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Being a watcher, a person who sees the future, and the Squad needing your help. I think I still need more practice when it comes to writing and I hope I did John Constantine a little bit of justice. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Thankfully, Digger had picked the room that was the closest to the kitchen. Renditions of “El Diablo En El Ojo” and “Say Goodbye to the City” deftly built low, ominous bass figures into surging, urgent rushes of rhythm and keening violin peals.

The fifth album, Can Our Love By the time of the third album, Curtainshowever, it was clear that a change of direction was called for. When he saw you he rushed and hugged you and you shot a disgusted glare on Chato who just nodded. Is Digger ok, Chato? Thank you for sending in this request and hopefully, you enjoyed this.


The fourth album, Simple Pleasurelived up to its title with a series of snappy, direct songs influenced by soul music. I see your requests are open!

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I traced dicckon his tattoos as I calmed my breathing, focusing on something relaxing, soothing and familiar: The two of us and his girlfriend… We were just rolling through the country, stealing only as much to live, and have some savings for the future.

Originally posted by despairingfever. And then I found him like that.

He will drop by your office during lunch with your favourite take-out and if you think that is the end, then you are absolutely wrong. Whether celebrating love’s ecstasies or bemoaning its impermanence, Tindersticks poured out its collective heart with a continental cool that was invariably refined and debonair.

Snowy In F Minor. I made a mistake. Originally posted by apollonui. You scanned the pier to see if you could find to cover up with and just then your eyes landed on Chato. You furrow your eyebrows and a frown appears on your face. You had been enjoying your cup of coffee when you heard a loud crash from your bathroom. Originally posted by sarahconnorr. It always end up with John being the big spoon though, not that you really mind at all because whenever he cuddles you to him, it always make you feel extremely safe and the way his breath fans over your shoulder causes you to giggle most of the time.


Can you imagine someone screaming after you, after you fought them and screaming it? Your dates with John are normally pretty chill.

el diablo imagines

She quickly straightened up when she felt him smacking her but. John helps you up and you press a hand on your ribs, stinging from the impact. You walked over to Mondy and you fought back a giggle as you saw him taking a few scared steps back. You should be asking him more important questions!

John has been quiet the entire time you worked on his injuries. You felt the heat rising to your cheeks as Chato looked at you, after rolling his eyes on Digger. Oh, he was even better. Connect to Spotify Dismiss.

I know you like it. You were assigned with your best friend, Harley.