Stephen Toulmin: Cosmópolis. El trasfondo de la modernidad. Península, Barcelona, ; y Stephen Toulmin: Regreso a la razón. Península, Barcelona, Buy Cosmopolis – El Trasfondo de La Modernidad by Stephen Toulmin (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free. Libros de Segunda Mano – Pensamiento – Otros: Cosmopolis. el trasfondo de la modernidad – stephen toulmin – peninsula. Compra, venta y subastas de Otros.

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In England, for instance, the Enlightenment project was a conservative force within the political culture; in France of the Encycolpedists, just the opposite—the ongoing Enlightenment project began to erode its very own modernisad. Additionally, the book was published inand presumably much of the research was done before then. This context gave rise to new methods in philosophy and natural science.

Through that interface, Toulmin posits that the social legacy of re Thirty Years War, a bloody and acrimonious struggle between Catholics and Protestants, created the cultural conditions that valued the hyper-rational ideas of Modernism.

What we need is a modernity that’s been revised by the earlier strand of humanism which really set the stage for modernity itself; all of this entails a focus on the local, oral, particular, and timely, modernicad against the Trafondo is what we might today call a post-modern critique of the Enlightenment, with particular reference to Renaissance humanism. I think this book helps me realize all of the ways I’ve truly been influenced by the Enlightenment, even without knowing it, and even to this day–after reading the book.


View all 5 comments. Distinctions of class came to the fore as one stabilizing strategy.

So the author’s way of giving a modernidac account of Western cultural ethos after certain selective thinkers’ name cosmpoliw.el In short, this study supports the heartfelt [Christian] humanism of Erasmus and de Montaigne in the 16th century as a cure to the wrongheaded modernity project between 17th and 20th century that was based on Descartes, Bacon, and Newton.

Descartes, and subsequetly natural science and philosophy, sought universal, stable theories that would rise above the conflicts of the day. These twin trajectories complicate any evaluation of Modernity or what comes after it.

This turn reverberated in understandings of natural science and physics cf. Toulmin profiles Leibniz as an example of one path of this reconstruction.

Biblioteca Complutense. Universidad Complutense de Madrid

From here Toulmin turns to the 16th-century Humanists, particularly Montaigne. The coloniality of language: Eurocentrismo y ciencias sociales. Nature is governed by Fixed Laws set up at the Creation The structure of Nature modfrnidad established a few thousand years ago. The narrative is quite convincing, but it can feel a bit too convincing, a bit too simple.

His aim is nothing less than to lay before cosmpoliz.el an account of both the origins and the prospects of our distinctively modern world. It is not like anything else I have read and that is usually a positive for me.

It reawaken my interest in a couple of authors – especially Montaigne who I cosmpoils.el to go back to. Athenea Digital, 14 1 No trivia or quizzes yet. Cool analysis of something I thought of primarily in its early twentieth-century configuration in art and literature.


Paperbackpages. As from Modern times, it ought to be ‘rational’, created from scratch, with a clean slate. Toulmin again concludes with historiographic reflections, here worth noting.

Science Logic and Mathematics.

I was reading this as part of my modetnidad history class, because we were debating how relevant the periods called ‘modern’ or ‘post-modern’ are to non-European history. View all 4 comments.

Stephen Toulmin

Toulmin ends by arguing that we must humanize Modernity or the post-modern and return to the diversity and plurality that marked the writings of the 16th century writers. The ends of technology must be morally justified.

Additionally, any possible difference of opinion or future dispute shall be settled in accordance with the mechanisms of Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Costa Rican Jurisdiction.

Jun 13, Imen added it Shelves: The 17th century was not prosperity but crisis for Europe: Sep cosmpolls.el, Serena rated it really liked it.