Bhugola varnanam by sri vadiraja tirtha maharaja in Sanskrit. found at http://www. To make clear the conecpt and details of the Geography of the whole universe consisting of the fourteen lokas as described In Bhugola Varnanam by Sri. Bhugola Varnanam – An ancient book on Puranic Cosmology

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Perhaps, we have to allow a gap of yojanas between the Meru base and the supporting mountains Krladris. They also enjoy different kinds of pleasures – of course, non-material.

Each of these is yojanas in extent 63 width and height. Badarayana Murthy has analysed the contents of this great work in a simple and clear manner. Here is the actual description of the coordinating factor. The discrepancy is important to note. Also, how can we account for the slower movement of the sun’s chariot as com- pared to the faster movement of the Time Wheel? Certainly, the evolu- tion theory loses ground.

A thick shaft of gold, projecting from the Pole star point, holds the mechanism of the Kala Cakra in position without allowing it to drop down upon the earth. Jeanette May 9, at 8: Above Svarga loka is ‘Mahar loka’, at an altitude of 75 lakh yoja- nas above the former. Antariksa loka and Svarga loka are one crore yojanas breadthwise. The boundary mountain on the south is Hemakutayojanas wide and 10, yoja- nas high. Not at any present day schol at all!

Body here means the non-material body. This may be seen by any one by observing the moon’s position in the sky night after night. Here are a few verses – 15 “Vedanta krid veda videvacaham” I am the author of VedSnta and I know the meaning of the Vedas; non else.

This was to mitigate the force with 77 which Ganga came down; hence the name ‘ Mandakini ‘. It is not only bhutola it can stand the test of modern science by all counts. For all measure- ments concerning the universe, the Meru is the central point of reference.


This volume has two purposes in view. This river purifies those who use its waters in worshipful manner where ever they be in the four quarters of Jambudvlpa.

Full text of “Bhugola Varnanam”

It is strange that the staunch followers of reli- gious teachers believe implicitly whatever those teachers say without using discretion. Although it was not possible to go through it in greater detail, we are pleased to say that the style and the analytical Pre- sentation of facts are sure to help the general readers to get a clear bird’s eye view of this universe created by God It has been possible for Sri Badarayanamurthy to present the most sublime facts in quite a simple manner since he has made a deep study of many scriptural texts and has also gone through several books on modern science with a critical outlook Another noteworthy fea- ture is that ha has pointed out how the views of the followers of other religions- especially the Christians and the Muslims, agree with the Madhva concept of Cosmo- logy as dealt with specially by Sri Vadiraja swamy, who is acclaimed as ‘Bhavi Samira’ — the would-be Vayudeva.

To these is added what is known as ‘Apta Vakya ‘- words spoken by reliable persons. By Brahma’s behest the river Ganga takes four courses to come down to earth from the Meru top and to purify the denizens here.

These praises to Vishnu, from where the tale of his Three Strides to measure the universe arose, are unique; but only the contemporary Rishi who has undergone the same Journey is in a position to disclose in what way they are indeed unique. It is somewhat thin in the middle like a stalk and, at the top, it spreads out all round like the petals of a lotus flower. The material Science which gets lion’s share under Education, has no answer to human problems, for it does not accept that a man has a soul to save- Added is the bluff that is carried on vehemently that our earth has three motions.


Thus we conclude bhygola the awareness of Sriman Narayana. They prefer suffering and blasphamy; and they find pleasure in it. This, multiplied bygives a figure of crore years. The Sun’s route lies on a different wheel of the Kala Cakra, one lakh yojanas above the earth. I will present his translation along with others to prove the point; and to confirm the precision of the message given to us in the sectional detail of Vishnu as Scorpion.

In this way, the movements of the planets are said to be in the backward direction. I bow down to Sri Vyasamaharsiwho is the sun that dispels the darkness of our hearts. It is the abode of Siddhas souls who have attained a high degree of perfection. My thanks are also due to my friend and well-wisher, Dr.

Thus, the diameter of the circu- lar earth measures 5 crore and 7 lakh yojanas upto the encircling land of gold, which itself is surrounded by the land of diamond. No changes only fixed items. If it has to face resistence in space due to known or unknown causes, how can we speak of the constancy of velocity varnnam light through out the universe?

varnanan Vaikunta loka is fully non- material. On the eastern 80 side is the Gandhamadana mountain stretching between Nlla and Nisadha mountains. The mountain resembles the ‘ Unmatta’ flower.

Bhugola Varnanam

Time is some- thing although it cannot be perceived by our external senses as material objects are perceived. The last two are known as ‘Antyadhyardha sthala 1 This point will now be discussed. The Samaveda is well- known as the source of the musical science.