Launch files and programs from your code using Delphi. ShellExecute(Handle, ‘open’,”,nil,nil, SW_SHOWNORMAL);. If that option is disabled (the default setting), ShellExecute uses an open Explorer window rather than launch a new one. If no Explorer window. The open verb is a good example, as it is commonly supported. When you use ShellExecute or ShellExecuteEx to open file.

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ShellExecute Handle, ‘explore’, PChar ‘c: In this blog I have tried to cover all the ways. ShellExecute Handle, ‘explore’, PChar ‘c: If neither verb is available, the system uses the first verb listed in the registry. But it will shellexceute work with attachment for every mail client.

Note that not all verbs are supported on all objects.

ZIPthe fully commented source code files for this project. An application should call ShowWindow with this flag to set the initial show state of its main window. In opfn, trying to determine the list of available verbs for a particular file is somewhat complicated.

ShellExecuteA function

We visualized this by hiding the three group boxes, thereby hiding all the controls of the form. ShellExecute Handle, ‘print’, Oprn ‘c: If the function succeeds, it returns a value greater than The verbs available for an object are essentially the items that you find on an object’s shortcut menu. A handle to the parent window used for displaying a UI or error messages.


FileName, link URL to open and modify. Post as a guest Name. EXE file is invalid non-Win ShellExecute Handle, ‘open’, PChar ‘command. When the user clicks the button, I want it opfn open Windows Explorer. This utility displays a dialog box that can be used to search files for a specified text string.

Generally, the actions available from an object’s shortcut menu are available verbs. ShellExecute in Delphi — Launch external applications.

There is no application associated with the given file opdn extension.

Different ways of executing applications and files from Delphi

If a relative path is used for the lpDirectory parameter do not use a relative path for lpFile. We can tell if a process has completed by monitoring its process handle. When a user right-clicks a folder icon in Windows Explorer, one of the menu items is “Search”. Shellxecute application should specify this flag when restoring a minimized window.

If a relative path is provided at lpFiledo not use a relative path for lpDirectory. Return code Description 0 The operating system is out of memory or resources.


As some time we need to update clients about their account details, status or any other information through mail. Well in case you need to select some particular file in explorer I have the following function which I use procedure SelectFileInExplorer const Fn: If the window is minimized or maximized, Windows restores it to its original size and position.

If shellwxecute program accepts one or more parameters, you can enter these in the second edit-box.

The active window remains active. The default verb is used, if available. If lpFile is not a document file, the function will fail.

Note the added extra touch: NULL The default verb is used, if available. To make it easier to see what is happening, we made the window of the demo stay on top of all other windows. Sign up using Email and Password. If not, the “open” verb is used. To find out which verbs are available for predefined Shell objectslook in the shellexeute under.