The GEA turbulence with draft tube and baffle crystallizer is the typical modern type of crystallizer in the industry. This is a typical model of mixing tank crystallizer. Draft tube is mounted inside, allowing crystals which are growing to be sent efficiently to the evaporation. In a continuous crystallization process employing an evaporative draft tube baffle (DTB) crystallizer apparatus to produce crystal product, the improvement which.

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Slurry is tueb from the crystallizer body and then cooled before being pumped back into the crystallizer body. Continuous crystallizing tank and continuous evaporative crystallization process. The clarifier section provides the means to selectively remove and destroy smaller crystals in the mixed-slurry section, thus increasing the average product size. Growing crystals are brought to the boiling surface where supersaturation is most intense and growth crystallixer most rapid.

Scraped surface crystallizers are often grouped together in assemblies, as shown below.


Forced-circulation crystallization is the most widely used crystallization method in industry. The process of claim 6 wherein the suspension of crystals is fed in step g to the body of slurry at a point at or adjacent tueb the liquid level in the DTB crystallizer vessel.

Ref legal event code: Crystallizers such as these are the most useful for operations tubd which the solution’s boiling point is extremely high, or when such low temperatures are required that evaporation by vacuum is not possible.

Process for recovering terephthalic acid from pulverized product of spent polyethylene terephthalate and system for use in such process. Baffling is used to remove fines from the mixture, so that they can be recirculated for further growth.

Withdrawal of slurry from the crystallizer is alternately increased and decreased to keep the particle size distribution between an upper limit onset of the crest in the cycle and a lower limit the onset of a fines shower. Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook.

The fine crystals are defined as those below 20 mesh 0. Method of employing elemental zinc for the purification of aqueous solutions of metallic salts.


It should be understood that the suspension could enter the vessel directly at some other point close to the liquid level 14 or close to the bottom inlet to the draft tube 7 via appropriate piping. The practical way is to perform a gravity settling to be able to extract and possibly recycle separately the almost clear liquid, while managing the mass flow around the crystallizer to obtain a precise slurry density elsewhere.

A conical entrance promotes more thorough mixing, which creates a more uniform slurry mixture. Surface-cooled crystallizers combine a draft tube baffle crystallizer body with a heat exchanger. Its distinct zones of growth and clarified mother liquor make it possible to define in terms of kinetic parameters, and thus growth and nucleation rates can be determined.

DTB Crystallizer

Since the withdrawal rate varies, it is inferred that the addition rate of these fine crystals is not constant. DTB crystallizers in the chemical industry. Data in the publication show that although the production of crystals above screen size 12 1. There is also production of considerable quantities of fine crystals at these low points.

The publication also teaches wet bafflle of the slurry withdrawn, and return of fine crystals with mother liquor to the crystallizer.

Draft Tube Baffle Crystallizer – Swenson Technology

The boiling action is concentrated in the center of the vessel and is well distributed across the surface by means of the vertical draft tube inlet. Inside the pipe, large scrapers wipe the solid deposits from the wall to prevent build up. Patent 4, teaches a dynamic control method and apparatus for obtaining a crysatllizer particle size.

This document teaches monitoring of slurry density, stirrer motor current, the height of the crystal drft under the baffle in the elutriation chamber and the crystal size distribution. The baffle permits separation of unwanted fine crystals from the suspension of growing crystals, thereby affecting control of the product size. Process for the crystallization of solid substances in a coarse granular form from solutions. It is desirable to produce large particles for both commercial and process benefits.

Visual Encyclopedia of Chemical Engineering. The two-stage crystallizer shown below is used by an agricultural chemical company to evaporate phosphoric acid from a mixture and recover solids. Copyright Swenson Process Equipment, Inc. The batch vacuum crystallizer is particularly useful when processing materials that tend to grow on the walls of continuous crystallization equipment.


Flue gas treatment Oil refinery technology Polymers process. Surrounding the suspended magma is an annular settling zone from which a stream of mother liquor bearing fine crystals can be removed.

Effectively, this method does not eliminate cycling; but reacts to it to increase total production of large crystals. ES Ref legal event code: Crystal size easy to control Economic due to recyclability of fines More energy efficient than forced-circulation crystallizers. Method for producing a coarse-grained ammonium sulfate product by crystallization and facility for drwft the method.

Description of Related Art.

Visual Encyclopedia of Chemical Engineering

The crystalluzer body can be seen on the left, with the condenser and booster slightly above and to the right of it. When destruction of fines is not needed or wanted, baffles are not provided and the internal circulation rate is set to have the minimum nucleating influence on the suspension.

This type of crystallizer is used primarily in the production of a variety of large-size crystalline materials such as ammonium sulfate, potassium chloride and diammonium phosphate for the fertilizer industry. The key assumption of an MSMPR crystallizer is that the slurry is perfectly mixed and uniform throughout the system. The forced-circulation crystallizer shown on the left is used to produce sodium sulfate, while that on the right is used in the agricultural industry.

Year of fee payment: Forced-circulation crystallizers are often arranged in stages. When large evaporation rates are required, external heating must be provided. Bafrle supersaturation is relieved either by deposition of newly-formed ammonium sulfate on existing crystals which is desirable or by formation of new fine ammonium sulfate crystals often referred to as nuclei, which is undesirable because it leads to smaller-sized crystals.