View and Download Contax T2 instruction manual online. T2 Film Camera pdf manual download. I have a few questions about the operation of the Contax T2. 1. If I have a Given that you’re still in manual aperture mode? 3. P = Program. Contax t2 instruction manual – english version contax_t2/ Other CONTAX T manuals here!.

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Hamish Gill I started taking photos at the age of 9. The Contax T2 seems to retain the feeling of simplicity that I enjoy so much in a compact camera yet provide a set conhax features that combine to make a manuxl that rarely gets in your way! It is also worth pointing out that my frustration with the position of the lens was entirely outweighed almost instantly by the rest of the user experience!

Contax T2 instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

Manuall T2, Tri-X developed in D Reply VL October 20, at Thanks very much you guys rock!! Half pressing will lock the chosen shutter speed but in AF it also of course locks the point of focus. I do this with the GR1 too, but each area requires a half press for a reading.

As far as I can tell, you have to switch the flash on using the aperture ring which sounds good, but if you set the ring to 2. Prices are reaching what I consider ridiculous levels! You Might Also Like.


Contax T2 Review – Camera Legend

Ocntax, thank you very much for your helpful replies! As for question 2, I think I was probably in automatic mode when making the EV change.

With the camera set to manual focus, you can manually focus on the subject, point the camera at the area in the scene that selects the desired shutter speed, half press to lock exposure, reframe contaz shoot!

Just be sure you buy from a place where you can return it if a problem arises.

Contax T2 Manuals

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You do not have to print the entire manual Contax T2 Camera but the selected pages only.

It actually feels bigger than it is, I was contx it was bigger than my Fuji Klasse Wbut if anything it might even be a touch smaller. Hi, I have a few questions about the operation of the Contax T2.

So, it worked as a stealth night camera, but at the cost of auto-focus and the frame lines. Flash indoors in fairly good light.

Both have excellent lenses though. More photos I have taken with this camera on flickr. The T2 has, if anything, become more popular, desired, and expensive on the used market since the last time I wrote about it here. Reply Tom Gallon September 17, at Solid objects with good light helps.

But just like a rock star who passes away, its reputation only gets bigger with age and mythology begins to cloud reality. You would be surprised just how quick you can get at this with the Contax T2 with very little practice! I had read comments online relating to its size and weight that had put me off, but whilst it is on the large side, it is still very much a compact camera… Contax T2 handling Contents 1 Contax T2 handling 2 User experience 2.


Does the exposure compensation dial’s results get reflected in the viewfinder display? Is it really the greatest? I am afraid of going lower because I won’t be able to shoot in lower light. Reply Hamish Gill October 19, at 7: It takes no time at all to get to grips with doing this without even looking at the camera, you simply click through to manual focus then nudge it back to where the wheel stops at 5m. I hope this article and video help some of you who are on the fence about the T2.

I had to use a thick foil-based tape, because even black tape is pretty opaque once a flash unit does its stuff. The green light of focus can appear and disappear quite quickly but once you get used to it, you get a feel for it! Perhaps it’s because the sun was so bright even stepping it down -2 made no difference? If you would like to read more about the T3, you can find my thoughts here.