word-to-pdf-programmatically www-ftc-gov-os-caselist complaint-pdf www-va-gov-vaforms-medical-pdf xmcd-to-pdf-online. , FTC. Docket No. C, Complaint (January 20, ), available at In the Matter of Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc., File No. , FTC Docket No.

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A review of consent orders confirms that the FTC has frequently used upfront buyer provisions in cases involving divestitures of assets that had not previously operated as a separate business.

Finally, conduct relief has been used in addressing the competitive issues raised by vertical mergers.

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Under the Tunney Act, the DOJ is required to prepare a competitive impact statement, describing, among other things, the case and the relief sought in 0510124complaint consent decree, evaluating alternative remedies actually considered, and 05102144complaint remedies available to private injured parties and procedures available for modifying the proposal.

Because the FTC and the Division have such long-time experience in certain major industries, we have developed approaches to 0510214complaimt that rely upon that experience caselkst that recognize the particular structural differences that mergers in those industries present. Firewalls and fair dealing provisions are frequently That is not to say that there have not been successful attempts to block vertical mergers outright.

Crown jewel provisions allow the reviewing agency to sweeten the package initially required to be divested by requiring merging parties to divest additional or different assets in the event the parties fail to divest the initial divestiture package as contemplated under, or within the time period specified in, the consent order.

In public statements, the FTC has articulated a preference for an upfront buyer when the parties are divesting a package of assets that has not previously operated as an autonomous business.

Both agencies will generally allow the parties the opportunity independently to market the assets to be divested. C April 3, Decision and Order requiring divestiture of laboratory services assets to LabCorpavailable at http: Especially in orders that require the divestiture of less than an entire business, the buyers lack important information about 05110214 business that is being divested.

II. Goal of Antitrust Remedies

Most mergers believed by the agencies to result in anticompetitive harm are not litigated, but rather are resolved by remedies included in a consent decree negotiated with the parties. After the FTC authorized its staff to seek a preliminary injunction blocking the deal on the ground that the acquisition would enable Libbey to exercise market power in the food service glassware market, the parties amended their merger agreement to exclude most but not all of the Anchor Hocking food service business.


After the FTC commenced a preliminary injunction proceeding, the parties abandoned the deal. Fix it First Remedies For strategic or other business reasons, merger parties may wish to restructure their transaction to eliminate antitrust issues at the outset or, if during the course of agency review, prior to the filing of an agency complaint in a judicial or administrative forum. In re Allergan, File No.

However, the Staff only examined 37 of the 50 divestitures embodied in those 35 consent decrees.

II. Goal of Antitrust Remedies

Partial divestitures may also be acceptable where certain of the assets deemed necessary to operate successfully are already in the possession of the divestiture buyer or are readily obtainable from non-parties. Digene was the only company in the U. Examples include the divestiture of stand alone assets such as a single refinery or a geographically connected set of assets such as a group of terminals and a related pipeline.

The FTC filed a complaint on July 27,in federal district court in Hawaii, seeking to enjoin that acquisition on two counts: Of course, an injunction is the most powerful weapon in the agency arsenal to prevent an anticompetitive merger from being consummated.

On the other hand, the merger can result in significant cost savings that would benefit consumers in the form of price decreases or quality improvements, and the prospects of obtaining an injunction blocking the entire deal may be low. Agency staff will require the buyer to produce financial and strategic business information as part of this review.

The FTC imposes similar requirements. In contrast, the FTC generally disfavors a fix-it-first approach, and often insists on the execution of a consent decree because this gives the FTC a greater say in the selection of the divestiture assets and buyer and the implementation of the divestiture. According to the U. DOJ approval requires satisfying three fundamental tests.

The parties were obligated to make the divestiture within 20 days from the closing on the acquisition. Such voluntary restructuring of a merger may involve the sale of a subsidiary, business unit, division or some other package of assets to a third-party that the merger parties believe should eliminate any potential competitive problems resulting from the proposed merger.

Goal of Antitrust Remedies advertisement. C June 15,available at http: For example, the agencies are generally dubious when research and development assets are excluded from the divestiture, although this may be deemed acceptable where the buyer has its own research and development capability concerning the relevant products or such services are readily available from a third party.


We note that Section 7 may also be enforced by private parties and State attorneys general pursuant to Sections 4 and 16 of the Clayton Act. Northrop Grumman Corp, Civil No: The Divestiture of An Existing Business Is Preferred Both the DOJ 010214 the FTC have expressed preference for the divestiture of an ongoing or existing business over a collection of assets that have been cobbled together to meet a competitive concern. DOJ Policy Guide, at While both agencies require the parties to 050214 into hold separate orders, the agencies diverge with respect to the appointment of interim trustees.

Goal of Antitrust Remedies The principal law under which the U. Buckeye was acquiring from Shell a package of refined petroleum pipeline and terminal assets.

Requiring merging parties to promise not to engage in certain conduct can be contrary to the economic incentives of the parties and can result in market inefficiencies. When the Commission votes to commence a proceeding, it commences an administrative proceeding governed by the provisions of the FTC Act. For example, in the petroleum industry, the FTC has permitted the divestiture of discrete assets or groups of assets that previously had not operated as autonomous businesses after an investigation led the 22 FTC Divestiture Study, at The FTC required a consent order to memorialize the retention of these plants by Goodman and to address any potential future sales of these plants by Goodman to other parties.

Cingular Wireless Corporation, Civil No.

In re Nestle Holding, Inc. Conclusion Casslist has been seen, the U. Once a proposed buyer is identified, each agency will conduct an independent investigation to evaluate the proposed buyer, which often includes interviewing the proposed buyer as well as customers, suppliers and, on occasion, competitors. Such differences from industry to industry, rather than any fundamental difference in analytical approach to remedies, may best explain why U.