We did better with review replies this time around. If we didn’t get to yours, please don’t be offended. We answer in the order in which they’re. Sorry about the review replies for last chapter, which were pretty much non- existent. But please know that we appreciate each and every one. Dear Mr Masen has 8 ratings and 2 reviews. Stefanie said: Overall, I really liked this story. In the beginning, it was really funny and kinda sweet, but.

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What’s the hold up?

Bella would be fully refunded. I went to the Marketing department to speak to Whitlock.

For some reason my remark didn’t send him running for the hills; he must have really needed the community service hours. I didn’t want him making a big deal about it and with his history, I was sure he would.

But then he opened his mouth, and the stink of tuna wafting over to me coupled with the sight of more chewed up sandwich in his mouth sent me over the edge. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. That’s not the type of research we engage in at Cullen, Inc. All publicly recognizable characters, masem, etc. I didn’t think men that beautiful existed in real life. I recall staying in the office until at least 8: I have a huge pile of work on my desk and Mouth Breather sent me to the server room to install some RAM upgrades.


Clothing Optional Hi Edward, I’m home now, and just woke up from a long and much needed nap.

Seriously, it’s a big map. I took a few deep breaths to get myself under control, but that just sent me into a coughing fit of epic proportions. I promise my version will erase any and all bad memories associated with your previous attempt.

The next time I tried, I had two pieces left over. Sophie added it Jan 18, I mentally kicked myself, decrying my lack of a filter.

Dear Mr Masen

It now seemed they would have to Photoshop the frown off my face. That’s why I take it so seriously. Sorry again about review replies, still really busy.

After I took a deep breath I gave him the information he was looking for. I was apparently incapable of giving her what she needed, and I was not being given yet another chance to prove myself. In this modern world, however, there was no need for such a clue. Bella probably didn’t approve of that nursery rhyme. I’d never been so conflicted.


I cannot believe this other guy took you to play bingo, and I am almost tempted to call you a liar for saying there is a IHOP in the city! I’d woken up at Bella’s apartment.

Dear Mr Masen Chapter 6, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

Space was the very thing I didn’t want between Bella and me. Many a joke about viruses was made, and I think you’ll be entitled to some sick pay for last week now.

Msaen Add to Community Report Abuse. She’d waited too long.

I needed constant babysitting. May I ask what prompted you to leave? Since you know him, can you confirm or deny this?