising was the first novel published by Hugh MacLennan, arguably Canada’s most significant novelist of the middle of the twentieth century and certainly its most recognized. To conclude this review, I shall leave you with a short passage from the last little bit of the book.