Hi, heres how you calculate least count of a micrometer. Use the given formula: Least Count (L. C) = Pitch/no. of divisions on micrometer barrel(thimble) where. The bevel protractor is used to establish and test angles to very close tolerances. The bevel protractor consists of a beam, graduated dial and blade which is Then count, in the same direction, the number of spaces from the zero on the. Apparatus: Surface plate, Bevel protractor, tapered workpiece. Objectives: To understand Observations: . Least count of bevel protractor is ______ minutes.

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A bevel protractor is a graduated circular protractor with one pivoted arm; used for measuring or marking off angles.

The protractor dial is slotted to hold a blade which can be rotated with the dial to the required angle and also independently adjusted to any desired length. This is because, the dial is leaast from opposite zero marks to 90 degrees each way. In types A and B, the vernier is graduated to read to 5 minutes of arc whereas in case of type C, the scale is graduated to read in degrees and the bevel protractor is without vernier or fine adjustment device or acute angle attachment.

It can be clamped in any position.

Vernier bevel protractor

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The readings can be taken either to the right or to the left, according to the direction in which the zero on the main scale is moved. More advanced protractors, such as the bevel protractorhave one or two swinging arms, which can be used to help measure the angle.

In order to achieve the. Most circular table saws. Split and merge into it. Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references Articles needing expert attention with no reason or talk parameter Articles needing unspecified expert attention Articles needing expert attention from January All articles needing expert attention Wikipedia articles needing clarification from January Commons category link is on Wikidata.


Using bevel protractor for checking the inside bevelled face of a ground surface.

A small microscope is fitted through which the circle graduations can be viewed. Vernier and optical Bevel Protractor. The bevel protractors are of two types, viz.

Use of bevel protractor for checking prrotractor vee block. In the case of optical bevel protractor, it is possible to take readings upto approximately 2 minutes of arc.

Then count, in the same direction, the number of spaces from the zero on the Vernier scale to a line that coincides with a line on the main scale; multiply this number by 5 and the product cout be the number of minutes to be added to the whole number of degrees. Provision is also made for adjusting the focus of the system to Fig. What is the least count of bevel proctector?

When something is beveled, it is cut or finished “at a slant” to a reference plane. Twenty four spaces on the vernier scale equal in extreme length twenty three double degrees.

The readings can be taken either to the right or to the left, according to the direction in which the zero on the main scale is moved. It is designed in such a way that its back is flat and there are no projections beyond its back so that when the coount protractor is placed on its back on a surface plate there shall be no perceptible rock. The principle of optical scales has already been lwast in details in chapter 6.

Use of Vernier protractor for measuring acute angle. Smallest value of a physical quantity which can be measuredaccurately by an instrument is called least count. Merge this question into. This article needs additional citations for verification. Multiplying 3 by 5, the product, 15, is the number of minutes to be added to the whole number of degrees, thus indicating a setting of 28 degrees and 15 minutes.

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However, like a basic. Each angle is called degree. Picture below illustrates a variety of uses of the bevel protractor.


It can be moved along the turret throughout its length and can also be reversed. What is a Universal bevel protractor? Views Read Edit View history. Fitted inside the mam body. What is a bevel? The difference between types Pdotractor and B is that type A is provided with fine adjustment device or acute angle attachment pritractor type B is not. To obtain the measurement of the angle between the beam and the blade of over 90 degrees subtract the number of degrees as indicated on the dial from degrees.

It is very essential that the working edge of the stock be perfectly straight and if at all departure is there, it should be in the form of concavity and of the order of 0.

Sometimes Vernier scales are attached to give more precise readings. Universal bevel protractors are also used by toolmakers; as they measure angles by mechanical contact they are classed as mechanical protractors. This instrument is most commonly used in workshops for angular measurements till more precision is required. Read off directly from the main scale the number of whole degrees between 0 on this scale and the 0 of the vernier scale.

Its working edge should be flat to within 0. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.