Ley núm. 5, de 21 de enero de , que modifica el Decreto-ley núm. .. Adopción: | Fecha de entrada en vigor: | PRYL- El citado decreto crea el Programa del Censo Nacional de Salud Preventiva, con el . | Date d’entrée en vigueur: | PRYL weekly .. //original/fit_to_size/x/9efd2/?v=1.

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Decree of 21 December establishing a percentile distribution of health insurance costs between employer and employee as related to decerto Decree on percentile distribution of health insurance premiums for Decree of 15 December amending the Decree of 7 994338 amending the Decree on Care Claims with regard to the Special Health Care Insurance Besluit zorgaanspraken bijzondere ziektekostenverzekeringthe Decree on Contributions in the Care Sector Bijdragebesluit zorgthe Supply Decree Sickness Fund Insurance Verstrekkingenbesluit ziekenfondsverzekeringthe Allowance Decree Privately Insured Persons Vergoedingenbesluit particulier verzekerdenand some other Decrees in connection with amendments regarding entitlement to home care and some other amendments Statute-Book Rules to implement the Public Health Act last amended in Defines employers’ obligations to ensure occupational safety and health for workers exposed to chemical agents, and minimal requirements for their protection.

The fund finances projects and programmes which are in conformity with the Act on occupational safety and health.

Sickness Act of 5 Juneas amended to 23 December The Act defines ample regulation-making powers of the Minister. Protocol to the European Code of Social Security. Decree of 9 June amending the Instruction-Decree on persons insured under the Decree on the Sickness Fund, in connection with the ending of the application of the Early Retirement Regulations and the broadening of the basis for levying premiums of the Sickness Fund insurance in case of overlap with disability benefits.

An Ordinance to introduce a scheme of social insurance for providing benefits to certain employees or their dependants in the event of sickness, maternity, employment injury or death. Supervision and sanctions Chapter V: It prescribes the surface area and the furnishings of the premises to be provided.

Decree to amend and supplement the Decree No. Work outdoors shall be permitted only when weather conditions do not threaten the health and safety of the employees.

Law of 16 July amending the Sickness Funds Act in connection with the composition of subsidy time periods in accordance with the Unemployment Act for the application of Section 3, first subsection, under a, of that law, administrative simplification of the transition of a particular sickness cost insurance to the sickness funds insurance and the abolishment of the nominal sickness fund premium for persons younger than 18 Knelpunten Ziekenfondswet.

Amendments to the 19 June Decree on the social security provisions for absence from work because of illness which concern the administration of financial benefits. The insurance shall be at the employer’s expense art. Regulations of on the organization and the activities of the Ministry of Health Protection. Contrats de financement Chapitre 5: Provides for organization and control of safety activities. See also related Decree PB. Provides for the payment by certain classes of employers to their workmen of compensation for injury by accident.


Act of 26 February to amend the Sickness Act, the Disability Insurance Act, the General Disability Act, the Civil Code and some other laws and regulations for the Government personnel in connection with measures to reduce sickness absenteism, to limit long-term disability and to promote disabled persons’ chances to find employment reduction of the number of disabled persons.

Bulgaria – Occupational safety and health – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Decree of 26 March on planning and preparation of action in the event of a nuclear accident. Sets out the minimum requirements for the protection of the employees exposed to noise in order to reduce the risk of damaging the workers’ hearing.

Decree by the Minister of Justice to publish in the “Staatsblad” the text of the sickness fund Act Stb. Concerns the treatment by medical professionals of persons who are injured, including with respect to priority treatment, hospital care and transfers, and consent.

This decree contains the full text which is intended to harmonize the cost calculation method for exceptional medical care with the costing regulations as stipulated in the general Health Insurance provisions.

Metadata of the document in the Legal Tools Database:

It provides rules relative to, among other things, prevention and suppression of animal diseases, sewerage and drainage, ddecreto and destruction of mosquitoes, storage of foodstuffs, the handling of food by diseased persons and control of potable water.

Provides for establishment of a Board for the common benefit of the Provincial employees of the Government and to provide for their group insurance and the matters connected therewith or ancillary thereto. Provides for the adoption of two new legal grounds for coverage by fund insurance in the Assignment Decree concerning insured persons under the Sickness Fund Decretto.

Law of 21 December containing a new regulation for compulsory participation in a sectoral pension fund Wet verplichte deelneming in een bedrijfstakpensionfonds Article 8 defines the fields of professional activities prohibited for persons with mental health problems. Deals, inter alia, with monitoring of implementation of such programmes and decreho.

Decree of 15 September concerning the establishment of a general administrative regulation as declared in Article 14a, under “b”, of the Sickness Fund Act to determine the State contribution to the obligatory Sickness Insurance Fund Employment Amendment Act, No. Amends the Instructions Decree on insured persons under the Sickness Funds Act so that the sickness insurance is continued during the waiting period for a subsidy provided under the Law on disability insurance for independent persons.

In accordance with the Law “On Rescue Service and Status of a Rescuer”, establishes the Provision “On Compulsory Insurance of Life and Health of Rescuers of Rescue Defreto and Rescue Units”, which includes, inter alia, general provisions; procedure of conclusion and change of terms of contract of compulsory insurance; insurance amount, insurance premium and procedure of payment of insurance premium according to contract of compulsory insurance; rights and duties of parties of compulsory insurance contract; procedure and terms of payment of insurance compensation; final provisions; also Appendix I 994338 the scheme of application of insurance; Appendices I, II, III, IV, V which introduce documents related to the procedure of insurance; appendix VI enlisting harms for health.


Part III contains specific rules on disabled workers engaged in special workshops.

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Law of 20 December amending the Law on the Disability Insurance of Independent Employees and other laws in connection with the introduction of a declaration of independence and the exclusion of the National Ombudsman and the substitute-ombudsman from the employees’ insurance.

Also deals with protection zones, moving equipments, functions of the coordinator for occupational safety and health, and verification of work equipment. De las disposiciones finales y derogaciones.

The following decrees are amended: Law of 13 December amending the Sickness Fund Act and some other laws in connection with the implementation of an independent College of Supervision on the Care Insurances Instelling College van toezicht op de zorgverzekeringen.

ICC – Legal Tools record: Ley , MODIFICA EL DECRETO LEY N° , DE []

Decree of 18 February defining rules with regard to the Pensions Allowance Regulation Surinam and Netherlands Antilles in connection with the introduction of an allowance regulation for the compensation of the deprivation of transfer eecreto from 1 January as well as the actualisation of some sections. Imposition of special employer contribution. Ordinance 7 of 15 August of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy on the minimum requirements of health and safety conditions for employees working with visual display units.

Provides the decrrto health and safety conditions for work associated with electricity voltage more than V. Amends the Sickness Fund Act with regard to limitations of categories of persons liable to be insured.

This amendment concerns the calculation of insurance payments deccreto persons who are insured under the obligatory Sickness Fund Act so as to bring the Sickness Fund into harmony with the Act of 23 December which amended the Wage Tax Act as well as related amendments in Stb.

Amounts not to be accumulations. Right decgeto benefits in cases of work done in the public interest by foreign residents Chapter III: Decree of 17 September to amend the Decree on restrictions applicable to groups of insured persons under the Sickness Fund Law.