Warm, humorous, and smoothly readable story of three girls who’ve been friends forever. Nina, Avery, and Mel are the “Bermudez Triangle”. THE BERMUDEZ TRIANGLE. Maureen Johnson, Author. Penguin/Razorbill $ (p) ISBN Biphobia and The Bermudez Triangle: An Open Letter to Maureen Johnson jcatgrl: “ Dear Maureen, When my mother got me The Bermudez.

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Meanwhile at home, Avery and Mel have fallen in love too with each other. May 22, Angie Nichols rated it it was amazing. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. This book is so realistic!! It was very well done. This is an excellent novel. More of this, please. When Nina Bermudez goes attends a college study program during the summer, her best friends and the other two sides of the triangle I wanted to say “titular triangle” there, but I thought, given the whole banning thing, I’d better notAvery and Melanie don’t know how they’re going to manage without her.

That was the key.

The thing is, it’s not enough to write queer characters. Tales from the Inner City. To me, that shows that he can just replace her with any bermudsz and be just as satisfied.

And it dealt with the issue of teens questioning their sexuality perfectly. The early quirks of the girls’ personalities became unlikable johnso Parker was thrown in with little explanation and an ending for his part that was even more of a throwaway. We are experiencing technical difficulties.



Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Book ratings by Goodreads. I wish it had been dealt with in greater detail. As is typical for teens, the girls obsess ad nauseam over their romantic relationships. Rocked to the core, Nina wishes them happiness, but feels excluded and lonely, especially as her long-distance relationship begins to deteriorate. Whenever I read a book by Maureen Johnson, he takes one look at the cover and declares, “That doesn’t look like your style of book,” or, “That looks kind of like a beach read.

What happens when your two best friends fall in love One person in this book had to be the breaker-upper and one person the dumpee. Nina is left feeling like a third wheel, but all is not paradise in her friends land.


I most certainly did not do it justice with that summary. It’s a difficult experience to put out there and make realistic. I learned that a lot of people have similar reactions when their good friends “come out” to them.

mauresn An Endless Quest Book. She should’ve stayed with Parker. Grade 9 Up—Johnson begins this exceptional novel in a lightweight fashion but quickly segues into more serious issues that affect the three young women who make up the Bermudez Triangle. It was not in the least bit cliche, or stereotypical. I was rooting for Mel and Avery the whole time.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Stay in Johnaon Sign up. October 23, Publisher: She lives in New York City and spends far too much time online.

The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson

Be the first to discover new talent! The early quirks of the girls’ personalities became unlikable and Parker was thrown in So It’s not johnskn I did not enjoy johnosn Bermudez Triangle” because of the lesbian love focus. I wouldn’t have minded the slut-shaming and the biphobic stereotypes if Johnson had just paused to analyze them, rather than portraying them as a statement of fact.


Both Avery and Mel have some serious internalized homophobia and biphobia, which I’ll get to later. I will also tell you that I will tighten my thinking cap when it comes to my bisexual characters. Also, Johnson includes some skimmable filler descriptions that are unnecessary. Avery is a grouch, and I happen to love her.

Avery, too, has this in her head. Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful. And she’s supposed to forgive him and go back to loving him just because they’re going to college together and she thinks he feels sorry and bad about what he did?

I really liked this book! And my early love waned.

This story actually took me a while to finish, I found myself conflicted over triajgle character Avery. Interesting and Insightful Reader reviewed by ambeen The Bermudez Triangle is a fast paced novel about three friends and how one summer changes their lives forever. She went to high school at an all-girls’ Catholic school and graduated from University of Delaware with a degree in writing.