1. General The lights mentioned herein shall, is exhibited in pursuance of Rule 26 (d), be places where they can best be seen. They shall be at least. Colreg annexes pdfColreg annexes pdf Colreg annexes pdf. ColReg: You Will Find Full Explanation Of The Rules, Supported With Pictures, 3d Models, Sounds And Videos To Help Future Seafarers. ANNEX

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Affiliated Bodies and Programmes.

International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea

Rule 32 Definitions Rule 33 Equipment for sound signals Rule 34 Manoeuvring and warning signals Rule 35 Sound signals in restricted visibility Rule 36 Signals to attract attention Rule 37 Distress signals.

Rule 28 covers light requirements for vessels constrained by their draught. In a vessel meters or more in length the bell shall be sounded in the forepart of the vessel and immediately after the ringing of the bell the gong shall be sounded rapidly for about 5 seconds in the after part of the vessel.

Vertical positioning and spacing of lights a On a power-driven vessel of 20 meters or more in length the masthead lights shall be placed as follows: Such signal may be supplemented by at least five short and rapid flashes.

International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS)

The vessel to be overtaken shall, if in agreement, sound the appropriate signal prescribed in Rule 34 c ii and take steps to permit safe passing. This height shall be anneexs from the position vertically beneath the location of the light.

The repositioning of masthead lights on vessels of meters or more annexed length, resulting coleg the prescriptions of Section 3 a of Annex I to these regulations, until 9 years after the date of entry into force of these Regulations.

Annex I prescribes the spacing between the lights and the height above the hull above the gunwale for smaller vessels for the lowest light. The construction of sound signal appliances, their performance and their installation on board the vessel shall be to the satisfaction of the appropriate authority of the State whose flag the vessel is entitled to fly. Non-electric lights shall so far as is practicable comply with the minimum intensities, as specified in the Table given in Section 8 of this Colrdg.


One of the most important innovations in the COLREGs was the recognition given to traffic separation schemes – Rule 10 gives guidance in determining safe speed, the risk of collision and the conduct of vessels operating in or near traffic separation schemes.

Only the International version has a paragraph h. The construction of lights and shapes anbexes the installation of lights on board the vessel shall be to the satisfaction of the appropriate authority of the State whose flag the vessel is entitled to fly.

Rule 26 Fishing Vessels a A vessel engaged in fishing, whether underway or at anchor, shall exhibit only the lights and shapes prescribed by this rule. They shall not be so low as to be interfered with by deck lights. Rule 23 Power-driven Vessels Underway a A power-driven vessel underway shall exhibit: The sidelights of vessels of 20 meters or more in length shall be fitted with inboard screens painted matt black, and meeting the requirements of Section 9 of this Annex.

The identifying lights are an all-round red in a vertical line over cklreg all-round white. Rule 26 covers light requirements for fishing vessels. Rule 16 Action by Give-way Vessel Every vessel which is directed to keep out of the way of another vessel shall, so far as possible, take early and substantial action to keep well clear.

Rule 18 deals with responsibilities between vessels and includes requirements for vessels which shall keep out of the way of others. Part C Lights and Shapes Rules Rule 20 states rules concerning lights apply from sunset to sunrise.

Rule 39 provides definitions. Colret what you want to search for, to search for an “exact phrase” by enclosing it in quotes. Any vessel or class of vessel provided that she complies with the requirements of the International Regulations for the Preventing of Collisions at Sea,the keel of which is laid or is at a corresponding stage of construction before the entry into force of these Regulations may be exempted from compliance therewith as follows:.


The diameter of the mouth of the bell shall be not less than mm for vessels of 20 meters or more in length. The same principle operates when two towing lights no sternlight are displayed in a vertical line Inland Rules only. The exception permitting display of all-round lights above masthead lights applies only when it is not practicable to mount the all-round lights below the masthead light s. Signals for purse seiners Vessels engaged in fishing with purse seine gear may exhibit two yellow lights in a vertical line.

Rule 5 Look-out Every vessel shall at all times maintain a proper look-out by sight as well as coreg hearing as well as by all available means appropriate in the prevailing circumstances and conditions so as colgeg make a full appraisal of the situation and of the risk of collision.

-&nbspotenmaritime Resources and Information.

These lights shall flash alternately every second and with equal light and occultation duration. Rule 23 covers lights to be carried by power-driven vessels underway. Rule 13 Overtaking a Notwithstanding anything contained in the Rules of Part B, Sections I and II, any vessel overtaking any other shall keep out of the way of the vessel being overtaken.

Fishing vessels “shall not impede the passage of any vessel following a traffic lane” but are not banned from fishing. If whistles are fitted at a distance apart of more than meters, it shall be so arranged that they are not sounded simultaneously. Colerg Inland Rules permit only the first two options.

The effectiveness of the action shall be carefully checked until the other vessel is finally past and clear.