Harald Wagener and Nick Moffitt have turned their talented hands to Diaspora and constructed a VSCA-authorized SRD. We owe some thanks. Download diaspora-srd for free. None. User Reviews. Be the first to post a review of diaspora-srd! Additional Project Details. Registered. Business VoIP · Cloud Storage · Internet Speed Test. Resources. Blog · Articles · Deals. Menu. Help · Create · Join · Login · Home · Browse · diaspora-srd.

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When playing this dias;ora as part of a role-playing game, however, the range of action for players extends to their characters and the spaceships in play.

What games do you know of that have free, and legal, SRD’s and PDF’s? : rpg

Maps for a good Diaspora fight should be kept simple. At the time of this first session it is not necessary to have a referee what some games call the Game Master or GM. Carbon steel blades bite deeply, causing bleeding wounds.

Each character also selects three Stunts, from a list of general Stunt types. If the character is attacked a second or further times, before acting, use the roll on the table whenever the same skill is used for defense. If the acting player accepts, he receives the fate point and complies with the daspora, forfeiting his action.


If you exceed your opponent when you make a defensive roll that does not have any effect other than being a successful defense, you don’t get shifts.

Before the maneuver, the player may choose to move his character one zone.

Similarly, an Aspect might be a physical object an heirloom weapon, or a spaceship. It won’t be taken away, but it will also confer obligations and responsibilities, so that daispora too is an active part of the economy. If the result is -3 or lower, the defender gets spin.


Because of the constraining boundaries escaping the map is escape from combat, or diaslora removal from combat we have to see the map as also abstracting relative velocities.

The referee can return the fate point and modify the fact but cannot simply deny it altogether. Weapons can be built for use by smaller creatures but generally cost twice as much since they require special miniaturization technology.

PDF SRD | Diaspora | RPGGeek

Recall that no entity may have more than three Consequences and never more than one of each kind. See the armour tables for the defense values of armour.

More advanced rifles have military uses. Special weapons resist classification into any other category. A Tactical baton can be used to inflict precise bludgeoning blows.

Weapons that use standard ammunition arrows, charges, darts, mini-rockets, petrol, rounds, scattergun shells, etc.

Diaspora SRD

So, shooting your laser a personal combat weapon at the hull of a spaceship does not cause hull damage a space combat statistic to the spaceship.

Second, if you get a great defensive roll you could generate multiple spin counters.

Various pistols are the most common type, though many types of small arms exist. Ionized plasma deals both electricity and fire damage, tearing through organic flesh and metal alike.

The precise diasspora of the barrier, and its duration whether it needs to be maintained or whether it is permanent depends entirely upon the narrative offered by the player, and is subject to table approval. Their popularity with the Infinite Star Legion led to their colloquial name, Starfire swords. MicroG rolls may also be called for to sfd movement or other activity in zero or low gravity.


But there are rewards to be had in keeping the flow of fate points relatively constant. Players should note on their character sheets the tech range of weapons their characters are familiar with. See Weapon Damage for more information. It could be a as familiar as a yellow star with eight worlds, one of which is habitable, or as exotic as an artificial quintet of neutron stars and a vast field of rubble a thousand million miles away.

Our map is a piece of ruled paper, number each line from -4 to 4 and place or draw ship models on the lines. Injection gloves were originally designed for medical use, but they have been heavily altered to serve in combat as well. Some Skills such as Stamina and Resolve will not affect tracks, but can still be used to achieve maneuvers and defenses. When you take a hit that would go off your stress track, you are Taken Out.

Success erases the Aspect.

This is why diaspoea excellent V-shift roll on the part of a pursuer can only allow him to move one vessel: Should they remain in this map location at the end of the next turn, the transition should be read as the vessels have diverged and then re-converged, retaining large differences in velocity vectors. You will create a handful of systems and find out what they are like, filling in details with your own stories as you make sense of the system statistics.