WHAT ARE THE LAWS AGAINST CYBER SQUATTING? Cyber Squatting in India . A complete analysis of cyber squatting and laws. Overview of cybersquatting laws in India and famous cases involving cyber squatters. Case and legal action can be taken against. What is cybersquatting? Cybersquatting or domain-name hijacking refers to the practice of bad faith registration of a domain name under the.

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Bad faith intent described shall not be found in any case in which the court determines that the person believed and had reasonable grounds to believe that the use of the domain name was a fair use indiia otherwise lawful. A case with higher complexity may be heard in person.

The defendant registered many domain names incorporating the trademark Cyberqsuatting. In an English court judgment, it was held that whether the domain was registered by another person or which is deceptively similar to the famous trademark, the unfair competition may be assumed whereas in these cases deliberately the marks were registered and the motive lacked legitimate purpose that amounts to unfair registration. Get our top news delivered to idnia inbox every morning, Monday to Friday.

Cybersquatting cases: India – IPTJournal

Publication policy Submit article. Real Estate and Construction. A domain name also identifies a web page as a source of origin or various services that are in same manner as the associated brand name. In this blogpostVernita Jain, Student, National Law Institute University, Vybersquatting writes about what is cybersquatting, categories of cybersquatting, legal scenario of cybersquatting and its position in India. This lead to the reserving of many well known trade names, brand names, company names, etc.

In India victims of cybersquatting have been provided with a number of ways to deal with it, such as:. Talk to a legal expert on phone and get the advice you need.

Cyber squatting otherwise called space hunching downas indicated by the United States government law known as the Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, is enrolling, trafficking in, or utilizing an Internet area name with lacking honesty purpose to benefit from the goodwill of a trademark having a place with another person.


The wrong kind of skills A few days ago a man created a fake government website and was later arrested. A Delhi-based businessman had filed a complaint against him for posting a fake tender. Login with your social accounts: Hence, the court ordered an ad interim injunction in favor of the plaintiff. A complaint was brought to WIPO and the Administrative Panel found that the defendant registered the domain name in bad faith.

Enforceability of Non-Disclosure Agreements in India. We will call you within 2 working hours. A person may complain before the administration dispute resolution service providers listed by ICANN under Rule 4 a that:. People who are using the domain name can therefore choose an easily remembered, and importantly, easily recognizable names in cyberspace. The recommendations formulated in the Cybetsquatting have largely been implemented by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ICANNand have resulted in the implementation of a successful administrative cybersqutating for resolving domain name disputes involving trademarks, as well as a system of best practices for domain name registration authorities, designed to avoid such conflicts.

Cybersquatting and Domain Names

Let’s take a look at some cases where Indians squatted shamelessly on the web, rather than by the roadside. A domain name holder can earn hundreds of rupees in a day.

URL is constituted as an actual technical name for a website. As per the courts, the seat of the trial should be the place of the plaintiff, the defendant or the place of the service provider through which the name is registered.

For Further Details Contact: Rise in cloud computing security patents Glasses-free 3D TVs: Media, Telecoms, IT, Entertainment. The cyber squatters quickly sell the domain names to other non-related entities, thereby enabling passing off and diluting of famous trademark or trade names. Congratulations, cyebrsquatting are a cybersquatter.

Some entrepreneurial souls enlisted the names of understood organizations as area names, with the aim of offering the names back to the organizations when they at last woke up. The Court infia Case Supra further observed that.


UDRP may also be referred to as a legally qualified specific contract term. We will call you within 2 working hours.

5 Indian Cybersquatters Who Messed With Some Of The World’s Biggest Names | HuffPost India

With the increase of commercial activity on the Internet, a domain name is also used as a business identifier. Enforceability of Non-Disclosure Agreements in India. A trademark is protected by the laws of a country where such trademark may be registered. Private defense under IPC. How you can make this new year special. Witness Protection Scheme in India. It comes as little surprise amid such figures that cybersquatting has been on the rise across the nation, and over the last decade or so, Indian courts have seen their fair cybersquatting of cases dealing with such practices.

Legal Position of Cybersquatting in India

Considering both the domains’ name, it is clear that two names being almost identical or similar in nature, there is every possibility of an Internet user being confused and deceived in believing that both the domain names belong to plaintiff although the two domain names belong to two different concerns”. The main problem lies in the fact that two owners cannot have the same domain name.

In case, if a mark is registered the common law remedy of passing off is available to the owner but in case in which his mark is registered, he also possess the statutory right to file the cybesrquatting for infringement under Trademarks Act Copyright Registration ph no: In this dispute solving mechanism the arbitration takes place online. Robert Mizerek via Getty Images. The other famous Yahoo case, the U.

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