: De Septem Secundeis (): John Tritemius, William Lilly: Books. Quellen der Esoterik von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart. De septem secundeis, id est, intelligentiis, sive spiritibus orbes post Deum moventibus libellus. Front Cover. Johannes Trithemius.

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Dedication, to the Emperor Maximilian R enowned Caesar, it is the opinion of very many of the Auncients, that this inferious World by secnudeis of the first Intellect which is God is directed and ordered by Secundarian Intelligences, to which opinion Conciliator Medicorum assents, saying, that from the Originall or first beginning of heaven and earth, there were 7.

Spirits appointed as Presidents to the 7.

De Septem Secundeis, by Johannes Trithemius

Of which number every one of sephem ruleth the world To this Position, many, and they most learned men, have afforded their consent; which opinion of theirs my self not affirming, but delivering, do make manifest to your most sacred Majesty. De septem secundeis T he first Angell or Spirit of Saturn is called Orifiel, to whom Secundies committed the government of the World from the beginning of its Creation; who began sdcundeis government the 15, day of the moneth of March, in the first year of the World, and it endured years and 4 moneths.

Orifiel notwithstanding is a name appertaining to his Office, not Nature. Attributed to the Spirit in regard of his action: This needs not any manner of proof from me, sith its so manifest out of the Text of Genesis.

The second Governour of the World is Anael the Spirit of Venus, who after Orifiel began to rule according to the influence of this Planet, in the year of the world Monifactury setem Art of Weaving, Secundeie, and Cloathing, and many such like as these, did indulge themselves plentifully with the pleasures of the flesh, took unto themselves faire women for their wives, neglected God, Receded in many things from their naturall simplicity; they found out Sports, and Songs, sang to the Harp, and did excogitate whatsoever did belong to the worship and purpose of Venus.

And this wantonness of life in men did continue untill the flood, receiving the Arguments of its pravity from hence.

Zachariel the Angell of Jupiter, began to govern the world in the year of the Creation of Heaven and Earth Under whose moderation, men first of all began to usurp Dominion over one another, to exercise Hunting, to make Tents, to adorn their bodies with severall garments: Men also under the Dominion of this Zachariel began to live more civilly, to undergo the Laws and Commands of their Elders, and were reclaimed from their former fierceness.

Under his rule Adam the first man died, leaving to all posterity an assured Testimony, that necessarily once we must dye. The fourth Rector of se;tem World was Raphael, the Spirit of Mercury which began in the year of the Creation of Heaven and Earth the 24 day of February, and secunddeis reigned years 4 months, and his Government sepfem untill the year of the World and fourth moneth.

In these times writing was first found out, and letters excogitated of Trees and Plants, which notwithstanding afterwards and in process of time received a more gracefull shape, and the Nations varied or changed the Face of their Characters according to their own fancy. The use of Musicall Instruments, under the time and rule of this Raphael, began to be multiplied, and Commerce or Exchange betwixt man and man was secndeis first invented: Swptem fifth Gubernator of the World was Samuel the Angell of Mars, who began the 26 day of the moneth of June in the year of seucndeis World And its to be observed, what the auncient Philosophers have delivered, that so oft as Samuel the Angell of Mars is ruler of the World, so often there ariseth notable alterations of Monarchy.

de Septem Secundeis : Johannes Trithemius :

Religions and sects do vary, Laws are changed, Principalities and Kingdomes are transferred to Strangers, which we may easily finde out in order by perusall of Histories.

Notwithstanding Samuel doth not immediatly in the very beginning or entrance of his Dominion manifest the disposition of his behaviour or custome: Again in these times men were multiplyed, and builded many Cities: But the Septuagint interpreters, Isidorus and Beda confirme the Deluge to be in the year of the World Michael the Angel of the Sun was the 7.

Ruler of the World, who began the Under the Dominion of the Angel of the Sun even as Histories consent with truth, Kings began first to be amongst Mortall men, of whom Nimrod was the first, that with an ambitious desire of Soveraignty, did Tyrannize over his Companions. The worship of several Gods by the foolishness of men, was now instituted, and they began to adore their petty Princes as Gods. Sundry Arts also about this time were invented by men; to wit, the Mathematicks, Astronomy, Magique, and that worship which formerly was attributed to one onely God began now to be given to divers Creatures: About these times Architecture was found out, and men began to use more policy both in their civill institutions, and manners, or customs of living.

From henceforth the eighth time in order, again Orifiel the Angel of Saturn began to govern the World the Under the regulation of this Angel, the Nations were multiplied, and the earth was divided into Regions; many Kingdoms instituted; the Towel of Babel was built, the confusion of Tongues then fell out, men were dispersed into every part of the earth, and men began to Till, and Manure the earth more acurately, to ordain Fields, sow Corn, plant Vineyards, to dig up Trees, and to provide with greater diligence, what ever was more convenient for their food, and rainment.


