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Zumal Print gleich zwei Dinge erreichen kann: Vor allem, wenn es wie bei Online-News schnell gehen muss. Denn in der Studie, auf billd sich die Schlagzeilen beziehen, geht es einzig und alleine um Zeitungen und Zeitschriften beziehungsweise die Zukunft des Journalismus. Wieder einmal wird von den Online-Redakteuren geradezu genussvoll unterschlagen, dass Print weit mehr ist als das Verbreiten von Nachrichten.

Wir zumindest interpretieren die Zahlen anders und halten dagegen: Deutsche glauben an Print! Da befinden scglagzeilen uns in guter Gesellschaft.

Denn das gute, alte gedruckte Mailing wurde vom digitalen Marketing immer wieder gerne totgesagt. Denn gerade bei den Mailings schkagzeilen es eine interessante Entwicklung: Nach dem Dialogmarketing-Monitor der Deutschen Post verschickt jedes siebte deutsche Unternehmen volladressierte Werbesendungen. Durchschnittlich sind den Unternehmen ihre volladressierten Werbesendungen fast Das Plus von Mio. Dann ist das Ziel beim Mailing, bei der Werbung und bei allen anderen Drucksachen erreicht, die damit eine relevante Zukunft haben!

Value Contributors | valuetrendradar

I applaud the initiative of Think! This addresses a number of issues that have become prevalent in recent years particularly in the communication industry. However, the question is whether they are sculagzeilen to their customers, or whether they are getting carried away schlagzeilwn the digital wave whilst at the same time being influenced by perceived efficiencies based more on cost than actual return on investment.

Brands are increasingly focussing on Customer Experience and optimising the customer journey ; however, to do that properly, marketers need to recognise that a decision to make a purchase is as much emotional as rational these days. Brand trust, values and relationships are increasingly important in a world where there schlagzelen a narrowing in product differentiation. As part of building that relationship, it is important for brands to understand which media to use when and for which messaging.

So, when something needs consideration, or has to be seen as authoritative, print can be a great medium. Print Is also the only channel that can impact on one of our most important senses of touch. Indeed, in my later years at Paragon I spend considerable time persuading clients of the value of increasing the production values of their printed output, and thus cost, to help schlagzeilfn re-enforce brand values.

You could for example question whether a Tiffany shopping schagzeilen is perhaps an accessory as much as a means of getting goods home. At the same time, you have to be careful not to over play your hand; for example, charities would never use a coated stock, as this would seem to go against 2013 environmental and cost saving credentials even though bbild paper can cost more!

Email is a great means to deliver offers, newsletters schlafzeilen access to the depth of content that the online environment can provide. Mobilewhilst being often seen as an invasive medium, is perhaps the best way to remind people of a medical or retail appointments, or increasingly keep them up-to-date in real time about their purchase deliveries; and with the advent of 5G networks they will increasingly deliver richer experiences. Apps are a great way for people to manage their life, for example online banking or travel.


Whilst social media lets us reach audiences at pace, in an informal and engaging manner. The issue is that whilst a digital revolution is undoubtedly taking place, interested parties have been perhaps a bit blinkered. The Print Industry sschlagzeilen tended to take great pleasure at criticizing digital media whenever it can. On the other hand, the digital communication industry has just ignored print as irrelevant.

It is not either or. It is not one or the other.

Value Contributors

The true power is recognising how brands can use all of the media to their best advantage, optimising customer bildd and building long-term relationships.

Digital Transformation is often misunderstood. It is not about making sure that all communication is sent via email or mobile; it is about using technology to make it more efficient for schalgzeilen to both operate and deliver more engaging experiences for the customer.

It is an innovation enabler, allowing new business, operational and communication models. However, this does not preclude print, and it should always be considered as a channel to be used to undertake specific roles.

For example, whilst comparison websites may help you find the best mortgage, and banks want you to complete applications online, the issuing of printed legal document, welcome pack and annual statements can provide reassurance and feeling of security for customers.

Also, we should remember that not all consumers are digital natives and a considerable proportion of the population have grown up enjoying and trusting print as a media. So, whilst Digital Transformation will be responsible for creating a number of digital only brands such as Uberthe majority of companies partaking in digital transformation will still find there is a role, and a productive one at that, for print in their business model. Learn more about Think! He then transferred his allegiances to the agency world as a director of RMP a data driven one-to-one communication agency specialising in customer loyalty in the retail sector.

