We have one of the best specialist selections of music for the classical guitar anywhere, with thousands of stock titles and a committed, knowledgeable team. Feb 16, Method, op. 27was mainly string bas. Carulli was among the most fruitful and productive composers of his time. He wrote more than four. His most influential work, the “Method, op. 27”, published in , contains pieces still widely used today in training students of the classical guitar. Along with.

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He wrote a variety of works for classical guitar, including numerous solo and chamber works and several concertos. He was an extremely prolific writer, composing over works for the instrument. Carulli was a gifted performer. His concerts in Naples were so popular that he soon began touring Europe. A few years later Carulli started to compose in Milanwhere he contributed to local publications. After a highly successful Paris tour, Carulli moved there.

At the time the city was known as the ‘music-capital’ of the world, and he stayed there for the rest of his life. Carulli became highly successful as a guitar teacher in Paris. It was also here that the majority of his works were published.

Method, op. 27 by jazz andreasen on Prezi

Later in his life he became a self-publisher and, in addition to his own music, published the works of other prominent guitarists including Filippo Gragnani whom he befriended and who later dedicated three guitar duets to Carulli.

Carulli was among the most prolific composers of his time. He wrote more than four hundred works for the guitar, and countless others for various instrumental combinations, always including the guitar. His most influential work, the “Method, op. Along with numerous works for two guitars, works for guitar with violin or flute, and three concertos for guitar with chamber orchestra, Carulli also composed several works for guitar and piano in collaboration with his son, Gustavo.


Many of the pieces now regarded as Carulli’s finest were initially turned down by publishers who considered them too difficult for the average recreational guitarist. It is likely that many of his best works remained unpublished and are now lost. Nevertheless, several of Carulli’s published works point at the likely quality and sophistication of his concert music, the Six Andantes Op. The great majority of Carulli’s surviving works, however, were those considered marketable enough by mainstream Parisian publishers aiming at an amateur recreational market.

Home Artists Carulli, Ferdinando. Biography Discography Compositions Carulli was a gifted performer. Andante sostenuto — Allegretto Trois menuets et trois valses, Op. Adagio Morceau in E Minor. Andante sostenuto — Allegretto III. Adagio — Allegretto Les sons harmoniques, Op.

Larghetto — Allegretto grazioso II. Music for GUitar and Piano, Vol. Duo in C Major, Op. Allegretto Duo in C Major, Op.

Andante Duo in G Major, Op. Larghetto 3 Waltzes, Op. Overture Rossini – L’Italiana in Algeri: Music for Guitar and Piano, Vol. Allegretto Nocturne in G Major, Op. Moderato Duo in D Major, Op. Poco allegretto Rossini – La gazza Ladra: Overture Rossini – Armida: Overture Rossini – Il Barbiere di Siviglia: Duets for flute and guitar.

Duet for flute and guitar in D Major, Op. Allegretto Duet for flute and guitar in C Major, Op. Andante con moto II. Allegretto Duet for flute and guitar in F Major, Op. Polonaise Duet for flute and guitar in A Minor, Op. Larhetto molto espressivo II. Carulli – Duo in F Major, Op.

Rondeau Sor – Souvenir de Russie, Op. Allegretto Diabelli – Serenade No. Chitarra e Pianoforte Duo. Minuetto – Presto IV. Poco Allegretto Variazioni op. Larghetto – Presto Duo op. Rondo – Poco Allegretto Walze op. Rondeau – Allegretto 1st Duo op. Guitar Concerto in A Major cadenzas by P. Polonaise Concerto for Flute and Guitar, Op. Allegro Petit concerto de societe, Op.


Allegretto Guitar Sonata, Op. Theme and Variations III. Allegretto con poco moto Guitar Sonata, Op. Ecco quel fiero istante No. Sognai mia fillide No.

Spanish Guitar

O bella fillide No. Tornate dereni begl’astri No. Ha negli occhi No. Se son lontana No. Gia la notte s’avvicina No. Amene selve, amiche piante No. Amo te sola No. Gia pronta la t’aspetta Premiere suite a la methode, Op.

Grand Air italien, “Senti mio bene” Ariettes et romances italiennes – No. Frena la belle lagrime No. Parlami pur sincero No.

Solitario bosc’ombroso 3 Ariettes italiennes – No. Che fa il mio bene No.

Deh con me non vi sdegnate No. Dal di ch’io mirai No. Di me chi vide mai No.

Quel cor che mi prometti No. Io rivedro sovente No. V’e com’e bello il mar No. Two Romantic Guitars – Mertz, Carulli. Carulli – Guitar Concerto in E minor, Op.

Carulli, Ferdinando – Guitar Dodo

Adagio for Violin and Orchestra in E, K. Guitar Concerto in E minor, Methov. Tema con due variationi Maestoso molto III. Rondo for Violin and Orchestra in C, K. Guitar Concerto in A, Op. Giuliani – Guitar Concerto No. We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website.

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