To take full advantage of doxygen’s features the following additional tools should be . To get these working on Windows you should install the cygwin tools. DOXYGEN(1) User Commands DOXYGEN(1) NAME doxygen – documentation system for various programming languages DESCRIPTION Doxygen is a. Now this is with doxygen since that is what comes with cygwin. (It seems the cygwin doxygen and ghostscript work fine, and I believe the windows.

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It is a fairly low-impact install, dropping a single DLL into the System32 directory. Doesn’t mangle your registry, and is very easy to remove. Cygwin provides many of the Linux utilities and tools, shells, etc.

It’s how one might be productive on a Windows machine. Cygwin does not make your native Windows applications Unix-aware, nor does it allow you to run native Linux apps on Doxygwn. Everything must be built fresh from source. I have no intelligent opinion. Calgary has bombed on me once or twice.


Doxygen under cygwin – PlantUML Q&A

Pick one that looks good, feels lucky Choosing Packages Note: Packages are separated out by category. Many most are listed in more than one category. By default, only a minimal set of packages are marked to be installed.

Some packages depend on others, so packages that you didn’t explicitly mark for install may suddenly appear checked. The short of this, do not unmark a package for installation unless you specifically marked it originally, and changed your mind.

I’ve already installed Cygwin, so I don’t know which packages are included by default, and which you need. Further, I’m not quite sure how your window will appear. It’ll look a little different than mine. To include a package just click on the circular arrow see image. You’ll see 2 checkboxes appear. By default the left-most one is checked.

Index of /pub/windows/cygwin/x86_64/release/doxygen/doxygen-doxywizard

This means you’ll just be downloadin binaries already compiled programs. If you want the source code and if you’re scratching your head here, then doxggen don’tcheck the right-most box.


Packages to install by category. There’s bound to be duplication. Admin cron Archive unzip zip cabextract might be nice Base I think you need all of these, and they are all already selected.

If you choose anything in X11, you’ll be prompted to accept the dependencies, which will install an X-server for you. You may, of course, install whatever else tickles your fancy.

And you may go back at a later time, run the Cygwin Setup program, use it to add or remove packages. It seems to use the standard Windows console. Its terminal type is cygwin. Theres a decompiled source file at tux: Grab that, read man about ticand you’re on your way. Or, you can download puttycyg from http: You’ll have all of the regular functionality of Putty, and a nice xterm interface to Cygwin.

I recommend this heartily. You need some memory, and a bored CPU.