CNY/ TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors. Rev. A2, Dec 1 (9). Multichannel Optocoupler with Phototransistor Output. Description. The CNY and. CNYH includes 2 isolator channels. • CNYH includes 4 isolator channels. • Isolation test voltage VISO = VRMS. • Test class 25//21 DIN 40 Features. • CNYH includes 2 isolator channels. • CNYH includes 4 isolator channels. • Isolation test voltage VISO = VRMS.

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But the transistor in the opto will be more or less full on with a LED current of 15mA. This will give you the LED voltage drop for a given current. Keep your kids engaged and get them excited about electrical engineering with these fantastic sites.

From the datasheet at page two. Jan 16, 7 0. Hence the emitter resistor will control the current. Jan 22, It is much the same The input is a LED and cny4-2 output is a transistor.

CNY (TEMIC) – Multichannel Optocoupler with Phototransistor Output | eet

May 11, 5, 1, You May Also Like: Jan 22, 7. Your name or email address: Hello people, i’m new to electronic circuits. I will use a trimmer instead a resistor.


Jan 20, 1. Go for a LED current equal to 15mA. As regards the resistance of the transistor, which logic do i use? I used this datasheet http: And that is also important. From the datasheet I think a LED current in range mA should be enough to turn the transistor into saturation. dayasheet

But use a emitter resistor in the range of 4. Have you done any calculations on LEDs and transistors before? In summary, hereafter you can see the formulas for resistors wattage: Optocoupler fails after month.

There is a simple formula to calculate the two resistor for each optocoupler? Tales from 80s Tech: Jan 22, 4. I guess a 4. Ok, looking the figure 4, at 15mA there is about 1. Find the voltage drop datahseet 15 mA datashete take this into your calculations please. Jan 20, 2.

cny74 2 datasheet pdf ibm

I do not know were you got the nA from. And you will no problem at all. I would not have used a trimmer. Jan 24, You can use figure 2. Jan 22, 8. Jan 22, 3. Vny74-2 by shetsachin in forum: And the higher current. You will have values well inside the spec of the opto.


CNY NTE Equivalent NTE OPTOISOLATOR DUAL NP – Wholesale Electronics

Replace the nA with the current determined by the transistor Vce which you set correct to 0. You have got how to calculate the LED series resistor correct. So stick with figure 2 in the datasheet. No need to have the transistor conducting max current. Do you already have an account? We see that the Saturation voltage, collector emitter will datasgeet at typical.

No, create an account now. If the opto is connected to some 5 volt logic gate or controller. Yes, my password is: Jan 22, 9. The LED will also have a voltage drop. The second part of circuits work on 5VDC, because there are some TTL components like shift registers, microcontroller etc.