Erich von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods is a work of monumental importance– the first book to introduce the shocking theory that ancient Earth had been visited . Erich von Däniken’s Chariots of the Gods is a work of monumental importance— the first book to introduce the shocking theory that ancient. Von Daniken’s sequels to this book, “Gods from Outer Space” and “The Gold of The Gods” are also selling well, as are flocks of imitations. The popularity of such .

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I have to clarify my rating here: List of reported UFO sightings Sightings in outer space. Horrible distortion of history and misinterpretation of events. Just doing research won’t carry one completely to the end of one’s journey, but only half way. Honestly, I have a lot more respect for Erich von Daniken than I do bloats like the so-called “genius” Stephen Hawking.

Jun 06, Tony rated it did not like it Shelves: Erinnerungen an die Zukunft: Latest Discoveries and Research. Let me start of by saying that I do not accept this as the truth, however the some of ideas are not as far-fetched as they might seem at first.

I’d rather have someone not quite ready but with their heart in the ri Is this translated ro English? But the disturbing fact is the sheer confidence of the author in his most ridiculous and logic- This is pseudo-science and story telling at its very best.

Most incredible of all, however, is von Daniken’s theory that we ourselves are the descendants of these galactic pioneers–and the archeological discoveries that prove it Rather, the prose is s I’m a fan of the first season of Ancient Aliens and I wanted to read this book because it seems to be the one that started it all. Throughout the book I noticed that he would insert his theory into conversations about real science and drop in discussion by real scientists and yet not draw the distinction between the established idea and his idea.

As long as that prevails, works like these will keep on attaining best-selling status.

Chariots of The Gods

Ancient Aliens 7 14 Jan 25, This best selling book was probably the water shed moment in the proliferation of conspiracy theories and other pseudo-scientific stuff in the popular literature.


Can we still afford to close our eyes and stop up our cbariots because new ideas are supposed to be heretical and absurd? Product details Format Paperback 10 pages Dimensions x x Chariots of the Gods? In one Goodreads group which some of my friends belong to, they’re having a discussion of the ethics of giving a book a one-star rating with no explanatory review; one person likened the practice to a drive-by shooting.

Were we visited by little green men in the past?

Chariots of the Gods? : Erich von Däniken :

Mar 20, Manybooks rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Many scientists and historians have rejected his ideas, claiming that the book’s conclusions were based on faulty, pseudoscientific evidence, some of which was later demonstrated to be fraudulent or fabricated, and under illogical premises.

Archived from the original on March 6, View all 3 comments. Visit our Beautiful Books chwriots and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. It’s simply a get-rich-quick scheme from a Swiss ex-con that paid out good.

Not once in this book does he claim to have such proof, and he repeats that over and over. I feel that every grey area, every part of history obscured by the fog of time, is exploited and made to fit somewhere into his sprawling untidy theory.

May 30, Raniken rated it did not like it Shelves: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Chariots of the Gods

Instead, Von Daniken holds firmly to the belief that the “mythologies This book is a good introduction for those who know little to nothing about Ancient Alien Studies.

The global media rights to the book have since been purchased by Media Invest Entertainment which is developing a “degree entertainment” franchise entitled Chariots of the Gods.

But his speculations, the assertions as they are shown and presented in Chariots of the Gods and his other and similar books have always left a rather nastily bitter taste in my mouth, a feeling that the author in many ways actually tends to actively despise humanity, and that he especially despises and cannot accept the fact that individuals like the Mayans, the Egyptians, the Aztects were able to create, to think with cleverness and intelligence read their OWN cleverness and intelligence.


The finest review I could think of for this book was by a man whose intellect I immensely admire. Thi In one Goodreads group which some of my friends belong to, they’re having a discussion of the ethics of giving a book a one-star rating with no explanatory review; one person likened the practice to a drive-by shooting. For instance, it is considered the inspiration for the History Channel television series, Ancient Aliens.

Book ratings by Goodreads. Perhaps the only good thing that has come up from this book is science fiction inspired by it.

The author attempts to prove his theory that aliens visited ancient man by stating repeatedly that ancient man, given the knowledge they apparently possessed, could not have accomplished, without help, many of the wondrous things they have been credited with or have obtained. The fact of the matter is that the chaariots does not prove that aliens visited Earth at any time in our past, nor does he claim to have raniken of it – ever.

Chariots of The Gods by Erich von Däniken

Ask yourself why you may or one tend to disregard his information as rubbish. Surely such “primitive” people could never construct such great monuments! And now with Trump in the White House, every American is considered an idiot until proven otherwise. It is an enjoyable read, fast paced, if you consider it more as a fiction novel and don’t take it seriously.

It I am sure most people will pan this book – unsubstantiated, inaccurate, baseless, ridiculous, blah, blah, blah. Well, you must admit it was a really pretty fantasy. It involves the hypothesis that the technologies and religions of many ancient civilizations were given to them by ancient astronauts who were welcomed hods gods.

Because there is very little science in tthe book, you see. He published his first and best-known book, Chariots of the Gods, in Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.