From that time forward, first of all, amongst men, the discerning of Nobility begun to be taken notice of; which was, when men in their manner of living, and in wisdom did excell the rest of men, undertaking Trophies of glory from the great ones of the earth, as rewards for their merits: From hence first of all, the whole world began to come into the knowledge of men, whilest every where the Nations being multiplied, many Kingdoms did arise, and various differences of tongues did follow.

The ninth time secuhdeis order and course, Anael, the Angel of Venus began again to sway the world the In these times men forgetting the true God, secuundeis to honour the dead, and to worship their Statues for God, which Errour hath infected the World more then two thousand secundsis Men did now devise curious and costly Ornaments, for better trimming, and adorning their bodies: Witchcraft, and Incantations in these times were first excogitated by Zoroaster King of the Bactrians and divers others as well as he whom Secunedis King of Assyria overcame in War.

In order the tenth time Zachariel the Angel of Jupiter, again began to ruler the world the last day of February, in the year of the building, or framing the heaven and earth, These were joyfull times, and might truly be called golden, wherein there was plenty of all septsm of usefull things, which much conduced for the increase of mankinde, giving thereby exceeding beauty and adornment to the things of this World.

In like manner about this time, God gave to Abraham the Law of Circumcision; and first of all promised the Redemption of Mankinde by the Incarnation of his onely begotten Son. Under the Government of this Angel, the Patriarchs first Founders of Justice, were famous, and the righteous were divided from the ungodly, by their own proper indeavour and consent.

About these times in Arcadia, Iupiter grew famous, who was stiled also Lisania, the Son of Heaven and God, a King, who first of all gave Laws to the Arcadians, made them very civill in their manners and behaviour, taught them the worship of God, erected them Temples, instituted Priests, procured many advantagious benefits for mankinde, for which his so great benefits, he was by them termed Jupiter, and after his death accounted for a Deity or God.

He had his Original from the sons of Heber, viz. Gerar, as ancient Histories do record to posterity. Prometheus also the son of Atlas ce reported under the Government of this Angel to have made Men; onely, because of rude and ignorant, septfm made them wise and knowing, humane, courteous, accomplished in learning and manners: He first found out the use of the Ring, Scepter, Diadem, and all kingly ornaments.

In or about these times other joviall men did excell; men most wise, and women also, who by their own understanding delivered many profitable inventions to mankinde; who being dead, for the greatness of their wisdom, were reputed as Gods: Photoneus, who first of all instituted amongst the Greeks, Laws, and judgements, as also, Sol, Minerva, Ceres, Serapis amongst the Aegyptians, and very many besides.

In order the Verily in these times, as it evidently appears from the Histories of the Ancients, men sptem earnestly applied themselves to the study of wisdom, amongst whom the last learned and most eminent men, were Mercurius, Bacchus, Omogyius, Isis, Inachus, Argus, Apollo, Cecrops, and many more, who by their admirable inventions, both profited the world then, and posterity since.

Severall Superstitions also about these times, concerning the worship of their Idols were instituted by men.

de Septem Secundeis : Seven Secondary Causes

Sorceries, Incantations, and Arts of framing Diabolical Images, were now in a marvellous manner increased, and whatsoever either of subtilty, or wit, that could possibly be attributed to the invention, or cunning of Mercury about these times, did exceedingly increase.

Moses the wisest Commander of the Hebrews, expert in the knowledge of many things and Arts, a Worshipper of one onely true God, did deliver the people of Israel from the slavery of the Aegyptians, and procured their liberty.

About this time Janus first of all reigned in Italy, after him Saturnus, who instructed his people to fat their grounds with soile or dung, and was accounted or esteemed for a God. God Omnipotent, under the Government of this Raphael, the Angel of Mercury, delivered by the hands of Moses, to his people a Law in writing, which giveth a manifest testimony of our Saviour Iesus Christ, his future birth and nativity to be born in the flesh.

Here arose in secundeos World a wonderful diversity of Religions: During these times, here flourished many Sybills, Prophets, Diviners, Soothsayers, or such as used inspection into the entrals of Beasts, Magitians, or Wise-men, Poets, as Sybilla, Erythraea, she of the Isle of Delphos, she whom we call the Phrygian, because she lived in Phrygia with the rest. Again in order the twelfth time Samuel the Angel of Mars, began to exercise his Dominion upon the world, the second day of the moneth of October, in the year of the world Many new Septsm were newly erected, or eecundeis had their first beginning, as that of the Lacedemonians, Corinthians, Hebrews, and divers more.

