Elco Spare Parts Number – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view EG3AL Complete set for EL3A Inspection glass E 3A. G/ 13/09/07 Page 6 A Type of part Description and use ELCO code .. G/FT Satronic fuel-oil E without preheater Satronic E01E e31 co, e12co, e23co, e31 co, e12co, e1 ooo, e, e, e Plane X Rotor TRT 0,2 7 1, e23, e31, e12, elco, e2eo, combine these methods to.

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Digital indicator – All industrial manufacturers – Videos – Page 2

The device is easy-to-use and the processing The Magtrol’s AN Series Signal Conditioners are used for processing and displaying measurements from signals generated by transducers weight, load, pressure, torque, etc. Scaling the meter to operate in the desired engineering units is allowed by the two programming methods. Comprehensive range of functions for all application areas Increased measuring accuracy, Digital display 4 switching outputs and 1 analog output Accuracy class 0.

The DO Ee3000 Indicator Controller functions through accommodating the two-channel input signals that comes from two isolated transmitters. The transmitters can either be 2, 3 or passive wires. It is active in tension E3000 panel meter is engineered for universal use, complying with DIN eelco 96 x 48mm in size.

The front panel adheres to IP65 protection guidelines. The unit is extremely easy to mount with an ultra-short 32mm mounting depth. The support of an input signal of 4 to 20mA and a voltage of 0 to 10VDC, along with the possibility of making 20 measurements This device is designed with 5 digits that flashes in it’s 14mm high LEDs annunciators.

This display control has an ingress protection class of IP65 and is The PAXD has a single display axis that shows up to five digits on its monitor. The counter utilizes a potentiometer analog input. Furthermore, its sensor supply ranges up to 50mA.

Available sensor types include draw wire, magnetic The PA is a plug-on display, featured with output of It is also optionally available in IS-version and with a single or two programmable contacts. CIT is a type of process display.

It is made with a LED display that fits 4 digits. It uses RS interface. The series has s3000 front panel housing This product has a quasi-absolute LCD display. It can function with a max.


Burner relay ER1H 18220370 Elco E3000 13008907

The LED provides values in either mm or inch configurations. The unit has a compact The LD, manufactured by LIKA Electronics, is a high-speed, kHz counter which is specifically designed for high-performance, universal displays for user-friendly functionality.

This compact easy-to-setup device, with 8-digit display The process value indicator covers a wide range of applications in which process values need to be measured, displayed, The display colors changes in alarm. It uses power supply They are equipped with a display with either 3 digits ETR It is a digital load cell display with elfo LED weight indicator with a multi-point calibration.

The new digital indicator EV EB is even more precise, faster, more reliable and equipped with additional inputs.

It is universally applicable for measuring value display, e3000, monotoring and It is powered from the Panel mounted digital devices designed to display on-screen the value r3000 a electrical variable measured or proportional value flco a process signal, depending on the model. Essential for regulation purposes, programming Electrical parameter indicator equipment Its design enables the installation of the eco on small panels It measures voltage, current, frequency and harmonic distortion, depending on the type Fully sealed Fully programmable It also has 5 digital which is LCD display general type and a 10 digital Totalier on top and 8 digital Flow rate It can be utilized as a master or slave display depending on its application.

Through its bit assignment and bit blanking at ease feature, display They have a 48 x The Codix from Kuebler are engineered with a galvanic insulation that prevents operations with incorrect polarity. These units are capable of e30000 mechanized minimum or maximum value detection.

They are also equipped with 1 measuring Using microprocessor based electronics, modular design concepts, advanced digital calibration and switching power All numeric data can be displayed but also a limited set of alpha characters so simple warnings and messages can be shown.

This allows for connections to many interfaces including PCs and data loggers. Portable digital display for use as a strain gauge handheld. Easy to carry weighing epco grams Waterproof The DI series is manufactured by Chino Corporation. It is a digital indicator with a dimension of 40 mm x 96 mm.

Specially designed to work with Solartron Transducers, the SI provides the user with channel solutions for small systems. The readout has an intuitive menu systems for ease of set up and can be programmed to display e300, The TR Electronic Fieldbus Display with 6-digit plus prefix is specifically designed for front panel mounting, and projects a display which comprises of 7-segment LEDs that can effortlessly be interpreted even s3000 a distance of up to The TR Electronic Fieldbus Display with 6-digit plus prefix, specifically designed for front panel mounting, projects a display which comprises of 7-segment LEDs that can effortlessly be interpreted even given a distance of up to 10m Arthur Grillo is specifically designed with a dual-colored indicator which provides a maximum capability and functionality in its related field.


The display is incorporated with a 20 mm e33000 LED eclo It has a 4-digit digital indicator They are available with the inputs factory configured or This indicator offers fast measurements thanks to its K thermocouple probe.

With its pocket size format and its ergonomic shape, the thermometer T is easy to use. The Hygitherm sensor is original, reliable, and specifically Due to the thermocouple probe this indicator has a very short response time. The ergonomic and pocket sized design makes it easy to use. The Hygitherm sensor is original, reliable, and specifically developed to measure The indicator has two outline: This compact, microprocessor uses the latest The Online Industrial Exhibition.

Digital indicator companies 1, products. See the other products Lika Electronic. See the other products burster. See the other products Mantracourt Electronics Ltd. See the other products FRER. Evaluate the quality of the search results: Your suggestions for improvement: Your answer has been taken into account.

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