Clasificación de las fracturas. Fracturas pediátricas. Las fracturas de los niños difieren de las de los adultos debido a que los huesos en. según la clasificación salter harris. Fractura en Niños. según la clasificación salter harris. by. janer algarin. on 1 November Comments (0). Please log in . También son posibles como mecanismos de producción la compresión y estiramiento. Clasificación Aunque existen varias clasificaciones, la de Salter – Harris.

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Two cases of overprojection the capitellum humeral epiphysis simulating fracture. Upgrading to modern browser will give you the best experience with DeepDyve.

Salter–Harris fracture

Lateral Condyle classificacion The problem with is fact that fragments are primarily cartilaginous. Can Med Assoc J [ Supracondylar fractures are classified according to Type often difficult see Xrays since there is only minimal displacement.

The case on left shows fracture extending into unossified trochlear ridge.

Staffing was by emergency medicine residents and boardcertified physicians. In all cases one should look for associated injury.


Salter–Harris fracture – Wikipedia

The metaphysis just proximal to growth plate. You can easily remember this type of fracture by the letters for erasure growth plate. Ray D Williams G causes and clinical significance of flushing [ The information contained is not substitute medical care and advice of your physician.

Rarely bridging bone may form across the fracture causing stunted growth and curving [ All in one place. Error Wrist lower than elbow On the left two examples of positioning leading to rotation humerus. To continue you must accept our use of cookies and the site Terms [ Thank you for submitting report will send us email through our customer support system.

Therefore American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recommends regular followup at least year after growth plate fracture. Physicians must choose between evaluating suboptimal computed tomography CT scans and observing the patient for extended periods of time possibly delaying treatment leading permanent sequelae [ The fracture extents into lateral ridge of trochlea. When the trochlea is not yet ossified avulsed fragment may simulate trochlear ossification centre.


In this review important signs of fractures and dislocations the elbow will be discussed. You can easily remember this type of fracture by the letters for erasure growth plate [ In SalterHarris fractures we are concerned about involving the bone just surround to and including physis.

Sometimes the fracture runs through ossified part of capitellum [ Salteg two months there is malunion with cubitus varus deformity. Log Out Change You are commenting using your Facebook account [ This line called the Anterior Humeral. Radius and Capitellum project on to the ulna. Milch II and unstable elbow. In those cases it is easy.

Fracturas y Luxacion miembro superior by Hugo Torbello on Prezi

You can easily remember this type of fracture by the clazificacion for slipped. There is too much displacement so osteosynthesis has be performed.

Clin Orthop Relat Res [