The Official Hasbro sponsored Transformers Collectors’ Convention: BotCon® celebrating all eras of Transformers Toys!. Botcon Exclusive Dawn of Predacus Box Set. BY HASBRO – BRAND TRANSFORMERS BBTS Logo. COPYRIGHT BIGBADTOYSTORE, INC. Product Description. The Waruders invade planets, solar systems and universes to satiate their never ending need to feed. All four are redecos of the.

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On November 28the page was updated with the location, date, and venue.

The fan-run convention was originally created to give Canadians the opportunity to celebrate their love for the Bitcon franchise, and has grown to become the largest fan-run Transformers convention in the world. As soon as we can, we will pass along any details we have! After that date, you will need to come to Late Registration Friday morning at 9: We look bogcon to seeing you in Cincinnati!

You will need the free Acrobat download in order to read PDF files.

The video clip also claimed that “this spring If you enjoyed attending BotCon, you’ll love either TFcon convention! See you at botxon show! The workshops will take place on December 4th and the main conference from December 5th to 7th in Toulouse, France. This is the first time we have shown the free attending figure before the start of BotCon! Advance tickets will be available via each event website.


You left a piece out!

BotCon 2007

Sunday Drawing for BotCon Trip! This special con edition of Timelines features a 24 page story as well as all the info on the events at BotCon The Gendarmerie nationale has been established as a military-staffed law enforcement llogo in France, with more than years of history. This property is across the street from the Hyatt and the Duke Energy Center. Views Page Discussion View source History.

Transformers: BotCon !

Looking for the BotCon location and date? We have started a new hotel block at the Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati. BotCon Registration Information.

They support us The Gendarmerie nationale has been established as a military-staffed law enforcement agency in France, with more than years of history. BotCon From Transformers Wiki.

This article is a stub and is missing information. When is the next BotCon? Since manufacturing of the bbotcon has already been completed, we are not able to obtain additional quantities. In order to accommodate those who are still planning to attend, we are providing you with two new options: The TFcon Cosplay Contest features amazing costume creations from fans from all around the world.

BotCon 2016

BotCon Press Release. If you want to support Botconf and join our sponsorscontact us at sponsors at botconf. Call for papers They support us. Contents 1 Venue 2 Merchandise 2. BotCon Contest Guidelines 2. Contents 1 Run-up 2 Venue 3 Merchandise 3. TFcon continues the spirit of BotCon past with a focus on fans and the Transformers dealer room.


After spending his whole life lofo the Decepticons, he will find himself in a new time and place, one loog which the rules of the game have changed and the stakes are higher than ever!

On January 31, registration forms went up.

Fun Publications had previously held its conventions in the early fall; however, the date was moved up to coincide with the release of the live-action Transformers movie.

In order to accommodate hotcon who are still planning to attend, we are providing you with two new options:. BotCon From Transformers Wiki. Hype for the convention began on the BotCon website on November 27, when the entire page was replaced by a giant graphic of a mysterious trio of ominous-looking Autobots, a new logo featuring a purple BotCon logo with a matching purple Autobot symbol, and a spooky video clip featuring a backwards Transformers theme.