Form Link, Living Quarters Allowance (DSSR ) Worksheet (fillable pdf version ). Purpose. This form is to provide domicile and family member information as. Privacy Act Statement: Solicitation of this information is authorized under 5 U.S.C. , E.O. and E.O Section 1(b-2) and DSSR Section. The. Results 1 – 8 FOREIGN ALLOWANCES APPLICATION, GRANT AND REPORT Repair Allowance (DSSR ) LQA – Living Quarters Allowance (DSSR ).

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When approved by the head of agency as necessary to provide such living quarters, rent may include in addition to the basic annual rental, the cost of: The costs of the following may not be included in rent: The LQA rates are designed to cover substantially all of the average employee’s costs for rent, heat, light, fuel, gas, electricity, water, taxes levied by the local government and required by law or custom to be paid by the lessee, insurance required by local law to be paid by the lessee, and agent’s fee required by law or custom to be paid by lessee.

The LQA grant to any employee not paid under Section For periods in non-pay status longer than 30 calendar days, payment shall be suspended as of the day the employee enters such status, and payment is not to be made for any part of such period; or. LQA grants for all employees shall be appropriately revised, if required, as of the following dates: Revision shall be from the “with family” rate to the “without family” rate.

When an employee is transferred Section q from a post at which an LQA has been granted, such grant shall terminate as of the following dates, whichever is earliest: When an employee to whom an LQA has been granted ceases to maintain and pay for quarters at post, the grant shall terminate on the date expenditure for quarters ceases, unless it would terminate prior to such date under the provisions of any other section.

Thereafter, each employee shall show the actual annual expenses of rent and utilities, supported by receipts or other satisfactory evidence, whenever requested by the officer designated to grant allowances, the Department of State, or other responsible authority.

See also Sections Except as otherwise prescribed in Sectionsandan employee shall receive an allowance for allowable quarters costs for items listed in Sections If the family does not arrive at the post within 60 consecutive calendar days after commencement of the grant, it shall be revised in accordance with Section Despite the provisions of Sections The following rates of quarters allowances may be granted to married couple employees or domestic partnership employees residing together: The other employee may receive the “without family” rate.

In determining the increment for additional family members both employees should be excluded.

CHRA Europe – Overseas

Where the couple has no additional members of family each employee may be granted the “without family” rate. If the spouse or domestic partner in the military draws no quarters allowance, the employee may be granted the “with family” rate plus increments for additional members of the family, except that no payment shall be made to the spouse or domestic partner of a member of the military service if the employee resides with the member of the military service in Government-owned or -leased quarters.

Despite the provisions of Section This provision is effective as long as the employee remains on grade retention. If an agent fee incurred under the specific conditions cited in Section has been advanced or is to be reimbursed to an employee, reimbursement or repayment by the employee within the maximum rate must be prorated over the period covered by the employee’s lease.


U.S. Department of State

In situations where excessive fluctuations in utilities or other allowable quarters costs are occurring and initial estimates for them are difficult, the annual LQA for the post, as indicated in Sections and may be granted in even amounts throughout an annual period up to but not dser the last pay period thereof. At that time, or at the termination of LQA grant at any other time, the employee’s actual annual expenses for utilities and other allowable quarters costs shall be reconciled with the 310 granted and, for the last pay 1300, the payment to the employee shall be dszr to provide for additional LQA payment within the maximum rate or for recovery of any overpayment during the annual period.

If more than one conversion rate has been used during the period, an average conversion rate shall be used for the reconciliation. The annual period shall be bounded either by the end of the reporting period specified in Sections To prevent excessive in-pocket amounts during the annual period, the payments to employee shall not exceed rssr of employee’s initial estimates for annual allowable expenses within the maximum rate.

Dsr repayment agreement shall be executed by the employee to enable recovery of unjustified disbursements during the annual period.

Regardless of any other provisions of these regulations, the head of agency Section e is required to authorize payment of less than the full amount of the LQA or to withhold payment altogether: At posts where there is established a duly constituted U. The rate of payment of the various quarters allowances is obtained by applying the appropriate allowance classification of the post in Section to Sections Rates so obtained for 10 living quarters allowance are maximum and the employee receives either the maximum rate or the amount of allowable expenses, whichever is lower.

The rate for any split pay period at the end of a calendar year shall be computed at the daily rate applicable on the first day of that pay period. A revision in the rate of payment for the last pay period of an annual period or at termination of LQA may be required under provision of Section Vssr tables below are groupings by personnel classification of the various categories of Government personnel who are eligible for living quarters allowances, viz.

The grade equivalents in the following tables are for purposes of establishing LQA rates only. Chief of Mission 22 U. Step 4 and above.

Pay Band 1, Pay Band 2. Pay Band 3, Pay Band 4. Pay Band 2, Pay Band 3. Employees in this Pay Band who have 15 years of U. The living quarters allowance LQA classifications shown in Section are the primary classifications for employees with family WF who have only one member of family Section m and for employees without family WOF.

At a post classified as follows in column 3, Section The additional amounts of LQA provided by this Section shall not be added to the allowance rate provided under Section Employees in Quarters Group 1. Employees in quarters group 1 are authorized to be granted up to a maximum of twice the primary “WF” LQA rates prescribed for quarters group 2 for their post if without family or with only one family member, or up to twice the otherwise applicable rate for employees with more than one family member.


Deputy chiefs of diplomatic missions, counselors of diplomatic missions and principal officers of consular establishments may be reimbursed for their allowable quarters costs up to 50 percent more than the LQA prescribed for group 2 for the primary “WF” rate for their posts when, in the opinion of the chief of mission, the otherwise applicable LQA rate is insufficient to obtain quarters suitable for providing official entertainment required by the position occupied by such officer.

The additional amounts of LQA provided by Section The deputy chief of mission, the principal officer of a consular establishment, and the officer at a diplomatic establishment excluding AID, unless specifically designated who is the highest ranking diplomatic or consular officer eligible to take charge in the absence of the chief of mission and the deputy chief of mission, are in the primary quarters group 2 “WF” classification for living quarters allowance regardless of their respective personnel classification or family status but are eligible for additional LQA in accordance with Section Rates for Senior Employees in Group 4.

Government service may be placed in quarters group 3 at the discretion of head of agency.

When quarters occupied by an employee are owned by the employee or the spouse, or both, or by the employee or the domestic partner, or both, an amount up to 10 percent of original purchase price converted to U. Only the expenses for heat, light, fuel, including gas and electricitywater, garbage and trash disposal and in rare cases land rent, may be added to determine the amount of the employee’s quarters allowance in accordance with Section The amount of the rental portion of the allowance up to 10 percent of purchase price is limited to a period not to exceed ten years at which time the employee will be entitled only to above utility expenses, garbage and trash disposal, plus land rent.

The following transactions shall not be considered to meet the intent of these regulations so as to warrant payment of the rental portion of living quarters allowance beyond the initial ten year period specified in Part a: Payment for utilities and if necessary land rent may be continued beyond the 10 year period. The head of agency may allow the payment of the rental portion of the allowance beyond the 10 year period in unusual circumstances and in the best interest of the government.

The purpose of this allowance is to cover, under unusual circumstances, the cost of initial repairs, alterations and improvements which are incurred within 3 months of a rental agreement and which are basic to making the employee’s first permanent residence at a post habitable.

Before granting the initial repair allowance, the head of agency shall determine that: The allowance is not designed to cover redecoration, repair, renovation or replacement of furnishings, erection of additions to any essr or of garages, or the removal of garages or other outbuildings or improvement of grounds.

No employee shall be granted more than one initial repairs allowance during a period of continuous assignment to a post.

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