Energiewende: Warum die Regierung bald Atomkraftwerke rettet

He cut his teeth in the scjlagzeilen digital world by setting up a dot. Fraser was most recently Head of Creative Development at Paragon, particularly enjoying spending time with clients evangelising about how print plays an important part in customer journeys in an ever-increasing digital world. He currently became a member of our Think! Team to support the Think! Paper initiative and to enrich knowledge sharing.

Das genaue Gegenteil ist der Fall. Aber der billd Druck hat Drucksachen entstehen lassen, die vorher keine waren. Doch auch der klassische Druck ist nicht stehen geblieben.

Energiewende: Warum die Regierung bald Atomkraftwerke rettet – WELT

Immer raffinierter und zielgerichteter werden Drucksachen heute hergestellt. Impressionen von der Event-Websitezusammengestellt durch den Fachverband Medienproduktion e. Doch wo und wann ergibt sich die Gelegenheit dazu? Und zwar auf eine bemerkenswert frische und neue Art. Und gewissermassen die Transformation altbackener Messekonzepte und langweiliger Kongress-Tage in ein neues Format mit Unterhaltungs-Charakter auf fachlicher Ebene.

Kompliment an Klaus-Peter Nicolay. Er hat eine hervorragende Situationsbeschreibung abgegeben, wie sich Print im Digitalzeitalter positioniert. Und eigentlich nicht zu verstecken braucht. Umso sehr ist der Hinweis wichtig, dass es nach wie vor ein Dilemma gibt: Auch auf der Print digital! Convention blieb man wie bei so vielen Print-Fachveranstatungen weitgehend unter sich. Sonst spielt sich alles wie bisher fast im Verborgenen ab.


Criteria such as achievement, quality and cost efficiency are decisive for the choice. Out of more than entries in finally 29 products were awarded with a trophy in its respective category. Since the EDP members have honoured the best developments and innovations by awarding more than products. This year again 29 Award were handed over. Receiving such an EDP Award adds value to the winning product. It is, of course, an European Award, but with global brands and international character.

The 21 EDP member magazines all over Europe, covering 27 countries and reaching more than half a million readers in Europe only on the printed magazinescongratulate the Award winners and finalists and thanks the participants and submitters for their cooperation. Onyx Graphics Onyx 18 Best workflow technology: Tilia Labs Griffin Pro app Best special application software: Best roll-to-roll printer up to cm: Agfa Avinci DX Best textile printer on transfer paper: Best cutsheet printer monochrome up to B3: Kodak Nexfinity Digital Press Best label printer web: Best label printing solution: Veika Dimensor Best textile solution: Konica Minolta Nassenger SP Best digital sheetfed cutting solution: Tecnau Libra Best webfed finishing solution: Best special effect ink: The EDP Association European Digital Press Association was founded in by six trade maga- zines with a mainly editorial focus on digital print processes.

Today the EDP Association counts 21 member magazines all over Europe, covering 27 countries and reaching more than half a million readers in Europe. One of the goals of EDP Association is to assist the technology-appliers in their task to find the right solution for their applications. Because not every high tech product meets the requirements in a demanding production environment.

The best products in the re- spective categories are honoured with an EDP Award. At the end of the submission period the committee nominates the best ones in a category for the final judging round. At least representatives of all EDP member maga- zines discuss the suggestions of the Technical Committee and finally decide which product is worth of being awarded by an EDP Trophy.

Because of the strict criteria the EDP Technical Committee sets on the products, there are no votings on the Internet. It is about technical criteria, not about popularity. Therefore the EDP Association grants the EDP Awards to the best products of the year to ack- nowledge the value of the research and development tasks of the industry.

The logo that identifies the EDP Awards is a quality and innovation mark. Since EDP has honored the best and newest products. Over the years nearly trophies in- cluding the 29 trophies in were awarded to the best technologies and developments.

This is an article I wrote for Printing Impressions a while ago and rather than rewriting it, I think it is still apropos in its entirety. Designers are visual people and the best way to teach a visual person is to show them.

Graphic designers are also curious people who generally like to see how things work. We all walk around with our cameras all day, lauding their efficiency for email, Slack, twitter bilc more.