UNIT I THE MICROPROCESSOR. Microprocessor architecture- Addressing modes- Instruction set-Programming the Objective: To have an in. CS / CS42 / EC / CS / Micro Processors and Micro Controllers Complete Notes CSE,IT 4th Semester regulation EC Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lecture Notes All 5 Units – Free notes for Anna university 4TH sem Subject CS MICROPROCESSORS AND.

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What is a programmable device? What is Zero Flag?

Microprocessors & Microcontrollers CS notes – Annauniversity lastest info

Microprogramming is a technique for controlling the computer in a sequential manner. A typical example is transmission microrocessor a microcomputer to a printer. In asynchronous transmission, sometimes referred to as start-stop transmission, start and stop bit intervals are transmitted with each byte of information for the purpose of synchronization.

How hardware interrupts are initiated? What is defining of a macro? What is a port? What is a micrlcontroller Explain the rotating priority scheme? The decoded outputs repeat the pattern ,, and The segment register contains bit segment base addresses, related to different segments.


They are Software interrupts. Compare synchronous and asynchronous data transmission. This flag is used for BCD operation.

When the slave is selected, it comes to normal logic and it communicates with master. Why tri state logic is needed in microprocessor system? The terminals and computers that are sending or receiving the serial data are referred to as data terminal equipment or DTE.

Stack is a top down data structure where elements are accessed using a pointer i.


Hence only 4 rows can be used in the case of keyboard or only 4 digits can be switched ON cx2252 the case of the display. For each interrupt, the processor has to perform a nktes job.

How many 7-segment displays can be connected to ? What is Instruction register? The table gives the list of interrupts in the order of priority and with vector location. A string is a series of bytes or words stored in successive memory locations.

micoprocessor What is the use of auxiliary carry flag in ? Demultiplexing is the process of retrieving the information from the multiplexed bus. The computers can be classified into micro, mini, and large computers. In fixed priority scheme, each device connected to a channel is assigned with a fixed priority. Explain the fixed priority scheme.


Generally transmission between two computers or between a computer and a terminal is full duplex. This type of procedure microcontrooller called as single procedure. What are interrupt service routines? What is the main function of EU in ?

Condition code or status flag register. Give the register classification of ? These are called nested interrupts. The different priority schemes are: The scan counter has two modes to scan the key matrix and refresh the display. Give the function of special purpose registers in ?

IE also has a global disable bit, which disables all interrupts at once. Interrupt is a process of stopping the normal program execution for some time by a special instruction in the program.