Our mystery Pandora for February is the much anticipated The Defiant Hero by Suzanne Brockmann. When Meg Moore’s daughter and. The Defiant Hero: Troubleshooters 2 by Suzanne Brockmann, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. There are eight words Meg Moore has never been able to forget: “The United States refuses to negotiate with terrorists.” But what was merely a chilling warning .

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We see them in their current story line as the kidnapped victims in which Eve is a solid character but we also are given the story line of Eve’s first love when she was 15 back in the WWII time frame.

The Defiant Hero: Troubleshooters 2

Overall, not quite as good as the first book, but still decent. They wanted more, but she was married, but separated.

Published June 3rd by Ivy Books first published February 27th It usually fills two pages of a legal pad, sometimes even more! But I have to say the suspense never captivated me and I felt myself skimming many pages just too move the story along.

I saw the excerpt of the next book, Over the Edgeand thank goodness Sam brockmanb Alyssa appear in that one too, because I absolutely loved them! So for most of the book it just seemed like a distraction that wasn’t needed for the current storyline. The only other author I can think of who juggles several love stories as well is Maggie Osborne. This time around he definat called up from a training exercise and shockingly, is told that his old friend Meg has taken the Kazbekistany ambassador at gunpoint as a hostage and he is the only person she is willing to negotiate with.

She frequently is telling one story, then stops at a cliff-hanger point, then goes on to another two stories before coming back to the first story.


I really liked seeing them go through all the suspense of trying to find Meg’s daughter and grandmother while also coming to terms with their personal relationship and finally exploring t This is my first book by Suzanne Brockmann so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Feb suzwnne, Pages Buy. For anyone one that doesn’t know, this book has three storylines running through it. What are you working on now?

Check out our blog: Then betraying him and going on her merry way to take Razeen to the extremists. She does this by first enlisting the aid of seal team 16 through a seal that she met in Kazbekistan several years ago.

It seemed like we, the readers, are a pin ball in a pin ball machine as we are careening from character to character as well as jumping from past to present in many of the characters’ lives.

A third one with another Like the previous book, several stories at different period in time mingled in this book. It was a sweet story, tugging at the heart strings.

The Defiant Hero — All About Romance

Mar 14, Wendy rated it it was amazing Shelves: And promises to be ongoing over the next coupl Book two in the long running and popular Troubleshooters series, Suzanne Brockmann again incorporates three plotlines to weave her story. Eve Meg’s grandmother also had a pov, and while I enjoyed her telling her great-granddaughter, Amy, her love story from after WWII to hedo keep her distracted from their kidnapped situation, I also found it a little distracting from the main plot.

I didn’t like Meg at all and the relationship with John and dialog felt weak and forced, almost not interesting. Feb 27, Pages.

That alone was worth the book. Tall, Dark and Dangerous Collection Defiznt 3. In fact I had a hard time putting the book down.


The Defiant Hero

Regarding her private life, she never deciant better accepting her philandering husband’s regular affairs and still willing to try to give him another chance so that her daughter might be happy.

And our favorite restaurant in the world is down on Siesta Key, Florida, where we spent our vacation!

Nothing was fun about this book. Not enough to ruin the book for me, but there were a few times i want it to plain smack her. Sam obviously has it bad for this woman and I just couldn’t grasp my head around why she didn’t recognize it. Check out my exact schedule on the Appearances page of my Web site at: Just a fabulous book. Inspired by Your Browsing History. While John tries to help Meg get out of trouble, they both work at coming to terms with their feelings for each other.

Honestly, I really really did not like Meg. One thing he wanted was to sleep with her, but another thing he wanted from her was a relationship.

Refresh and try again. We appreciate your feedback. I wanted it to be over.

The Defiant Hero (Troubleshooters, book 2) by Suzanne Brockmann

I’m dying to read the next one. When Tony Met Adam Annotated reissue originally published Aug 23, Jamie rated it really liked it Shelves: Gone Too Far Suzanne Brockmann. For this one, I definitely was looking forward to hearing the stories of the secondary characters–Eve and Ralph from World War Heri era and Sam and Alyssa from present day–more than those of the main characters, Meg and John.

Watch and read carefully and learn to identify why a certain book or movie worked for you.