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Therefore, we referenced to their design and applied the circuit of pre-amplifier in our project. We passed both of the audio signals through datasheer pre-amplifier to boost its signal strength.

The Analog output will change as you change the digital input with a settling time as spec’ed in the data sheet.

Clarification on Digital to analog conversion

For example, we could store the analog data in digital format to make it more robust and lasting. However, with the limitation of hardware, we think that we have optimized our system performance for the best quality, and we feel really satisfactory on our result. The Java Application sleeps for one second after sending the quit command. We used an external digital-to-analog converter DAC to transform the digital signal back to analog format in order to drive the speaker to output the processed audio signal.

The code to configure serial port in the MCU is shown as below: It can be run under command prompt, but we created a Java application to make use of this program more user-friendly.


The Java application plays the karoke clip by running the windows media player in a sub-process. User Control Panel Log out. The received data is then passed datashwet processCommandPacket to be saved into the command packet buffer.

The voice output signal is the square of the voice input signal.

The signal will be propagated to the digital-to-analog converter chip DAC to be transferred into analog format. Since two threads run concurrently and share the same resources in the program, we need to maintain the consistency and integrity of the data in the program.

From the result of our tests, we designed the multimedia system to only allow signal magnitude within 10 of as the DC offset. Once the data is available, the thread appends the audio data into the wave file if it is required. None of the chips have bypass caps. In this projectwe used two different channels for our audio signal inputs: The quality of our music is pretty good. Debug breakpoints automatically disabled 16F88 cannot set internal oscillator frequency beyond A zero value means no echo.

In our multimedia system, we implemented a Graphical User Interface written in Java running on the PC to control the whole embedded system. Those algorithms that we found are well suitable for our sound effects. Therefore, we run out of memory for this feature. However, there is only 2K SRAM memory in the microcontroller and the echo effect occupies bytes.


Distortion – Gaussian Noise. The radio buttons selects the kind of distortion, including Patient, Walki-Talki, Robot, Gaussian Noise, and Lower Pitch, to be applied to the voice of the singer. The scale is from 1 to 10 by which 1 means lowest and 10 means highest.

DAC Technical Data

This data structure is set as below: I will try that out and will revert back. The code is stored in the dxutil.

For example, it is an apparent trend that the digital TV will replace the traditional TV in the future. Following the instructions on the datasheet of DAC, we connected the output analog signals to an operational amplifier LM circuit, and the signals is passed to the speaker that generate dulcet sounds in the final stage.

The sample code consists of a CWaveFile class. In this way, the voice will sound like a patient speaking very softly. In this way, the high frequency glitches are filtered and the voice will sound like in a lower pitch. But figure 5, 6 of the same datasheet shows it to be 15 pF though. The voice and music signals are scaled according to the selected scale before combination. The sampling frequency is controlled by the timer interrupt of the microcontroller.

Eatasheet can be found under the following directory of the package: