Como Pinta Vicente Segrelles. El autor de EL MERCENARIO explica todos los secretos del oficio. Vicente Segrelles Art Handbook. Author of the graphic novels: . Tebeos y Comics – Art Comic: Como pinta segrelles y la fantasia de segrelles – vicente segrelles. Compra, venta y subastas de Art Comic en todocoleccion. Vicente Segrelles has 68 books on Goodreads with ratings. Vicente Segrelles’s most popular book is The Color of Magic (Discworld, #1; Rincewind, # 1). Como Pinta Vicente Segrelles by. Vicente Segrelles. it was amazing avg.

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It took me back to my love of stories like Masters of the Universe in all the best ways. Refresh and try again. Compared to that, it hardly seems worth noting that the “dragons” are clearly derived from pterosaurs, which were not, in fact, dinosaurs; but they also didn’t have the heads of tuataras, so whatever.

La historia nunca fue lo importante. Okay, pretty, beautifully drawn, but empty.

Popular Vicente Segrelles Books

These fainting passive perfectly sculpted esgrelles seem sort of sad to me. Aleksander rated it liked it Jun 05, Mizukara rated it ssgrelles liked it Apr 16, The art has that classic Conan painted cover feel to it. The world building is unusual and unique enough to have held my interest. And as intriguing as all that may sound, it’s still a bit cheesy to the modern reader – a cheesiness which is heightened by the hero having the hairstyle of a s accountant, for some reason.


It feels static, not lively, and not particularly prurient, but perfectly fine for period historical fantasy, so I think a lot of people might enjoy it.

Not only that, but the story works well. Overall, I liked this, though I feel a bit guilty saying so. Yes, the men are men here, fat, fit, bald, young, and old, but all the women are buxom and mostly nude.

I don’t know if I’d come back for more issues of the same – the stories have only their pulpiness to offer; but that artwork does act as a compelling, five-star-worthy selling-point.

Lists with This Book. If you like good sword and scorchey type books, and don’t mind women running around half naked, you might enjoy this. Contains some vciente chested women due in part to the new found freedom artists had with their new government and probably also because Europe tends to have fewer hangups about the human body as art. But it is Vargas-like Playboy artist; I think I heard of him nudity, air-brushed, classically nude.

As an avid graphic novel reader, I was glad to stumble upon this text. Oh, well, who cares. As suspected, this is wonderful to look at, and less so to read.

The Mercenary: 1. The Cult of the Sacred Fire

This book is specially designed in Amazon’s fixed-layout KF8 format with region magnification. Translated from Spanish as this was first published in Spain right after they became a democracy. It isn’t sexist, and the women aren’t stupid, just clothless. It was like looking into oil paintings because that’s how they appear. Segrelles is an artist, not a storyteller.


Story world is a bit vcente to Conan in feel.

And when they are not nude, they are as near to pinha as you can get, and none of them need bras. Our hero here gets to engage with three such ladies, who have different fates at this author’s hands, but it’s the weird, liminal, ephemeral world where everyone lives that will stick in the mind.

Cómo pinta Vicente Segrelles ( edition) | Open Library

segrelle I would put this book on the same plain as Conan or any other science fiction graphic novel or novel that draws on a sword and sorcery mileau. Rozada rated it really liked it Dec 21, Pedro Cravo rated it it was amazing Aug 25, The work was a good read, and the painted pages add to the richness of this strange world. The illustrations were beautifully drawn by Segrelles and I was really mesmerized on how stunning they were.