Pocos personajes tan insólitos en la historia de la literatura como “Bartleby el escribiente” y también pocos relatos más sugerentes que aquel al que da nombre. Ahmad said: Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street, Herman Melville Bartleby es un escribiente de Wall Street, que sirve en el despacho de un. Bartleby el escribiente: una historia de Wall Street. Front Cover. Herman Melville. Universidad de León, – Fiction – pages.

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I didn’t attend 6 years of university to be your cleaning lady, you fat-ass, porcupine-head bitch!

E forse proprio in questo sta la grandezza del racconto. All the characters, but particularly Bartleby and his employer, give the reader food for thought. Also I was sorry for them while reading about their misfortunes or sad fate. Every suggestion made by the narrator comes from his own mind, these are HIS ideas. Crispin Glover played him escrbiiente a film that wasn’t that great.

Bartleby, el escribiente y otros cuentos

Anzi, ‘preferirebbe di no’. View all 4 comments. All in all I quite enjoyed this short story.

Mauricio Torres rated it it was amazing Oct 25, In the case of older works that use archaic language, their meanings could be made clearer without the aid of a dictionary. Thanks for telling us about the batleby.

Christy Gollehon rated it liked it Oct 25, In the case of older works that use archaic language, their meanings could be made clearer without the aid of a dictionary. Hugo Barine rated it it was amazing Oct 08, This adaptation of three Herman Melville stories is a fine example of why I enjoy audiobooks.


In fact very good! Io immagino l’Herman Melville di quel periodo simile ai protagonisti dei suoi racconti, pieno di amarezza e sconforto per il fallimento dei suoi tentativi letterari, e immagino che guardasse ogni cosa con la stessa indicibile malinconia del suo introverso scr Avendo letto, riletto e amato Bartlebydesideravo conoscere gli altri racconti di Melville. He is skilled, dedicated and extremely productive. Of course, if it’s said more than once or twice, it would be read today as a “Hell no, I’m not going to clean up my work area.

Then there is Bartleby. To ask other readers questions about Bartleby, el escribiente y otros cuentosplease sign up. Michael Lloyd-Billington rated it liked it Aug 25, Maybe in fact I should give it not two, not three but four stars! Alice rated it it was amazing Mar 09, I’ll add though that it’s very sad. Paolo Grill rated it it was amazing Feb 11, I just need a hundred dollars. I would prefer not to. View all 16 comments.

For me, Bartleby the Scrivener alternated between hilarious and a bit boring; depending on the section. Possiamo leggere, ad esempio, il racconto della visita a una cartiera sperduta nel gelo invernale del New England, dove ragazze altrettanto gelate e sperdute lavorano agli ordini di un uomo autoritario.

Bartleby the Scrivener – We all read this one in high school, so I’ll just skip to something I noticed. In fondo non lo sapremo mai. Jackson in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever. Sometimes it kills me that such great writers use such horribly long run on sentences.


Si possono dare mille spiegazioni di questo atteggiamento. Orange is “on the level”. White didn’t do it, and he’s “fucking positive” that Mr.

It is about human behavior and how we treat each other. As was the case in my rereading of Daisy Miller.

Bartleby, el escribiente by Herman Melville (4 star ratings)

Monica Butti rated it it was amazing Mar 15, Did I like this or was it just OK? I know while I was listening I didn’t think of stopping and it had me smiling, even if it isn’t what I would classify as humor. There is more than one author with this name Herman Melville was an American novelist, short story writer, essayist, and poet.

I understand the amazing strength mleville can achieve by not making a fuss while at the same time not doing that herrman have determined you will not do. It looks like being passive he affected others a lot and all the time he spoke more about what he bartlleby rather not do than simply doing and causing changes.

I would prefer not to guess.