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I can’t attribute the pattern of my life to the hand of God, although I would like to because it would seem that somewhere there is a hand that is guiding it.

The idea that God must uphold his end of the first commandment has been a subject of works such as Elie Wiesel ‘s play The Trial of Godmade in response to the atrocities Wiesel witnessed at Auschwitz. Eisner began his comic book career in and had long held artistic ambitions for what was perceived as a lowbrow medium. He has a group of rabbis draw up a new contract, but when he returns home with eisnner, his heart fails and he dies.

He buys whiskey instead and returns to his pregnant wife, who herself had given up on show business for him and whom he abuses. Views Read Edit View history. Ebony White Ellen Dolan Octopus. Use mdy dates from March Graphic novel pop Articles containing Yiddish-language text Articles containing potentially dated statements from All articles containing potentially dated statements Featured articles.

Eisner used fon profanity in the book, [10] and according to critic Josh Cn the sex in Contract is not so much erotic as disturbing, eisnrr characters frustrated or filled with guilt. Herbie, an intern Goldie contrzto earlier turned down, takes her into his care, and Benny goes on to court an heiress. Rust, David February The Comics Journal The book took two years to finish. First trade paperback edition Baronet Books, Christopher Couch considered the book’s physical format to be Eisner’s major contribution to the graphic novel form—few in comic book publishing had experience in bookmaking, [f] whereas Eisner gained intimate familiarity with the process during his time at American Visuals.


Inhe produced his first book-length, adult-oriented work, A Contract with God.

Contrato Con Dios : Will Eisner :

Duncan, Randy; Smith, Matthew J. A clothing cutter named Benny and a secretary named Goldie are staying at an expensive hotel near the cookalein, both hoping to find someone rich to marry; they mistake each other for dils wealthy target, and when they discover this, Benny rapes Goldie.

After receiving the nickel she poisons Scuggs’ dog and only companion, Hugo, and steals Scuggs’s money. Cartoonist Dave Sim praised the book and wrote that he reread it frequently, [82] but called it “a bit illegitimate” to use the term “graphic novel” for works of such brevity; [83] he stated he could read the book in “twenty to thirty minutes”, [84] which he argued amounted to “the equivalent of a twenty-page short story”.

Thompson, Kimed. A Contract with God cemented Eisner’s reputation as an elder statesman of comics, and he continued to produce graphic novels and theoretical works on comics until his death in The manager gave up and put the book in storage in the cellar.

Schjeldahl, Peter October 17, A boy, Shloime, finds Hersh’s old contract, and signs his own name to it. It is considered a milestone in American comics history not only for its format, but also for its literary aspirations and for having dispensed with typical comic-book genre tropes.

Encyclopedia of Comic Books and Graphic Novels.

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Spurgeon, Tomed. The Jewish Graphic Novel: At the end of the summer, the vacationers return to Dropsie Avenue. The two outer stories further emphasize Jewish identity with the extra-urban portions of their settings—the rural Russian origin of the religious Hersh in “Contract”, and the Catskill mountains in “Cookalein”, a retreat commonly associated with Jews in the 20th century.

Early reviews were positive. Eisner had had greater artistic ambitions for comics since his time doing The Spirit. Much like short story cycles common to contemporary Jewish prose, in which stories can stand alone, but complement each other when read as a loosely integrated package, Royal wrote that Contract could be better described as a “graphic cycle” rather than a “graphic novel”.


The stories are thematically linked with motifs of frustration, disillusionment, violence, and issues of ethnic identity. An older woman seduces Sam’s fifteen-year-old son Willie at the cookalein; they are discovered by her husband who, after beating her, makes love to her in front of the contrafo. Archived from the original on February 1, Jews and Comic Books.

Ohio State University Press. Willie is affected by his experiences, but does not express them, [10] and his family plan to leave the tenement.

Continuum International Publishing Group. Dois Russia, the young, deeply religious Hasidic Jew Frimme Hersh contraho carves a contract with God on a stone tablet to live a life of good deeds; he attributes to it his later success in life. Eisner produced two sequels set in the same tenement: Eisner remembered throwing the street singer coins on occasion, and considered he “was able to immortalize his story” in “The Street Singer”.

The book’s short story cycle revolves around poor Jewish characters who live in a tenement in New York City. The Rise of the Graphic Novel. He moves to New York, into a tenement building at 55 Dropsie Avenue, and lives a simple eiser devoted to God.

But I can’t find any reason to it.

But if I am only for myself, what am I? Eisner visited the store to find out how the book was faring after being taking down from display. Groth, Garyed. The Rise of the American Comics Artist: Eisner wrote that he based the superintendent on the “mysterious but threatening custodian” [20] of his boyhood tenement.