Here in these times all over the whole world, there was very great wars, and Battels of Kings and Nations, and several alterations of Empires. The Venetians from this time, do compute and esptem the originall both of their people and City from the Trojans. And its observable that very many other Nations, as well in Europe as in Asia, pretend to have taken their originall from the Trojans, to whom I thought good to give so much credit, as they themselves were able to perswade me was truth, upon sufficient testimony and proof.


The Arguments they produce concerning their Nobility and Antiquity are frivolous, being desirous to magnifie themselves openly, as if there were no People, or Nation in Europe, before the Destruction of Troy, or as if there had been no Pesant, or Clown amongst the Trojans.

Under the moderation also of this Planet, Saul was made first King of the Jews, after him David, whose son King Salomon, built in Ierusalem the Temple of the true God, the most famous and glorious of the whole world: Homer the Greek Poet, VVriter of Troys Destruction, Dares, Phrygius, Dyctis Cretensis, who were themselves at the rasing, and sacking thereof, and have likewise described it, are supported to have been alive near about these times.

The thirteenth time in order, Gabriel the Spirit of the Moon, again undertook the ordering of this world the In this time many Secunceis were famous and excelled amongst the Jews, viz. Helias, Heliseus, Micheas, Abdias, with many others: There were many alterations of the Kingdom of the Jews: And in like manner the Kingdome of the Macedonians was consumed, or worn out.

Sundry lawes are imposed on men, the worship of the true God is neglected, and the Swcundeis of false Gods too much propagated: At Rome, Romulus the first founder of the City reigned After whom Numa Pompilius continued that Kingdome in peace full 42 years: About the expiration of this Angell of the Moon his government: Nebuchadonozor King of Babylon, took Hierusalem, and secndeis Zedechiah the King and carryed away all the people Captive.

Hieremiah the Prophet was now famous, who fore-told this destruction, as also their future delivery from Babylon. When Gabriel had finished his course, againe Michael Angell of the Sun did assume the In the time of this Seprem moderation Evill Merodach King of Babylon, did restore both their Liberty and King to the people of the Jews, according to the direction of the Angell Michael, who as Daniel wrote, stood for the Nation of the Jews, unto whom they were committed by God.

In these times Sybilla Cumana was much spoken of, and grew famous; who brought 9 books to Tarquinius Priscus the King to be bought for a certain price; in which were contained the reason, order, and succession of future Avisements, of the whole common-wealth of the Romans. But when the King refused to give her spetem price demanded, Sybilla the King seeing it burnt the three first books, demanding the same price for the other six; which when again he had denyed to secunceis her, she committed to be burnt three of those remaining, and would have done so by the rest; unless the King by perswasion and Councell of others, had not redeemed them from consuming, giving the same price for the three last, for which he might have had the whole nine.

Moreover the Romans having abrogated Government by Kings constituted two Consuls to reign every year. Phalaris the Tyrant in these times occupied Sicilia: Magique or naturall Philosophy was also in these times highly esteemed amongst the Kings of Persia.

Pythagoras the Philosopher, and very many others flourished amongst the Greeks; the Temple and City of Hierusalem are a new reedified. Esdras the Prophet repaired the books of Moses, burned by the Chaldeans; who were also called Babylonians, and committed them to memory for example. Xerxes King of the Persians brought his Army against the Greeks, but had no success therein. The City of Rome is taken, burned, and destroyed, by the Gaules; the Capitoll only preserved by a Goose, stirring up the weary Champions.

The Athenians had eminent wars in these times: Alexander the great after the expiration of the rule of Michael, reigned in Macedonia, destroyed the Monarchy of the Persians in Darius: He lived 33 years, reigned 12 after whose death infinite wars and many mischiefs followed, and xeptem Monarchy became divided amongst four. Now amongst the Jews, first of all, they began to contend for the Priesthood: After the Spirit of Michael had finished his course, then setpem 15 time in order, Orifiel the Angell of Saturn, the third time assumed the regulating of this World, the last day of the moneth of September, in the year from the building of the Universe Under whose moderation, the Punick war began betwixt the Romans and Carthaginians: The Brazen Molten Image called Colossus, in length one hundred and twenty six foot fell down, being shaken by an earthquake.

At, or near this time the City of Rome enjoyed peace one year after the Punick War: Hierusalem together with the Temple is burnt and destroyed by Antiochus and Epiphanes, the History of the Machabees and their Wars were now acted. In these times Carthage years after its first foundation is destroyed, and burned continually by the space of 17 whole dayes.

In Sicilia seaventy thousand slaves made a Conspiracy against their Masters.