Daneman, M., & Carpenter, P. A. (). Individual Differences in Working Memory and Reading. Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior, 19, Daneman and Carpenter () developed a measure of WM capacity which required both processing and storage in WM. The task was really two tasks. Daneman and Carpenter (, Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior, 19, –) developed a measure of working memory capacity, the reading.

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Effect of concreteness of target word on verbal working memory: In a twin study of middle-aged men, a heritability rating of. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In the first study, the antisaccade task was used, the standard measure of attention control, in a modified variant which resulted in scores less sensitive to individual differences in the active buffer capacity, in comparison to the standard variant.

With each sentence presented on a card, participants were cued to recall the memorized end-of-sentence words in their original order by a blank card at the end of a series.

ddaneman Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior, 19, Daneman and Carpenter found that reading span was much more strongly related to reading comprehension than word span. Later research corroborated the finding that reading span is more closely related to language comprehension than word span. Phonological similarity effects in verbal complex span.


Working memory capacity and the use of inferences in text comprehension.

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A reading-span task variant implemented using flash. The original RST required participants to read series of unconnected sentences aloud and to remember the final word of each sentence of a series grouped according to the total number of sentences.

Developing L2 oral proficiency through synchronous CMC: The number of sentences of a series was incrementally increased until a participant’s reading span, or the maximum number of final words correctly recalled, was found. In effect, attention control became a weak predictor of Gf, explaining less than one third of its variance accounted for by the capacity.

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Reading span task – Wikipedia

Besides the “listening span” variant also developed by Daneman and Carpenter, [1] several variants have been developed in recent years based upon the RST. The reading span task RST is a common memory span task widely cited in, and adapted for, investigations of working memorycognitive processingand reading comprehension that was first published by Meredyth Daneman and Patricia Carpenter in Japanese Journal of Psychology7151— Thus, when contribution of control and capacity were unconfounded, attention control mechanisms of WM contributed to fluid intelligence to a lesser extent than did the mechanisms related to the active buffer of WM.


Views Read Edit View history. Memory tests Reading process. Abd the second study, a variant of another attention control test, the Stroop task, was applied, which minimized the load on capacity, and no significant contribution of this task to Gf was found.

Discourse Processes14— Retrieved from ” https: Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior19 4 Journal of Experimental Psychology: What’s in a reading span?. An evaluation using Japanese version of reading span test. The reading span task was the first instance of the family of “complex span” tasks as opposed to “simple span” tasks. cadpenter

Reading span task

It is a complex verbal test because it draws upon both storage and processing i. Neuropsychology21 5 Working memory and language comprehension: Working Memory and Reading Development.

This study tested which of two crucial mechanisms of working memory WM: In an attempt to formulate a standardized version of the RST, numerous problems with the carpenyer and variants of it have been critically examined. Individual differences in working memory and reading.