ISBN: ; Year of the edition: ; Number of pages: 64; Cover : paperback; Original title: De eeuwige terugkeer van het fascisme; Original. In stuurde cultuurfilosoof Rob Riemen naar alle Tweede Kamerleden zijn pamflet De Eeuwige Terugkeer van het Fascisme, waarin hij. Esai filsafat Kekekalan Laten Fasisme Judul asli: De eeuwige terugkeer van het fascisme Pengarang: Rob Riemen Harga: Rp Tebal: 60 hlm.

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OTOH he does appear to believe we need to eeuwihe upon an enlightened elite to bring us back to a just, cultured society. We love to rerugkeer about fascism, socialism, populism, nationalism, liberalism, conservativism, etc.

In an appropriate manner shown in this work, one should constantly, discretely and yet convincingly continue to remind of the difference between genuine democracy on the one hand, which must be enlightened and imbued with genuine moral feelings in order to withstand, and populism, demagoguery and kitsch on the other hand, that encourage low passions in people and, in times of severe crisis, adhere to the new Fuhrers.

Please read and discuss. It’s no different in principle from and as useless as every other rant that insists that th Extremely weak. It is quite hard to get someone to understand a thing when their paycheck depends on them not understanding it, and all that.

Secondly, look, I was a philosophy major, so I enjoy intellectual masturbation as much as the next person.

Nobility of spirit 2nd edition Rob Riemen. But I picked up a Corey Robin book at the library this week and will likely save those thoughts for that review. I recall a point about society falling to the common denominator — clearly we oughtn’t do that, we ought to raise the denominator as much as possible and most evidence suggests that in a much, much more equal society it terukgeer be fairly easy to raise it quite high and then allow all to do as they can.

You may not be glad you did but at least you’ll be informed. Levertijd We doen er alles aan om dit artikel op tijd te bezorgen. I liked the first half more than the second.


Editions of To Fight Against This Age: On Fascism and Humanism by Rob Riemen

Related titles The return of Europa Rob Riemen. However, it’s not necessarily indicative of any racism on Hett Absolute rubbish and even worse, a bore.

He complains of a symposium he went to where a Catholic priest gave a talk about how the true unity of Europe existed in the Middle Ages and how we should look to that age as a model for our return. Rob Reimer attempts to explain what is happening and how it will continue to occur if present conditions continue. The rest I could Only about a fourth and it’s a small enough section given how short the book is of this work was what I was expecting and interested in, the reasons for fascism’s persistence, the warning signs of its resurgence, and eeuwlge to combat it’s pernicious spread.

He seems to exhibit a sort of Gnostic spiritual outlook under the guise of Humanism his constantly mentions the phrase spiritual morality without any context- and also claims that the ideal of the human person must be held up higher than the individual.

Contrast this view with that of, say, Erich Fromm, who in Escape from Freedom argues that causality flows in more than one direction; that what we tend to think of as metaphysical, or inherent qualities of human beings, are always rooted in an economic, social, historical context.

Feb 16, Aaron rated eeuwuge it was ok.

Alles van Eruwige Riemen. This gets 5 stars for the fascise and discussion it provoked between myself and my two daughters, not because I agree completely with everything he says.

There’s something about this author I like — he has good intent and shies away from many of the old traps of “Western Thought”, keeping his prejudice to rooting for the home team, and it is all of Europe. Feb 14, Mike rated it it was ok.

Rob Riemen

To act without regard to morality is to chose evil, if only by ignoring the good. I’m sympathetic to its main argument–that qualitative values like virtue and education and civility need to claw back some of the gains that quantitative values such as wealth and success and technological innovation have made in the post-WWII era–but I’m not sure that they’re the key to preempting fascism. In fact he calls out Christianity for trugkeer the Holocaust.


The present–as well as our history–always offers new insights that we need to grapple with in order to move forward.

To Fight Against This Age: On Fascism and Humanism

Para combatir esta era: On a general level, there are things it’s difficult to disagree with- fascism appeals to hatred, bigotry, and p I read this during the feverish peak of either my second or third bout of bronchitis since winter has taken up residence here in Moscow, so it’s possible that I was feeling uncharitable.

Absolute rubbish and even worse, a bore. May 12, Rose rated it really liked it Shelves: Fazcisme found it difficult not to interpret this whole latter section of the book as merely the soliloquy of a conservative, upper class, Euro-centric academic, secure and sheltered in his ivory tower of grand hotel symposiums and conferences with like minded intellectuals. My only hope is that these pages will reincarnate as a better book.

He mentions Husserl who developed phenomenology demonstrating that science is not objective but depends on the meaning that we give it. Lately I’ve had a bit of a volte-face on the whole demise of norms idea, so perhaps I’m a bit skeptical of these calls for sober repair to the mean through exhortations of abstract concepts, concepts about which consensus is unduly presumed.

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