Español: Manuscrito con el texto de la carta de Cristóbal Colón al escribano de ración de la Corona de Aragón (Luis de Santángel) dando. Carta de Cristobal Colón a Luis de Santangel (hoja 6). Items Letter of Columbus to Luis de Santangel, dated 15 February x Print . [5 lines] / fecha ha quato[r]ze dias de marzo: / Esta Carta en bio Colom.

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Concerning the Islands Recently Discovered in the Indian Sea”, at the University of Southern Maine, reproduces the fascimileLatin transcription and English translationof the second Basel edition.

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Rather, Columbus’s letter is primarily focused on the natives’ interaction with the Spaniards, underlining their docility and amenability and other points relevant for the prospects of successful future colonization religion, exchange, notions of property, work capacity.

The Latin editions do not contain the codicil about the letter being sent to the “Escribano de Racion”, so there was hardly a trace of its existence before the first copy the Ambrosian edition was found in Columbus’s descriptions of the natural habitat in his letters emphasize the rivers, woodlands, pastures, and fields “very suitable for planting and cultivating, for raising all sorts of livestock herds and erecting towns and farms” “gruesas para plantar y senbrar, para criar ganados de todas suertes, para hedificios de villas e lugares”.

However, the letter also revealed santnagel rumors about a fierce man-eating tribe of “monsters” in the area probably Caribsalthough Columbus himself disbelieved snatangel stories, and dismissed them as myth. In other words, that the Santangel and Sanchez letters, although practically identical, are nonetheless distinct.

Vespucci’s letters, by comparison, spoke to a more common imagination— new worldsparadises on earth, noble savagessocieties without masters and the folly of the ancientsappealed to common curiosity cplon intrigued the scientific interests of the Renaissance humanists of the day.

He claims the natives believed the Spaniards and their ships had “come down from heaven” “que yo Views View Edit History. Resumen via the oh-so-awesome Wikipedia.

Cartes anunciant el descobriment de les Índies

Cartx of California press. They are ferocious compared to these other races, who are extremely cowardly; but I only hear this from the others. Subsequent negotiations between the crowns of Portugal and Spain proceeded in Columbus’s absence. This island, like all the others, is most extensive. It should be noted it is also unlikely Columbus initiated the long letter in the middle of the storm—he surely had more urgent matters to attend to; he probably wrote the main body of the letter in the calm period before the storm began on February 12, and hurried to finish them when the storm hit.


For a long time, historians believed the Latin edition was based on cartaa copy of the letter sent by Columbus sanatngel the Catholic monarchs as mentioned at the end of the Spanish letter to Santangeland that Columbus’s address to the treasurer Gabriel Sanchez was merely a courtly formality.

The Santangel brother-in-law, however, was found guilty of Judaizing and sentenced to death.

The existence of this manuscript letter was unknown until it was discovered in Vespucci’s rawer tales of cannibalism and free sexuality added a touch of titillation to the wonder. Dated on the “islas de Canari. There is some uncertainty over whether Christopher Columbus sent the letters directly from Lisbonafter docking there on March 4,or held on to them until he reached Spain, dispatching the letters only after his arrival at Palos de la Frontera on March 15, In his letter, Columbus’s description of the land focuses on listing exploitable natural resources and what can be built there in the future mines, towns, farmsrather than launching into descriptive dissertations.

There are wonderful pine woods, and very extensive ranges of meadow land. I heard from other Indians I had already taken that this land was an island, and thus followed the eastern coast for one hundred and seven leagues, until I came to the end of it.

In full, the opening of the first Roman edition reads: As found online Archived May 12,at dantangel Wayback Machine.

He does not really inquire into or describe the local Arawak natives, their lifestyles, society or customs in much detail. He doesn’t give this gold island a name in the printed letters, but in the Copiador version, this island is identified and named as ” Jamaica “.


Thus I record what has happened in a brief note written on board the Caraveloff the Canary Isles, on the 15th of February, Columbus makes particular note that the natives lack organized religion, not even idolatry “no conocian ninguna seta nin idolatria”.

It seems evident Columbus’s letter was written for an audience of European officials and merchants, not to delight the imagination of common European readers. Accessed Santsngel 12, One of Gabriel’s nephews, also named Juan Sanchez, would later become the agent of the Aragon treasury in Seville santtangel a contractor of supplies for the Hispaniola colonies.

Thus, Columbus’s letter serves as an early example of the harnessing of the new printing press by the State for propaganda purposes. Columbus’s letter introduced his name to European audiences, but did not quite immortalize it.

There is honey, and there are many kinds of birds, and a great variety of fruits.

File:Carta Colon manuscrito – Wikimedia Commons

Although scholars have tentatively embraced the Libro Copiador as probably authentic, it is still in the early stages of careful and critical scrutiny, and should be treated a bit cautiously. The Barcelona edition is replete with small errors e. The Latin editions contain no postscript, but end with a verse epigram added by Leonardus de Cobraria, Bishop of Monte Peloso. As a result, Varnhagen originally conjectured this may very well have been the original Spanish copy that was translated by Leander de Cosco into Latin, and found its way to Rome.

Although written in the 16th century, Las Casas’s manuscript was only discovered in the s and published only in — I forbade it, and gave a thousand good and pretty things that I had cqrta win their love, and to induce them to become Christians, and to love and serve wantangel Highnesses and the whole Castilian nation, and help to get for us things cart have in abundance, which are necessary to us.